Best Colleges for Interior Designing in Delhi

If you’re passionate about interior design and looking to pursue a career in this field, Delhi offers a plethora of opportunities with its top-notch colleges. Here are some of the best colleges for interior designing in Delhi:

1. National Institute of Design (NID)

Known for its excellence in design education, NID is a premier institution that offers a Bachelor’s and Master’s program in Interior Design. The curriculum focuses on a holistic approach to design, combining theory with practical training.

2. Pearl Academy

Pearl Academy is renowned for its contemporary and industry-oriented approach to education. They offer a Bachelor’s program in Interior Design that emphasizes hands-on learning, industry collaborations, and exposure to the latest design trends.

3. School of Planning and Architecture (SPA)

SPA is a prestigious institution that offers a Bachelor’s and Master’s program in Interior Design. The curriculum emphasizes architectural principles, spatial planning, and sustainable design practices.

4. JD Institute of Fashion Technology

JD Institute is known for its comprehensive programs in fashion and design. They offer a Diploma in Interior Design that covers various aspects of design, including space planning, materials, and aesthetics.

5. South Delhi Polytechnic for Women

This institution offers a Diploma in Interior Design that focuses on practical skills and industry exposure. The program covers topics such as furniture design, color theory, and project management.

These colleges provide a strong foundation in interior design, equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the industry. Consider your career goals, curriculum, faculty, and infrastructure while choosing the best college for interior designing in Delhi.

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