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Interior Designer in Faridabad

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It’s easy to think of remodeling on a large scale: you can repurposed an entire wall, change up your flooring or switch out your light fixtures for a big reveal. But changes don’t always have to be grand — replacing just one thing in a room has real power to makeover an entire space. Just think about what can be done in your bedroom, for example. From swapping out a tiny drawer pull to building a king-sized headboard, there are tons of projects you can try without any demolition or renovation. The best part is that you can tackle most of these mini-makeovers in just a weekend! Carve some time out of your busy schedule, line up your tools and try one of these 10 decor options to make your bedroom feel brand new.

Sometimes the smallest projects make the biggest impact. Consider replacing your dresser or bedside table hardware for a quick upgrade — painted drawer pulls are super chic, and they’ll add detail to a space you see every day.

Plants always make everything look better, including a bedroom in need of a refresh. Don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumb: a plexi glass leaf requires no maintenance, and looks gorgeous on a bookshelf or on top of a desk.

Putting up art prints or photos of you and your friends instantly brings good vibes into the room. Mix a pair of planters into your photos for visual variety. These mini-planters are old light fixtures, which you can find on Craigslist or in your local thrift store. For good measure, scour your garage — you never know what treasure you’ll find.

One new lighting source can make all the difference in making a room feel fresher. You can reboot your lamp with an old outdoor lantern. When you hit the decorating steps, think about what’ll make the room’s existing color palette look even better, and paint and pick a shade accordingly.

Here’s another lighting idea for a seasoned: an industrial-style lamp. After finishing your coffee on Sunday morning, tackle this project to have a new lamp by sundown. Pro tip: Make a pair, just in case you eventually want to put one on either side of the bed.

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Introducing new bedding, rugs or curtains into a room can make it feel brand new. If you don’t want to spend big bucks on new curtains, though, give the ones you have a dye job. Don’t forget to document your via Snap chat to show your friends what you’re up to.

If you have more freedom and time for your makeover, consider wallpaper on one wall for a big statement. Wallpapering can be intensive, but it can have a great payoff when you walk into the room and see a pretty pattern. Don’t worry, renters and frequent redecorators: there are tons of peel-and-stick options that you can go for instead.

Mirrors are a great way to make a room feel bigger. Make yours do double duty as a full-length mirror and storage. The best part about this furniture piece is that you don’t need a lot of wall room, and you can put it wherever you want for the best Instagram selfe lighting.

Interior designer in Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi NCR
Interior designer


Feeling a touch itchy for a replacement challenge? Sure, you’ll renovate your entire home, train for a triathlon or learn an instrument. Alternatively, perhaps you’ll try something a touch simpler and open your mind to differing types of art. Art isn’t only for the soul, it’s for the mind. While it’s tempting to stay with what you recognize and love, if you’ve got a go at leaning into the discomfort you would possibly find something beautiful. In fact, with diverse art styles including African, Islamic, Graffiti and Fantasy, we’re certain you’ll discover something to please in.


Contemporary Art is just all art that’s produced today. The term is usually used interchangeably with Modern Art, but this is often not correct. Modern Art is (and always will be) won’t to describe a specific period of artistic movement, specifically the 19th Century through to the 1960s (e.g. Impressionism, Cubism, Surrealism, Pop Art). In an effort to interrupt new ground (whether consciously or subconsciously), contemporary artists often produce fresh, innovative works, using new techniques and cutting-edge media.

This is often why it so often challenges our senses and intellect. One of the wonderful things about Contemporary Art is that the rich sort of art practice it covers, so when you’re choosing a bit for your home it’s highly likely you’ll find something you’ll like.


Australian Aboriginal Art is that the oldest ongoing tradition of art within the world. While within the past it appeared on rocks, on bodies and on the bottom, today it enjoys prominence on canvas. Aboriginal art uses storytelling and symbols, with the foremost well-known style being the dot painting. While indigenous art is usually known for its use of the colors of the earth: browns, oranges, greens and blacks and of the sea: blues, yellows, whites, the colors also can include bright, even fluorescent. This Aboriginal art inspired dot painting uses earthy tones and a river of blue, an excellent impact piece for a hallway or living area.


With numerous unique cultures and art styles beginning of the massive continent of Africa, African Art is probably the foremost generalized art term within the world. More often than not, we expect of art that comes out of traditional Sub-Saharan Africa. African visual art is expressive, focuses on the human form and sometimes includes abstract elements.

The utilization of movement and color this sort of art makes it ideal if you’re eager to give an old room new life.


When we consider Chinese art, we frequently consider ancient worlds. such a lot of its featured in museums that it’s really become a part of our art education, whether we’ve visited China or not.


Islamic art is that the new black. It’s everything an indoor designer dreams of: symmetry, complexity, accordance and color. Interestingly, Islamic art isn’t grounded to at least one religion, country or period. Instead, it covers the rich culture and variety of Islamic societies. Repeating elements is one among this art style’s mainstays. The trick to displaying Islamic art on canvas, particularly patterned art, is to enrich a color within the print with a color in your interior, perhaps the color of paint on a wall, the color of a cushion or a rug on the ground. The other trick to displaying Islamic art is to throw all the principles out the window and contrast, contrast, contrast. Either way, the result is going to be magnificent.


Indian art hails from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh countries and cultures. In between, the foremost documented Indian art style is that of the first Modern and Colonial Era between the 1400s and 1800s including a Persian influence.

Many flora and fauna was also included. British colonial rule saw a more romanticized, graceful sort of oil painting inherit play, but independence in 1947 saw contemporary Indian art start to shine. This contemporary piece below combines India’s love of the elephant, a passion for color and drawings of recent Indian life to make a bit which will brighten any room in your house.


Despite being a way loved art style, fantasy art isn’t as studied nor critiqued as often or intensely as other styles. In a way, that provides the artist and therefore the audience the chance to urge lost within the magic, the paranormal and mythical. Often inspired by fantasy literature, the French call Fantasy Art ‘Fantastical’ while English call it Grotesque, Visionary or Mannerism Art.

Fantasy artists have vivid imaginations and therefore the talent to share stories and convey emotion through folkloric and magical subjects. A work of fantasy art in your bedroom will add intrigue and romance.


Spiritual art can cover religions like Christianity, Buddhism or Islam also as more new age spiritual practices.


There’s more to minimalist interior design than meets the attention. Where you would possibly think stark, minimalists see simple. You would possibly think cold but minimalists see sleek. And where you would possibly think boring, minimalists see sexy. And there are excellent reasons for that.

A life-style that’s said to possess an abundance of advantages, like more contentment, less stress and more freedom. There is beauty in simplicity, but like all interior design style, there’s also a component of skill required. There’s also a transparent intention behind the choices made. Here are nine principles to getting minimalist design good.


While some minimalist movements are about embracing frugality, minimalist interior design it not necessarily about spending less. The favored minimalist bachelor/bachelorette pad owned by the rich professional may be a clear testament thereto.

Quality fixtures, like designer light fittings, high grade storage units and contemporary gas fires, are powerful thanks to decorate without cluttering.

QUALITY: Create an indoor that’s all class with this brilliant Bubbling Up print.


The minimalist design style doesn’t need to be about boring “same, same”. Traditionally, the minimalism design principles feature a muted color palette and you’ll offer texture by employing a sort of materials, like timber, glass, pottery, cloth and canvas.

The planning style is all about marrying form and performance, which may be easily through with an upscale texture during a functional home item.

BREATHE EASY: Relax into an area with textures galore including this Agave Succulent work of canvas art.


If you’re stuck on where to start out, find a stand out piece of furniture and let it shine. It’s then about building a story around it with lamps, plants and art. Saying yes to color doesn’t automatically mean you’re inviting chaos into your world of minimalism. But you are doing got to retain the principles of form and performance and a transparent line connecting your interior design.

COLOURFUL: A stand out piece of furniture invites complementary art like this enchanting Vintage Tuscan Landscape.


Although it’s going to, at first, seem against the principles of minimalist design, choose one supersized art piece for an area and let it dominate. Add color and life to an austere masculine space with gorgeous feminine art, whilst retaining simple, modern furniture around it.


Mix up a neutral decor (think grey, stone, beige) with a component during a contrasting color, sort of a work of art, piece of furniture or feature wall. An accent element is quite like giving an area a surprise and it doesn’t need to be garish. It’s simply an exquisite thanks to draw attention to something phenomenal instead of it getting lost during a crowd.

SURPRISE: Mix neutrals with a burst of color available in a circle Of Calm.


With the variability available in today’s marketplace, it’s easy to urge over excited when choosing furniture. With minimalist design, it’s sensible to downplay the furniture and choose something that’s simple in design lets other elements take centre stage, like art.


If your home features an outstanding view, reduce the complexity of the indoor space and let the focus be the view itself altogether its glory. Keep furniture simple and take away items that you simply don’t use. Choose one or two indoor plants and a few complementary artworks.


Avoid the temptation to fill space with furniture simply because there’s plenty to fill. Really, the thought is to stay everything open when it involves minimalist interior design. Relax into the expanse.

PEN UP: Let space rule with this cool Imaginations print.


Think outside the functionalist square and choose lighting that’s beautiful. Chandeliers could also be a minimalist’s worst nightmare, but there are some stunning lights available that are works of art in themselves which will complement any minimalist interior design. Hanging drop lights work well or hunt down a frosted glass pendant light to feature that Scandi look.

Remodeling and renovation ideas for your Home

If you are in the mood to change furniture and change the colors of the wall, this book of ideas is for you. From time to time, the body and mind ask us for a change in decoration, but, of course, the budget does not always allow us to make major changes. So today, we decided to gather 33 ideas that you can put into practice without needing a lot of money. If you need fresh ideas for your home, don’t wait any longer! In this article, you will find a handful of good suggestions. Get inspired by them.

Change the kitchen floor

We start with the kitchen. Yes it’s true. Changing the kitchen floor is not the cheapest idea, but it is certainly effective. Change the kitchen floor, replacing it with a hydraulic tile – or an imitation – to give the environment more prominence.

How about a bank?

We remain in the kitchen. Think of replacing the various chairs with a bench under the long one, a solution that, in addition to being fashionable, optimizes the space.

Vinyl on the wall

Vinyls are a very economical and creative way to decorate walls. There are many options capable of transporting your imagination without having to leave the site.

Paint a wall in a different color

There is nothing that makes a bigger impact than painting a wall in a different and contrasting color. It doesn’t need a lot of money. Just choose a shade that fits the space to give it a totally different look.

Original shelves and shelves

If you want to transform the image of your room, you can do it yourself by adding a bookcase and / or shelf with an unusual shape. You can also paint existing shelves and / or shelves in a more cheerful color.

Garlands of lights

Don’t think that the garlands of lights are just for Christmas. There are them in all colors and with all kinds of globes, which makes them very versatile. With them, your space will be much more welcoming!

Fill the walls with memories

Don’t be afraid to expose your memories. What better way to personalize a room than with objects that suggest good memories? You can mix these objects with others made by you or even your children!

Contrasts matter

If you introduce a color or material with strong contrast, the change will be noticeable. You can, for example, use wooden furniture inside a black and white bathroom.

Design your own showcases

As in the case of shelves, you can also install showcases in your home to exhibit some of your most beloved objects, such as collectibles, travel souvenirs, magazines with interesting covers, among others.


For a more cheerful and dynamic home, what better than choosing a variety of style in the furniture, colors and shapes? The professionals responsible for this project had this in mind when decorating this eclectic dining room.

Some subtle details

If the change you want is subtle and delicate, you can, perhaps, do as in this room, and adorn the wall with white swallows on the headboard. That said, we wish your dreams to let you fly away…!

A brick wall

This is not one of the easiest or most economical ideas if we compare it with the previous ones, but with a little effort you can get an exposed brick wall that will give the house a very industrial touch.

A little fun

We can also have a little fun decorating the house. In fact, the decor goes through it a lot! What do you think of installing a swing inside the room? You just have to make sure that the structure that will support the weight of the swing – and yours – is well secured and offers security.

Letters in the kitchen

This kitchen would not be the same without this backslash wall covering. They are loose words with different topographies. You can choose the words you want, although it is appropriate that they relate, in some way, to the division in question.

Slate paint

If you are one of those who make drawings on restaurant napkins, then having a slate wall is a good idea for your home. Adults will love it and kids will love it even more! Let your imagination run wild!

Make a DIY

For the most ingenious, this is a great idea. Just take some ideas here from and other decorating magazines and websites and create some DIY.

Read this article on the subject.

New supports

Not everything has to be kept in the cupboards. There are utensils or condiments that must be at hand to sow organized in supports for this purpose.

Decorate with plants

How beautiful the plants are and how cheap it is to decorate with them. The plants and pots give color, freshness and joy to your home, in addition to spreading a delicious aroma in the environment.

Do you like maps?

We like it and the older and more enigmatic the better. Maps can spark our imagination, so they look good in a bedroom, in an office, in the living room and, of course, in the youngest room.


We have often emphasized the impact that wallpaper has on a home. It is economical, easy to place and effective when it comes to impacting a space.

Recycled furniture

If you have old chairs that you are thinking of getting rid of, think twice and give them a second chance. If you restore and / or paint with a new color, you can use them in another room.

Paint the wood

The wooden walls always look good. You can use them as a canvas for your own designs.

A new hanger at the entrance

Change the way you receive your guests and include a coat hanger at the entrance to accommodate coats, bags and other accessories.

Original mirrors in the bathroom

The bathroom must not be overlooked. Dedicate your attention to it and decorate it with the same care that you decorate other spaces. An original mirror, for example, will make all the difference.

Remember the balcony

If the balcony is forgotten and all messed up, it’s time to dedicate some time to it. Clean, organize and decorate it with furniture that suits the outdoors. Ah! And don’t forget the plants.

Hanging chairs

We returned to the rocking chairs. What do you think of this wicker and egg-shaped? It is truly cozy.

Paint the walls

If you like to create imaginary worlds, you can focus your attention on the wall and draw something of interest to you on the wall that accompanies the stairs, for example.

A watch that catches the eye

Sometimes a simple piece of furniture or a decorative element can make a difference in a room. This is the case of this room with a clock whose bottom is that of the wall itself.

Vertical gardens

For those who do not have space on the floor to place pots or beds, nothing better than using the area vertically and creating a garden in this sense.

Paper adornments

We come back to DIY with paper ornaments that you can make yourself!

A new order

Organizing the house is one of the best ways to modify it. Buy baskets and boxes to have everything in place and get rid of what you no longer need. Do this thorough cleaning at least twice a year.

New lamps

Without spending a lot of money, consider replacing the old lamps with ones with a more modern design.

The carpets are back!

If your carpets are stored, it’s time to return them to your home. They are a touch of color and comfort in any space.

If you liked these ideas, but still need help to give your home a new élan, see more proposals from decorators registered with.

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