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Interior designer in Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi NCR
Interior designer

Interior design is that the combinations of art and science to reinforce the inside design of a building or house so as to realize a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing a sound environment for using the space.

There’s an indoor designer who design, make plan, do research also as helps in coordinate and manages projects. There are numerous companies which are available to supply the service of interior design.

An indoor design service includes numerous things and a few of them are as follows:

  1. CAD drawings and space planning
  2. Kitchen and bath design
  3. Lighting design & resources
  4. Color includes paint, wallpaper and fabric
  5. Demo & internal construction of house
  6. Plumbing & Electrical
  7. Painting & Wallpapering of room
  8. Flooring & Tiling
  9. Muralists & Faux Finishers
  10. General contractors for extensive renovation & additions
  11. Place making
  12. Furniture and accessories
  13. Window treatments
  14. Floor coverings includes rooms layout, maximizing room functions, color schemes, mood boards and fabric selection
  15. Soft furnishing, curtains, cushions and accessories

In each and each field obviously there’s always a completion which you’ll easily find and similarly in interior design companies also there are numerous opportunities also as challenges which you’ll find easily.

These days’ people are being more conscious about the inside design of their house also as office. People want everything things to be looked during a perfect way or in a beautiful look also as beautiful look of the place where they spend time.

There’s an enormous scope of an indoor design company because it is becoming more popular day by day. Interior Point Services they specialize in providing an indoor design also as interior decorating Services and also it helps to supply a Prefab Solutions and furniture supply for the inside works.

It believes in working with the clients so as to develop new creative ideas, create attractive designs to create them and deliver customized interior design solutions for the client of it.

There’s an indoor Points Design’s expertise which will help a client to line aside from the remainder. Interior Points has been providing an indoor design, interior decorating Services from an extended period of your time.

It also provides design material supply and furniture supply for an indoor construction works also because it helps to make a design ideas, build and deliver customized interior design solutions.

Interior Points is providing a full service architectural design firm providing innovative architecture design.

Interior point focuses on high end residential, hospitality and residential construction design too also because it offers to finish interior design service which incorporates all the services.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Interior Designer in Dwarka

Bathroom storage ideas

No matter how large or small the space you’ve got to figure with is, it’s essential to master bathroom storage ideas so you’ll make the simplest use of your space a mode. And since your bathroom is where you spend time freshening up every day; it only is sensible to stay it as neat and arranged as possible.

After all, everyone needs an area for must-have bathroom essentials while having the ability to stow everything out of sight to form your bathroom all the more relaxing of a sanctuary.

There are all kinds of smart bathroom storage ideas out there, from open storage to basket storage, from bathroom storage ideas for little spaces to great bathroom storage for the most important of luxury bathrooms. To help you work out the simplest add-ons for your space, we turned to Décor Aid interior designers for his or her tried and true takes simple yet effective bathroom storage solutions to form your daily routine all the higher .


Magnetic organizers lining the within of a drugs cabinet offer the right thanks to store small daily essentials while keeping them organized inside your furniture – and they’re amazing for storing makeup and brushes. Instead of having everything scattered about on the shelves inside your cabinet, you’ll create smart storage solutions while saving needed space with this concept.

This is often great if you would like bathroom storage ideas for little spaces as magnetic strips can help to de-clutter your shelves in no time.


Perfect for little urban apartment bathroom storage ideas, a concealed above the door shelf can make a world of difference while helping you hide items you don’t have to use on a daily or regular basis. Think toilet tissue, a curling station, and therefore the ilk which will conveniently be kept out of sight until you would like them.


Sure, when it involves bathroom storage ideas to think about, cabinets during a bathroom sound a touch obvious, to mention the smallest amount. But if you’re trying to find additional space for storing, a handy wall-mounted otherwise you can leave it on the ground.

Best of all, you’ll easily source one inexpensively, and that they can quickly be moved around when more floor space is required in your bathroom.


If you’re struggling to seek out bathroom storage ideas to make additional space for storing, then a tub caddy might just be the solution as you soak the day away. Alongside a corner shower bath shelving unit, they create for clever bathroom storage ideas for little spaces.

Handy bathtub caddy allows you to store all the things you would like to draw the right bath in one space. And a tub caddy will assist you release space elsewhere, so you’ll store more toiletries.


A movable angled storage ladder may be a great solution when it involves apartment bathroom storage ideas – if you’re lacking space, a storage ladder could the solution to your prayers, as they hardly take up any space. You can hang towels from one and hook small baskets over the rungs, so you’ll easily store spare toiletries and toilet tissue.

You’ll also use them to raised style your bathroom with decorative extras and memorable keepsakes for a more unique, customized feel.


Low shelving is a simple bathroom storage idea which helps you create the simplest of the space you are doing have, for a way lower cost than a made-to-measure vanity.

Low shelves won’t draw attention to themselves as they’re going to be out of your line of sight, so your space won’t feel cluttered in the least.

And they’ll deceive the attention into thinking that your bathroom is larger which your ceiling is above its.


If you discover that your smaller items find yourself taking up your bathroom counter and each other surface, and you’ve got nowhere to stay them together, then a series of hold-all stylish trays placed on the edges of your sink are going to be your grace . On the trays, you’ll store items like hair bands, hairpins, makeup, and little toiletries, enabling you to stay them neat, tidy and every one in one place – making for straightforward bathroom storage ideas. Plus, you’ll move everything together directly since they’re housed on a surface that’s easy to require with you.

As an alternate to trays that also get the work done, you’ll also store said items in vanity trunks or toiletry bags to stay everything out of site for a more minimally styled feel.


A vintage bureau, dresser or armoire brings the right unique alternative to a typical bathroom vanity. Believe bringing during a traditional piece of well-made furniture and have it converted to carry a sink. This will offer you needed bathroom space for storing, supplying you with room to store all of your bathroom necessities in one easy to access spot.

If you’ve got a dab hand at acing DIY projects, this is often an excellent bathroom storage ideas project to urge your teeth into while taking your bathroom design to subsequent level with an addition which will remain completely unique to you.


Floating shelves are one among the foremost stylish and cost-effective bathroom storage ideas of all of them. They create for nice bathroom storage ideas for little space as they will blend seamlessly into the wall, providing you with an unobtrusive thanks to store your needed bathroom items. Place your items directly onto the shelves or usher in some storage baskets and trays to stay your shelves looking tidy and presentable. For a toilet, glass and marble shelves also will lend the space an expensive, well-judged feel.


Stack multiple shelves vertically up one wall to form the foremost of the wall space you’ve got in your bathroom. And if you’re trying to find small apartment bathroom storage ideas, stacked shelves also are an excellent way of using that wall space to make extra storage without having to spend a fortune. Install as many shelves as you’ll properly fit on a selected wall, stretching from one side to the opposite, otherwise you also can use smaller shelves scattered across a wall. Glass shelves also are an excellent option as they’ll keep the world looking bright and airy.


Make the foremost of your vertical space (without encroaching an excessive amount of into the room) by adding some stylized hooks along the walls and therefore the back of the door. With the door open, it makes for clever hidden space for storing.

And when it involves savvy bathroom storage ideas, the less you’ll see the higher. That said, confirm that what you are doing hang is in fitness as you wouldn’t want to be displaying but enviable items along your walls.


The space above a commode often goes forgotten and wasted when it involves bathroom storage ideas, but why should it be? In any case , regardless of how large or small your bathroom is, dead space is lost opportunity to use every a part of the space to your advantage. To use that area to your advantage, choose shelving which features a similar width because the cistern, therefore the shelving doesn’t stand out an excessive amount of or look off scale.

This is often the simplest space for storing for items you seldom use but want to as decorative extras.


Hanging unique storage baskets that boast a 1 of a sort feel on dead space on a wall makes for quick and straightforward bathroom storage ideas, and they’ll look stunning and original also.

To create for a unusual concept you won’t see in every other bathroom and it’s a classy way of storing sets of towels. Attach storage baskets to the wall by the bottom, so you’ll roll, or fold up your towels and place them within the basket.

Choose baskets of varying sizes and scales so you’ll easily store smaller and bigger items alike.


Tiered baskets are an ingenious way of saving space, using vertical space, and creating additional storage in your bathroom.

It will be placed on the side of your sink, keeping your smaller items together and simply accessible, or above your counter for quicker reach.

They not only provide you with extra storage, they also boast the added bonus of looking great too once you source one that’s beyond standard, for something more unique.


A floating vanity goes an extended thanks to making a toilet look much larger, great for little apartment storage ideas.

Having the ability see this extra floor space tricks the attention, making the space feel larger than it has.

Choose a contemporary, minimalist floating vanity to make a clean, simplistic feel in your bathroom, adding to the sensation of additional space.


If you’ve got to possess your bathroom necessities on show, transferring them to pretty storage jars will help make them look lovely.

There’s nothing worse than a mismatched stack of tubs and boxes on a shelf in your bathroom, it’s messy and unappealing.


Baskets beneath your sink or vanity bring great towel and toilet tissue storage – trendy thanks to keep these things handy.

Popping a few of lovely wicker baskets within arms-reach will add some texture to your bathroom design at an equivalent time. You’ll never be without a towel once you get off of the shower.


If you’ve got the space for it, a wall-to-wall vanity is that the most investment-worthy of all bathroom storage ideas. No space is wasted here, and you won’t find the other bathroom storage ideas or designs which can assist you make better use of your space.

Choose an open-front vanity to make a simple access display. Or choose a more traditionally styled wall-to-wall vanity in order that it’ll always increase the resale value of your home. Just confine mind that symmetry is vital as outsized furniture like an expansive vanity are often bulky, and when not symmetrical, it could make your bathroom feel and appearance off.


And when it comes right down to it, any stylish small storage unit can add a toilet, from side tables to console tables, and that they will bring an unusual and unexpected addition to your bathroom storage ideas.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]Useful links | Interior Design | Interior Designer | Interior Decorator and Designer | Commercial Interior Design | Interior Design Color | Residential Interior Design |[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_tweetmeme][vc_pinterest][vc_empty_space][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]Interior Designer in Dwarka | Interior Designer in Dwarka | Interior Designer in Dwarka | Interior Designer in Dwarka || Interior Designer in Dwarka[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]Interior Designers in Dwarka Low Budget and Luxury Design Near Me

Top and Best Interior Designers in Dwarka

Being one of Dwarka’s top interior designers, we provide complete solutions through our cutting-edge fabrication facility, which is 9,000 square feet in size.

Making the most use of the space at hand is interior design. A multidisciplinary architectural and interior design studio with years of experience, Interior A to Z specializes in high-end residential, commercial, and hotel interiors. We don’t adhere to any one STYLE or Idea since we firmly believe that design is not for philosophy but for life. Instead, we modify spaces from the perspective of our clients, providing them the environments where Science & Art break even. Wonderfully built places are an extension of the personalities and lifestyles of those who inhabit them. By its designs and interior configurations, Interior A to Z defines style and creativity in Dwarka.

A strong team of architects and designers in Dwarka offers various viewpoints and offers adaptable solutions that are adaptable and resonate with the needs of the clients. Usability is not about technology; it is about people and how they perceive and use things. Interior A to Z is a one-stop shop for Designs and Spaces with expertise in Project Management, Interior Designing, Design Consulting, Customized Furniture, and Artworks.

Interior design in Dwarka is crucial for every house. While decorating a home, using high-quality interior designs is always effective. Your property will seem beautiful and classy with the assistance of skilled interior designers in Dwarka. According to the needs, it ensures to add style. To stick in the minds of homeowners, designs must be practical. Although the interior designs are nothing, your area looks better as a result. The planned spaces are an excellent choice for providing hassle-free solutions. It will complement your way of life and take your available space into account. Yet, depending on the needs, the interior design of a home or business must be carefully chosen. It ensures a good role and makes it simpler to identify the outcomes.

Gives a chic and attractive appearance

Moreover, expert interior design is done to effectively satisfy the requirements. You must decide what type of design best fits your budget. If you always choose skilled interior designers in Dwarka, they perform more functions. Choosing the highest caliber interior designs would be beneficial because they have a big impact on your home. It advances, providing a risk-free experience that is suitable for the needs. They will easily identify and give you access to a wide range of designs for work at home or in the workplace. Interior ideas that are perfect for your home or business will fill your space in Dwarka. Make sure to focus on original ideas while creating interior designs because they are something exceptional. Your extra room needs to be furnished with interior designs to provide.

Exterior Firm in Dwarka

We have a long history as one of the top interior design firms that provides incredible architectural designs for outside applications. We employ current or modern technologies, such as 2D-3D modeling, rendering, and animation, to render the designs for the external demand. We have a team of experts who are very knowledgeable and experienced in this area.

Our experts work tirelessly to ensure the best and most distinctive exterior designs for your workplaces, houses, and businesses that perfectly meet client requirements. Our full exterior design service is provided by a group of experts with exceptional design knowledge and creativity.

We at Interior A to Z have exceptional potential, which enables us to quickly adapt to changing market demands and provide top-notch services in a timely manner for the most competitive pricing.

The staff at Interior A to Z is all extremely passionate about implementing the design concepts on the exterior of clients’ homes. We make sure that the external design we create for you reflects both who you are and where you live. To create an amazing and gorgeous exterior, you can mix and combine styles, textures, and colors with the help of our incredibly committed and knowledgeable team of experts in Dwarka. Therefore with us, you can be sure to obtain incredible designs that are faultless and on schedule, all while paying the lowest possible price.

Turnkey Interior Design in Dwarka

We have a team of experts who specialize in providing turnkey projects, which encompass all duties from interior design, cost analysis, purchasing, and implementation with a flawless handover. As a result, we make sure that all turnkey projects are delivered in a timely manner and with professionalism.

Our business is renowned for offering devoted customers unusual deals on various turnkey projects. At Interior A to Z, we offer a wide range of services. Keep in mind that choosing us as your single point of contact for all of your interior design needs can be quite effective and relieve your stress from handling an entire project on your own.

We are here to take care of all your needs. Our organization provides affordable ratings in addition to providing you with the concept and design that we created by choosing the best materials and what will work for you in terms of space. We consistently meet the deadlines for the turnkey projects we provide, upholding the standards set by our clients. Because of this, we can also provide project planning that perfectly fits your budget.

Planning for designing a space

Before beginning the execution of any project, we firmly believe that we must first conduct careful and perfect planning with our esteemed clients. We first fully comprehend the client’s requirements before acting in accordance with them. Planning is crucial since we are here to provide you with the greatest and most inexpensive exterior and interior designs in Dwarka for both business and residential spaces. For us, planning is crucial because it is entirely responsible for the project’s success.

When the planning is done correctly, the project’s implementation is simple. We are a top choice for many clients because of our extensive expertise in interior and exterior designing services in Dwarka. We have a team of experts who excel at offering the ideal answer at the ideal moment. The interior and exterior design of your residential or commercial space is a top priority for every specialist at our organization.

We inform our clients about the service that will be provided during the planning process to promote optimal efficiency. Because of this, we always plan with our valued and regarded clients’ preferences and tastes in mind.

Interior Designs in Dwarka

With regard to the context, we plan places that take into account necessities like safety, convenience, and adequate space allocation. Culture is created through design. Values change with culture. The future is governed by values. We really believe that a Good Design should involve the least amount of design. Less is more, but better because it focuses on the basics and the items don’t include or touch on non-essentials.

Back to simplicity and purity. As the institutional spaces have a specific nature and usage that cannot be changed, they demand extensive investigation and caution. In certain areas, technical value is more important than aesthetic value. Here, we make every effort to ensure that the final product complies with the standards and conditions set forth by the institution. Also, we make every effort to give the room a wow effect. The Designer and every sporadic visitor to the room gradually become slightly better people as a result of a profound design process. Because we are well aware that the development of these spaces affects the individuals utilizing it, a lot of time and effort is put into each one.

Furniture Designing in Dwarka

Without some of the fundamental pieces of furniture, a house is incomplete. No matter how big or tiny your flat is, it doesn’t really matter because your house isn’t really your home until you have some basic furniture in it. We at Wood City are here to give you the finest online shopping experience and to give you furniture of the highest caliber, which is sure to improve the appearance of your interior as well as flawlessly adorn your home.

We provide a broad selection of furniture, ranging from beds to dining chairs to centre tables and wardrobes. Our company offers a remarkable selection of wooden furniture that is sure to satisfy both your functional needs and your sense of style. You’ve come to the right location if you’re still looking for a unique interior. We have a great selection of furniture that has been specially made for your dining room, bedroom, living room, kitchen, and many more rooms.

Our whole product line seamlessly complements the interior design of your home. Our business offers a variety of furniture pieces for extremely affordable prices. We thus have a team of experts who will advise you on the best furnishings based on the style of your home.

Interior A to Z in Dwarka

We are one of the top interior design firms with a focus on turnkey projects, and we are situated in Dwarka. All of our items are made by a team of experts utilizing high-quality components and contemporary technologies. Our company specializes in kitchen, wardrobe, and other customers’ precision wooden work in addition to manufacturing quality-oriented furniture. Our company offers a large selection of affordable wooden furniture units that are sure to add a stylish touch to your home.

Consumers can buy furniture online that is made of solid wood, and we can also personalize the products to meet each customer’s specific needs. For holidays and other important events, we also provide our customers with specials and interesting incentives. Our business guarantees that the products will be delivered within the allotted time.

Every product is examined against a variety of standards criteria before to final shipping to guarantee the highest quality and longest possible durability. You also have a fantastic opportunity with us to update the interior decor of your house. Our entire staff of incredibly talented and committed interior designer’s works tirelessly to give your house a fresh new look.

Modular Kitchen Manufacturers Dwarka

One room in the house that is generously experienced with affection and beautiful kitchen cabinets is the kitchen. Regardless of how big or small your kitchen is, people now frequently prefer kitchen cabinets that not only offer your kitchen a modern design but also give you enough space to store all of your kitchen necessities. We work on creating several types of chic and opulent kitchen cabinets that readily match your kitchen’s décor in Dwarka.

The kitchen cabinets make it simple to store utensils, spices, and condiments. Well-selected kitchen cabinets guarantee complete peace of mind. A large selection of base and wall kitchen cabinet units are available at Interior A to Z at competitive prices. With us, you may choose from a variety of kitchen cabinets that will revitalize, renovate, and create the kitchen of your dreams.

All of the kitchen cabinets are created by us utilizing high-grade materials and cutting-edge technology to guarantee their premium quality and extended lifespan. Due to its strong construction, flawless polish, elegant design, and superior durability, our premium collection of kitchen cabinets is highly sought after in the Dwarka market. To precisely match client needs, we may also alter the kitchen cabinet design.

Your kitchen will seem regal thanks to our unique selection of cabinetry. All of your pots, pans, and dry goods may easily fit in the spacious drawers found in base cabinets. Our professionals inspect the kitchen cabinets on a number of standard criteria before final shipping to assure their superior quality and flawless finish.

The kitchen cabinets will be installed by professionals from our firm in Dwarka, and they are offered in a variety of finishes, patterns, and colors. Our kitchen cabinets’ immaculate fusion of traditional and graceful style aids in determining a particular elegance in a house. Kitchen cabinets are distinctive pieces of furniture that provide lots of storage and useful possibilities. Please feel free to purchase kitchen cabinets from us in the future.

WARDROBE Design Dwarka

One of the essential pieces of bedroom furniture is a wardrobe. At Interior A to Z, we produce a variety of wardrobes using high-quality wood, which guarantees both their long lifespan and regal beauty. The design and style of the piece of furniture have seen a significant shift over time.

To satisfy the needs and preferences of the customers today, we can also alter the wardrobe’s design and aesthetic. Our wardrobes are incredibly roomy and effortlessly match your bedroom’s décor in Dwarka. Because all of our wardrobes are constructed from solid wood, they perfectly and urgently transform your ideal house.

From our web store, you can check out the quality options as well as modern wooden wardrobe designs because the wardrobes come in a variety of high-end finishes, including tea, walnut, and many more. Extremely large, our full line of wardrobes provide ample storage space so that you can effortlessly and neatly organize all of your things. The wardrobe has numerous compartments and deep drawers to conveniently accommodate all of your storage needs.

Each and every wardrobe piece has undergone a careful quality examination in order to guarantee the highest standards in the industry, while all designs and patterns have been created with consideration for the wide range of client demands. With us, you may get wardrobes in a variety of sizes at a reasonable cost.

A wardrobe serves as the ideal closet where you may hang your clothing vertically or stack it horizontally. Depending on the needs of the customer, we could provide wardrobes with or without mirrors. At Interior A to Z, we also offer home delivery and make sure that every product is well-packaged to prevent any external influences.

With its attractive design and flawless finish, our remarkable and astounding collection of wardrobes will undoubtedly improve the appearance of your bedroom. Also, we can alter the clothing to meet customer needs. Therefore without a second thought, get a wardrobe from Interior A to Z right now.

Interior Decoration

Our team of specialists makes sure that your property is decorated in an understated yet sophisticated manner. With the help of our decoration services, we completely change the location’s appearance. Our decorating services are provided in a timely manner at a very affordable price. At Interior A to Z, we provide a one-stop shop for interior design.

Our company employs a talented staff with expertise in furniture design, institutional interior design, commercial interior design in Dwarka, and home interior design. One of the greatest interior design companies in Dwarka, we extravagantly prepare and come up with concepts to satisfy clients’ particular needs. Our specialists work really hard to provide space a unique touch and a captivating appearance.

As a seasoned business, we have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to decorating. We have executed numerous projects successfully thanks to our extensive experience. If you are still unsure of who to engage to decorate your interior space, then hire us without a second thought. Our experts give you the highest level of originality and usefulness that you can possibly conceive. As a result, we constantly focus on developing creative concepts and ideas.

Interior Designers and decorators in Dwarka

In 2009, Interior A to Z began taking orders. Since then, they have gained a reputation as a top interior designer in Dwarka. Clients receive experienced direction throughout the whole design process, from the initial meeting to the finishing touches on a room or structure. Make an appointment right away to learn more about Interior A to Z.

We are the biggest builders of independent floors, simplex-duplexes, and custom villas. We currently have 50+ projects in progress, and we’ve already given delivery to 50+ residences. To view all of our projects’ information, click the button below.

Interior A to Z’s team is enthusiastic about the process of home construction. Set up a consultation with us to go over your questions. We’d be happy to speak with you without any strings attached. Please let us know if you prefer a video meeting or an in-person one. We would be pleased to help you.

The most detailed and straightforward scope of work document you will ever find is ours. By doing this, we can make sure that you are aware of what we are offering and what you will receive right away. It includes information on the work we’ll do, the materials or brands we’ll use, the quality standards, the payment schedule, the pricing, and much more.

You’ll understand after reading it why other builders and contractors frequently copy our scope of work paper.

Above and above what is offered, our team of architects and designers has put together a wide range of selection sets and possibilities for add-ons/upgrades for you. They were created with consideration for appearance, fashion, upkeep, durability, and cost. To create a special, customized house for your family, you can browse through these possibilities and choose inside finishes, designs, and add-ons/upgrades.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]

Tips for a more stylish home

Do you want to renovate your home but don’t know where to start? We offer you some expert tips that will inspire you to make your home more modern in every room of your home for elegant and inviting spaces. Here are 8 tips for a more modern home.

1- Kitchen bar with chairs

To make your home more modern, you need very simple touches, for example, if the kitchen is open to the living room or the dining room, you can add a bar with chairs that serves as a separator and is used for drinks and fast food as well and to communicate with the rest of the family or your invitees while preparing food.

2- Enter the lighting

One of the tips of interior designers is that lighting is important to create a welcoming and cheerful environment, especially in the hall and living room. You can achieve this by removing the blinds and installing large glass windows that allow sunlight to enter and illuminate the entire house.

3- Shades of gray in the bedroom

If you want a modern and elegant bedroom, you should use gray shades, which is a luxurious color with personality and at the same time reflects a comfortable atmosphere in the room for a better sleep.

4- Different materials in the bathroom

Does your bathroom look old? All you have to do is renew the walls! Use different materials in it and add a unique mirror and lighting behind it for a more contemporary bathroom.

5- Open spaces

Open spaces are an essential element of modern homes, to have the hall rooms open to each other and to the kitchen for a more streamlined design and to add spaciousness to the space.

6- Entrance color contrast

How do you make the entrance to your home luxurious and indicate the strong personality of the owners of the house? variance! Contrasting entryway colors between gray and white or brown, beige and cream, this contrast gives an impression of the modernity of your home design.

7- Different styles

You don’t have to change the decor of the entire home to look modern and fresh. You can do this by combining different patterns and colors to create a creative and elegant atmosphere.

8- Diffused lighting

Replace the old, traditional chandeliers with more than one lighter unit that is less strong in light and scattered around the room to add warmth and modernity to the house and illuminate all corners of the house.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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