We are working as an Interior Designer from last 15 years, we are well known interior Designer in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR. If you are looking for an Interior Designer then we are the Best Interior Designer in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR.

An Interior Designer designs a space with his passion regarding designing, there are many types of interior designers who design space that combines beauty, safety and functionality. It should be take care by an interior designer of all things when designing a space he should not impose his thought regarding designing to his client, fist of all an interior designer need to know what his clients want then he can add on his creativity. If a home is designed in proper way and you come home you feel relaxed and calm.

We have a team of experienced workers who take care their duty with dedication. The basic elements of design is space, form, line, texture and color. we can see design in every things. Wherever we go we see a design it does not matter in a shop, home or office. An Interior Designer should have practical knowledge about everything.

Imam Interior and Construction Pvt Ltd is a leading company and providing to complete solution. It has been delivered many turnkey projects by us.

We have delivered many successful projects as an interior designer. We have delighted many clients in the field of construction and interior. This is our aim to be respected and brand as an interior designer or interior decorator.

An interior decorator is someone who focuses on designing architectural interiors and furniture. They make visual enhancements, but don’t make structural modifications like interior designers. Additionally, interior decorators don’t need to be familiar with building and safety codes. Interior decorating is less technical than interior design, so there is really no education or licensing prerequisites to carry out. Nevertheless, enrolling in interior design classes can assist you in enhancing your abilities and provide you with a leg up on the competition as you start your career.

The profession of interior decorating focuses on the aesthetics and functionality of a space. Following the principles and elements of design, an interior decorator uses paint, fabric, furnishings and accessories to create a visually pleasing, comfortable and functional space. Interior decorators need not be licensed, but certification is available through educational institutes and field mentoring programs.

The seven elements of design are constant throughout the visual arts fields. They are the building blocks of any design. Line is created with a pen on paper or when two edges meet. Shape is enclosed by a line and may be geometric or organic. All lines have direction, horizontal, vertical or diagonal. The relationship of one area to another is size. Texture is the surface quality of a shape, either physical or visual. Color and value are directly related. Color is the hue of any item, and value is the lightness or darkness of the color. The principles of interior decoration are the ways in which the interior designer arranges the elements. The key principle is unity, in which the house is treated as one space, with a common interior decoration theme. Balance distributes the visual weight of all items within a room equally, with no part of the room appearing to be more important than any other. Linked to this is the focal point, a dominant feature of the room that draws attention, yet still must be in balance with the rest.

Interior design is a profession merging artistic, analytical and technical disciplines to provide an interior solution dictated by the needs of a client. This requires a unique personality, one who can understand and manage divergent concepts. Interior designers must be familiar with color, fabrics and furnishings, as well as construction materials, electrical capacity and building codes. Excellent organizational, communication and business skills are also critical to the success of designers.

Interior designers create spaces that combine beauty, safety and functionality. While interior designing requires an artistic flair, this must be combined with a working knowledge of design software, building codes and laws, and management skills. Interior designers are often required to work with contractors, designers and clients to design spaces that meet building codes and work with the design of the building. These spaces must also offer the client an aesthetically appealing, safe and functional environment.

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