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The House – Build, Furnish and Live

Unique features make each home different and each person has their own ideas about what makes a home truly perfect. The type of construction itself, the furniture for the house chosen to improve it and the people who live in it contribute to its individuality and style.

Home ideas and inspirations

Just as people prefer different colors or styles, so does their taste for homes. The section of  is full of ideas that are sure to inspire and please all tastes and preferences.  users can simply select the house ideas they like to create their own personal idea books.

What is the right home for me?

Choosing a home is very exciting and many points must be taken into account at this point. How many people will live in the house? Is it the home of a single family or more, a single home or a couple’s first home? Where will the house be, in terms of location? For example, is it a wooden country house or town house, an exposed concrete house – or a brick house – or a mansion? Is this house the main residence of the family or is it a summer house, bungalow style? Personal taste is also a factor to be considered and how the appearance of the home will affect the way its residents feel. Most people will live in the residence for a long period of time, so it is important to look carefully at the options available.

House for a family

Those who want a single family home may prefer a smaller house, such as a concrete house exposed in the city or a bungalow-style summer house. After deciding how many rooms are needed and which ones will be used for the infinite possibilities, visit some interesting examples that can serve as inspiration, present in the ” Houses’ section of .

House for larger families or more than one family

Choosing a home that will be shared by more than one family can be tricky, and a lot will depend on the location. Ranch style houses or mansions are ideal, and space can be allocated according to individual needs. Victorian houses are also an excellent choice, as they tend to have multiple floors, including basements and attics that are perfect for grandparents’ rooms or children’s bedrooms.

Cement house

The cement house is durable and long-lasting, and allows homeowners to design something that illustrates their individual style. The cement house is also perfect for those who want modern homes with bold lines and different angles, in addition to resisting the weather and climatic conditions very well.

Wood house

Unlike the cement house, the wooden house is more welcoming and inviting, perfect for classic styles, such as a cabin, bungalow or summer house. A wooden house works equally well in rustic environments, in which it complements the landscape beautifully, or in cities, where they look attractive and modern.

Container House

One of the most fantastic developments in recent decades is the container house. Built from old containers, these incredible houses can be moved from place to place, ideal for those who may change their location in the future. These unique houses can be adapted to suit all tastes, and you can check out some container house designs on.

Mobile Home

Like the container house, a mobile home is highly adaptable and can be built in a permanent location or moved to a new location. Owners can also design the mobile home according to their personal preferences, using a variety of colors or finishes, or selecting exclusive windows or doors.

How do I create my ideal home?

Take a look at ‘s ideas to find a comprehensive selection of projects and designers who can help you get started with getting your dream home. Modern materials and processes make it easier than ever to design the home you want, but above all, your home should be comfortable and welcoming. Observe how the house fits into its surroundings and how the weather or different seasons can affect its design characteristics. Think about how elements like roofs, doors, windows and furniture for the home can improve the design as a whole. What needs to be considered when planning a home? The basic layout is one of the most important considerations at the time of planning and, of course, permission for construction is required. For example,

Should I rent, buy or build a house?

Deciding to rent, buy or build a house will depend on several factors. If you are susceptible to changing often, renting may be the best solution. Those who want a permanent home will be more likely to consider purchasing, especially if they plan to move out immediately. However, if time and budget allow, building a home can be immensely rewarding and will allow you to design your dream home.

House prices:

How much does it cost to buy a home?

Prices vary widely, depending on the size, year of construction, type and location of the residence. For example, a house with 20 years of construction and a bedroom, located in a country town will cost much less than a large, luxury, newly build house in the big city. In some cases, building your dream home may be cheaper than buying, but usually it still tends to be the most expensive option. However, it is the one that allows greater creative freedom.

How much does it cost to maintain a home?

Maintenance costs also depend on the type of house and its location. A country mansion will need more maintenance than an apartment in the city or a mobile home. However, all homes need annual cleaning, waterproofing and insulation checks, and structural surveys should also be carried out regularly. As well as exterior maintenance, interiors must also be redecorated or updated from time to time, and you can find some wonderful ideas here at .

How much does it cost to keep a house up and running?

Water, electricity, other types of energy and daily necessities are mandatory items to keep a residence functioning. Again, they vary in price depending on the property and the location.

How big should a house be?

The house must have an adequate number of bedrooms and bathrooms for the number of residents. A separate living room, kitchen and dining area can be an important point, and the bedrooms should be large enough for comfortable accommodation.

How do I find the right home?

Consider what you want in that house. You may prefer an individual style, or you may want a lot of space for guests, or an extra space for hobbies such as painting, swimming or exercising. Some people want a brick house or a summer house, bungalow style or an ideal home for children and pets. While others love exposed concrete house designs or sustainable homes, they have minimal impact on the environment. Take a look at  and check out the tips and inspirations and list all the important points before contacting real estate agents, architects or designers.

How do I start building a house?

It takes planning and building authorization before embarking on your dream home project. You will find details of professionals who can offer advice on all legal and practical aspects here at .

How do I find the right architect for my home construction project?

Choose architects who have home designs in their portfolio in the style they like.  presents a wide range of renowned professionals and offers you the possibility to browse examples of their work. How do I decide whether to renovate my home or build a house? Why not start a debate on ? With access to experts and innovative professionals from around the world, you will have a wide range of knowledge and experience at hand to help you decide.

Small houses

Houses don’t have to be big to look fabulous and you can design a compact and versatile home at the same time. A small house is an economical way to create the beautiful home you want. Take a look at some of the charming examples of smaller houses in , and be amazed by the possibilities.

What style for my house?

Each house is as individual as the people who live in it, and the style you choose will depend a lot on your personal preferences. While some people prefer brick houses over view, classic or minimalist houses, others are adept at beauty, such as the traces of country-style houses, or the chic appeal of modern housing or, still, exposed concrete houses.

Modern houses 

Think of versatility, attractive materials and elegant lines. The  modern houses are elegant and attractive and there are many fabulous designs to choose from. Regardless of whether it is a large or small residence, materials such as steel, wood, marble stone and glass can be used to great effect.  is full of ideas that work well in modern homes, such as unusual lighting fixtures and modern bathroom fixtures.

Country houses

A beautiful country house transforms the environment into a wonderful home for the family, in which the home and garden complement each other. Choose warm colors like yellow and red, or opt for floral and printed fabrics to decorate a brick house. Add a greenhouse in the extra space and explore ideas like terracotta tiles or quaint sash windows.

Classic houses 

Classic houses are among the most versatile, and features such as molding, cornices, ornate canvases and staircases can complement their beauty. Don’t limit yourself to regional ideas for classic housing – both eastern and western home styles should be explored.

Minimalist houses 

Inspiring minimalist homes remain highly popular, and materials such as concrete, steel and glass can be used to achieve a beautiful effect, creating clean, elegant lines that define them as such. Enhance this style with the installation of white walls, strokes of vibrant color or contemporary style home furniture in darker tones.


Tips for a modern and inspiring kitchen

A comfortable modern home is a beautiful dream for many, and when we think about the kitchen decor and its elegant and practical finishes, this is the most beautiful dream. The kitchen is one of the most prominent places in the house that must be loved by us, so experts will advise you with 8 tips to achieve this dream and decorate this space in our home to leave Its magic on us and of course it will affect the way we cook, so let us show you ideas with pictures that can inspire you with something to do in your kitchen.

1- Cabinets with creative finishes

Cabinets are an indispensable part of any kitchen, so they are bound to be out of the ordinary when you get the chance to redecorate your kitchen.

2- Simple lockers

Cabinets and counter tops are designed to be spacious and unobtrusive to the eye, with a minimum of ideal to enhance the decor in a modern style, in addition to providing the opportunity to store many utensils.

3- Painting and printing

Painting in neutral colors is one of the most popular trends in modern kitchens, but it must always be remembered that the kitchen is a space for creativity, so it is necessary to introduce geometric prints in some parts.

4- Wooden products

Wood is an excellent option that can be relied on in many areas of our house, and using wooden products in your kitchen will give it a special charm and unique elegance. In this design, wood is used a lot, and the lighting is distributed very well so that everything looks impressive.

5- Add the black color to the decor

If you want a stylish, mysterious and at the same time very modern design for your kitchen, then this example meets your request, where black appliances with touches of white contrast, and despite the lack of white color in the design, it led to a simple and surprising result.

6- Few items are best

Relying on a few items in the kitchen to make it look more modern, clean and elegant, everything is organized and in its proper place, and what distinguishes this design is the way everything is lit with it.

7- Marble

Replacing the paint with marble made the kitchen more attractive and gave it a very valuable appearance. Marble is one of the best original materials to create a better climate because it is easy to clean and maintains temperatures, whether they are high or low. It helps keep the temperature the same, in addition to being a durable material that Live for a long time without damage.

8- Set your priorities

Before implementing any design, you must think about all its details, and the most important of these details is the way to distribute the space and places to place tools and appliances so that movement in the kitchen is easy, by keeping the corridors free of anything so as not to obstruct movement to make your kitchen more beautiful.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]Useful links | Interior Design | Interior Designer | Interior Decorator and Designer | Commercial Interior Design | Interior Design Color | Residential Interior Design |[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_tweetmeme][vc_pinterest][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]Interior designer in Daultabad Gurgaon | Interior designer in Daultabad Gurgaon | Interior designer in Daultabad Gurgaon | Interior designer in Daultabad Gurgaon | Interior designer in Daultabad Gurgaon[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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