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Interior Design ideas for colors in Gurgaon

Winery ideas and inspiration

A wine cellar is the pinnacle of luxury for anyone who chooses to pay more attention to wine for pleasure or investment. The good news is that it is no longer necessary to live in a large country house to have a wine cellar. Thanks to modern options, such as cellars that are practically an exclusive wine room, in the shape of a silo and controlled climate, today it is possible to assemble a collection of up to hundreds of bottles in a house or apartment in the city. And presents you with a sample of some ideas for classic and contemporary wine cellars.

What makes a wine cellar perfect?

The most important role of the winery is, of course, to store a set of wine harvests in optimum conditions. This means that the wine has to stay out of direct sunlight and kept at a constant temperature. Ideally, the wine cellar should also be the place where you can enjoy your collection in a peaceful and friendly environment, with a tasting area, where bottles can be opened at your leisure. And it would not be wrong to say that the winery must also be designed to display its collection to be seen and admired.

How do I build a wine cellar?

There are several possibilities when it comes to creating a wine cellar. You can convert an existing cellar or have a new cellar in a silo, for example, usually accessed through a trapdoor and a spiral staircase outside the residence. For those looking for a more affordable option, it is possible to transform a part of the house into a wine cellar. This could be a part of the kitchen, for example. Or the space under the stairs or some other corner of the house. Alternatively, a wall in the room can be adapted to display some bottles, perhaps in conjunction with the bar. Whatever the option, the ideal is to consult a specialist designer before building your winery, this to ensure that the end result keeps all the harvests very well preserved.

Which walls should I choose for my cellar?

For a traditional underground cellar, stone walls are a great option. They offer a contrast to the regular lines of the wine racks. It is also interesting to combine them with circular ceilings and doors, to create a vintage atmosphere. Among other alternatives along the same line are exposed bricks and plaster. For a cellar on the floor surface, glass walls work very well, separating the collection in a climate controlled environment and without interfering in the house as a whole.

What kind of flooring should I put in my cellar?

For a more rustic-looking wine cellar, stone slabs, oak planks, rough carpets and even basic concrete can be a good option. Marble and wood are more chic, but alternatives that also work. One tip is to avoid any type of floor with a strong smell, such as some types of carpets, for example, as this can interfere with the time of tasting your wines. Whichever floor you choose, it is important that the base of the cellar is completely dry and waterproof, to avoid any mold or extra moisture, which can compromise your wine collection.

Where do I find ideas for wineries?

Here at  you can get in touch with several experts who know the latest options for wine storage. Be shelves to display your collection in a living room, be it an elegant refrigerator for the kitchen or a wooden cabinet for your collection.

Are there any specific tips for decorating my cellar?

When planning a wine cellar, the ideal is to start by deciding how many shelves of wine you intend to have and where they will be. This is essential to think about the storage space that will be needed, and will also be a starting point for the entire project. It is also good to think from the beginning of a tasting area, which could be a small bar with a few stools, or an intimate room with tables and chairs. These basic definitions will be the same regardless of whether the project is going to be traditional, with a variety of wooden shelves, chosen according to texture and color, or something more contemporary, with acrylic shelves or other more modern options. There is also enlightenment. Inadequate lamps can overheat the environment and be harmful to wine, since modern lighting is ideal, after all, a wine cellar does not have to be a dark and gloomy place. Using specific lights for this environment, the shelves can gain a certain prominence, with their collection in evidence and facilitating the reading of small letters on the labels.

How can I equip my cellar?

The answer to this question depends on the style of the cellar, whether it is traditionally rustic, elegant and luxurious, or more opponent and modern. A rustic style cellar can make use of renovated barrels, architectural rescue items, as well as a solid wooden door with handle, for example. An elegant look can include upholstery imitating leather and a simpler finish. A more contemporary aesthetic can make use of a play of light and art accessories. In any case, it is essential to have the basics: sets of glasses and cups, efficient corkscrews and all the details that involve wine tasting. If space allows, a dining table and chairs can be part of the environment, transforming the wine cellar into an alternative to the dining room, a place to serve an evening meal for friends and family by candlelight, for example. The winery can also be a good place to display a collection of works of art and books related to wine, items that will also benefit from the controlled climate. With all this, you can give your cellar a unique touch, making the environment an ideal place to receive friends and family.

More styles of wine cellar:

Classic wine cellar

The  classic style has a series of traditional and contemporary elements which makes it luxurious, clean and modern. The walls can be painted white or made only of brick, with wooden or stone floors, and the wine stored on wooden shelves as well. This is a style suitable for both large and small spaces, and can be adapted to most homes, combining easily with many types of furniture and contemporary decor.

Eclectic wine cellar

The  eclectic style brings a youthful approach to wine storage. An example of this aesthetic could be a colored wine cabinet in a corner of the living room, or a wine cabinet in the kitchen. It is a style that breaks down the barriers between the cellar and the rest of the house, and there are no strict rules about the general appearance of the cellar in the color scheme and decoration of your home or apartment.

Scandinavian wine cellar

A Scandinavian-style wine cellar  is ideal for those who want to create a cozy corner to drink wine in the corner of the house, and it combines very well with country houses or chalets. The walls are usually painted in milder tones, mixed with blue, gray or green. It is common to include a padded armchair with checkered fabric, a small round tasting table and a wooden wine cabinet, or glass shelves with wooden frames to accommodate a larger collection on the wall.

Industrial wine cellar

An  industrial-style wine cellar has a more robust, functional way, with elements such as exposed brick, metal doors, tasting tables and benches, plates recovered from old vineyards as ornaments on the wall, as well as adapted barrels that give the vintage a feel. environment. This is an ideal style for collectors who like the history of wine. An alternative may be a more simplified decoration, with shiny and polished surfaces, an aesthetic that facilitates access to the cellar through a trapdoor type entrance.

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Interior Design ideas for colors in Gurgaon

Interior Design ideas for colors in Gurgaon
Interior Design ideas for colors in Gurgaon

Interior design ideas for colors

I hear from people all the time is want to add more color to a room, but they are afraid of this extreme if you are Just start adding colors to a room. Which is your essential guideline? Follow this. It is called 60 30 10 rule. 60% of the room should be one color, then 30% there will be one more and then the last 10 will be your accent color which I think is blue must be in every room because it is a cool color.

There are three different ways to use different shades of blue are cool and monochromatic palette. This color palette is made with multiple colors of the same color. Also saturated to see if there is a balance between your lamps from bed to wall art and even different shades of blue about 60% of the room is medium blue, while the next 30% darker and the last 10 light blue works a monochromatic palette.

Well in any room but especially bedroom because it is quiet and quiet supplemental color palette. That orange and blue color is my go-to color scheme color wheel like red and green and yellow and purple so they pair well simultaneous palette. These colors are next to each other, you can choose six colors and blue wheel like green and purple.

Many people like this color palette because they can use all their favorite color and natural color to balance space or go bold if you are planning on painting then dramatically. I would recommend creating a test space. Checking it on a big wall and as the light changes throughout the day. Bright morning sun directs midday light dinner hot after sunset.

I hope you are inspired to try, See a new color palette in your home. I am one of those people who are very hesitant with bright bold colors. Naturals prefer to go with softer tones but bright bold colors will really change a room and give it some character so if you do it slowly include the pieces you find and you really love then it will be a room.


Fabulous ideas to paint your wall

Painting walls can go far beyond dipping a roller into a pot of monochrome paint. As if they were XXL-size blank canvases, the walls of your house are an opportunity to give free rein to your imagination and capture everything that inspires you. We have made a small selection with different ways of interpreting how we can paint the walls of a house or a business, from the most obvious and simple to designs that seem to come out of an indescribable dream.

Glitter is life

And as we have said, from the most complex we can jump to the simplest. Because wall painting is -if we know how to use it- one more element of decoration. Even a leading element. This kitchen could be like many of the modern kitchens that we are used to, but the  lemon yellow of the wall , matching that of the lighting, makes it something completely different. Because the life of your house can be given by a simple pot of paint.

Poetry on the wall

If there is a wall painting that can be representative of this post and that is capable of opening it in a groundbreaking way, it is undoubtedly the one in this image. It really is a drawing that speaks for itself and that practically does not give rise to words. What we can say is that, among all the possible options, writing on the wall is one that is not usually the most used and, nevertheless, it is the most poetic. The living room of the image focuses all its prominence on  the living mural that its wall has become, making it appear to have its own movement.

Hair at the hairdresser

And from the living room or the kitchen at home we move to a hairdressing salon whose  wall has become an immense work of art. Because it is no longer necessary to adorn the business with the typical advertising that the different brands give us. If you really want something different, dare to choose someone who can paint one -or several- murals on the wall with their own original design that differentiates it from the rest of the places. This case, for example, makes the drawing of a hair with a lot of movement, the key and the image of the brand. There will be many hairdressers, but with this design very few.

Everything can be painted

And who says to paint the wall, can also talk about the floor, the furniture and every corner that can be scribbled. We do not know if it is the living room of a house, an exhibition hall or the setting of a dream, what we can say is that painting has rarely done as much for a space as it is in this case. The drawings, the combination of scenes and tones, as well as the sensation of being a pile of ink expanding with its own rhythm, make it a giant painting where nature is far above the rest of the elements. The sensation of fluidity is such that the floor looks like a river of moving ink.

A bathroom waterfall

You can use part of the wall by choosing a more iconic and simple drawing, or take the blank canvas to heart and actually paint your own picture in any room. In this case, in the case of a wall over a bathtub, the idea of ​​an aquatic image where the reflection of the water is almost more important than what is on it, and with the play, moreover, the chromatic play of blues that this entails, It is perfect to reflect that feeling of peace that we must find in a space like this.

Complementary contrast

However, there are blues and blues. In the case of two bathrooms -the previous one and this one- where the blue paint has a large part of the protagonist, it is perfectly reflected how they could not be more different. Because how we paint a wall is important, but depending on how that room is subsequently decorated, between one example and another it can be miles apart. In the previous case, the blues mixed with the minimalist and entirely white design, gives a very bright sensation as well as cold and peaceful. However, the darker tone combined with the woody of the bathroom, gives a very rustic and cozy feeling at the same time.

Is it gold that glitters?

Gustav Klimt lost his gold and he was right. Surely, if the painter had to choose a way to paint his house, this design would have been the winner. A hymn to metallic tones whichever way you look at it, in which its creator refuses to decide between silver or gold. Being able to have both… Who would want to keep only one?

Breaking the fourth wall

Using flowers to paint a wall seems to be one of the star options. But, just like with blues, how we decide to use swashes can radically change the design of a room. In this case, the drawing is much more marked – even childish – than in the lilac-toned room. A perfect design to give a lively and lively touch to any room without also losing that touch of originality that the mere fact of not simply painting a wall with a plain tone gives it. The key in this design is that the drawing goes beyond what we could understand as the frame, and goes into the adjoining wall, defying the barrier imposed by the corner. Being a more static design than others we’ve seen, that little detail breaks the mold.

Black and white murals

Contrasts and more contrasts, black on white and white on black. The simple lines of monochrome colors and also in white, black and gray, right now give a feeling of modernity and a simple but effective and dramatic style. Vegetal forms, such as branches that sprout from the ground, help to turn these spectacular murals worthy of an urban artist more than a painter or interior decorator. The birth of a new style of art: home art.

Time flies, it’s a fact. And that is gracefully represented in this painted wall clock, a subtle and precious way to decorate a wall, as well as a useful one. A beautiful clock in the shape of a dandelion, a bit of paint that turns a wall into a canvas that we can literally watch the hours go by. The walls of the house are now one more area where we can express our creative freedom and our most spontaneous vein. Do you dare to take advantage of them?

Time flies

Time flies, it’s a fact. And that is gracefully represented in this painted wall clock, a subtle and precious way to decorate a wall, as well as a useful one. A beautiful clock in the shape of a dandelion, a bit of paint that turns a wall into a canvas that we can literally watch the hours go by. The walls of the house are now one more area where we can express our creative freedom and our most spontaneous vein. Do you dare to take advantage of them?


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