Another practical tip for family and pets in Gurgaon

Another practical tip for family and pets in Gurgaon

Another practical tip for family and pets in Gurgaon
Another practical tip for family and pets in Gurgaon

Another practical tip for family and pets | Gurgaon

Contrary to materials that are getting richer day by day, we always feel alienated in modern society. In a situation where single-person households are prevalent beyond endless competition and nuclear family, the reality is that modern people are increasingly depleted of their minds and weary of the individualism of themselves and others. In this lonely society, animals that always maintain their unchanging nature and innocence have great meaning as friends and family to weary modern people. The rising status of animals has resulted in a change from the name of a pet with the passive nuance of being domesticated according to human choices to a companion animal that means a companion in life. This means respecting and recognizing the benefits that animals provide to humans. But how has the treatment of pets improved? Compared to the Western culture, which treats companion animals as true friends or family and considers them throughout life, awareness is still lacking. This is because, due to the circumstances of Korean housing, they are usually confined in a cramped room or cage all day long. Even if there is a yard or garden in the house, it is a sad fact that it is more often put on a leash for safety.

In today’s article, we introduce some considerations for a comfortable and safe life for companion animals, which are like family. Let’s not forget the fact that in order to live with animals, we have to think carefully about consideration for animals and consideration for our neighbors, that is, other people.

A living space that suits your habits

Usually, companion animals live together in a part of the space where humans live, such as apartments, houses, and gardens, but in fact, they need a living space that suits their habits. How about creating a space where your pets can feel a little more comfortable than a one-size-fits-all cage or doghouse?

Cats, for example, like high places and dark places. Therefore, it is recommended to provide a house for cats in a dark place, and installing structures such as a cat tower that can go up and down will help a lot to feel comfortable. Also, referring to the habit of liking narrow places such as boxes or small holes, you can simply present a cozy home. On the other hand, canines prefer bright and low places, and places closer to humans. For indoor dogs, provide a house without a roof in the corner of the bedroom or living room where you can feel the family’s body temperature up close. Conversely, a dog house raised indoors must have a strong roof to block rain and snow, and it must be warm and not windproof as well as waterproof.

Essential household items

If you are a first-time pet owner, you are often confused about what to prepare for an animal that will become a precious family member. Nutrient-rich feed and snacks that are responsible for the health of animals, as well as water supply and proper tableware for feeding are essential elements. In addition, fences and pads for toilet training and space division are required, and bath products, combs, and ear cleaners to maintain cleanliness must be prepared. In the case of cats, be aware that they need sand for cleanliness and defecation due to their habit. Also, don’t forget about toys for playing with your pets, leashes and toilet bags needed when you go out for a walk. When going out with your pet, it is also recommended to prepare a separate bag for toys, poop bags, and food. Necessary items may have various peculiarities depending on the habits of the companion animal, so it is a part that requires sufficient understanding and study.

Relieve stress

Pets, who need to play actively in a large outdoor space, often spend boring days confined to the house due to various housing circumstances and the owner’s circumstances. Animals left unattended on the excuse that they are busy and do not have time to play gradually become lethargic and even lead to depression. In particular, canines are highly dependent on humans and are more active than cats, so they are more stressed when they are left alone at home. If the stress gets worse, they may behave abnormally, such as eating their own excrement, or even get a disease in severe cases, so take a short break from your busy daily life to take regular walks and play time to relieve your pet’s stress. In fact, all of these can be difficult in reality for busy modern people. However, you should always keep in mind that animals are not toys, they are family members to live with. If you think that someone locks us in the house, feeds us twice a day, and doesn’t even talk, we can realize the stress our pets are going to experience.

A space where you can run freely

The simplest way to relieve your pet’s stress is to give them the freedom to run freely. If you have a garden at home, install a safety device such as a fence, then loosen the leash so that you can play freely. If you have room in your garden, it’s a good idea to create a separate area for your pets. Remember, pets love to play with their owners. It is recommended to make a bench in one side of the garden to play with your pet for a long time. One of the games to play with dogs is training a Frisbee with a disc. In order to throw the discus, ample space is required, and small trees are suitable so that the disc does not disappear from view. In the space for cats, it is recommended to install a cat tower or structure that can mainly go up and down. It is a good way to simply pile up wood or make a way to the fence, but pay attention to safety with an appropriate height and firm fixation. Keep in mind that cats like to fit in boxes narrower than their bodies. One thing to consider in the garden, especially in a space exclusively for pets, is the choice of materials that are eco-friendly to nature. Cement or heavily chemically treated wood is not recommended. Don’t forget to put a water bottle and feed to dry your throat when you’re having a hard time playing.

Play equipment

So, let’s take a look at some toys that will make your time with your pet more fun and enriching. Canines prefer stuffed animals with human scents or toys that beep when touched. Dog gum or chewable items are good because they not only soothe boredom, but also train teeth and remove tartar. Especially effective for dogs that bite anything. Playing with the owner is the simplest form of throwing and asking a Frisbee. The way cats play is slightly different from that of dogs. Cats like to hunt, so they aren’t very interested in toys that don’t move. For this, a large and colorful fishing rod-type toy is effective and the owner must shake it with creative movements so as not to feel bored. This is a game that imitates hunting, and you can prevent cat aggression by controlling the strength appropriately, raising the drug, and finally grabbing it.

Potty training

Potty training is one of the biggest concerns when raising pets at home. It is said that some people even abandon their pets because they continue to defecate anywhere due to inadequate potty training. Of course, this should not happen, but potty training is an important factor for humans and animals to live together. For successful potty training, it is necessary to fully understand and practice the behavior of animals. Animals usually have a habit of repeating work in the space they excreted. Let’s make good use of it. For example, if the dog sends a bowel signal such as being anxious, it is effective to move it on the toilet pad to induce him to work, and to leave the pad until the next bowel movement. Conversely, if you make a mistake in the wrong place, wipe it off immediately and spray deodorant to remove the smell. Cats have a habit of defecating in the sand, so it is a good idea to purchase sand and provide a separate toilet.

For the coexistence of humans and animals

Humans and animals are different beings from birth, and they are all contradictory in appearance, inclinations, and habits. In order to be happy with other animals as companions, it is essential to have a sufficient understanding of animals and careful consideration. Animals cannot speak, so we have to observe them more carefully, and since they are different from ours, we need to study a lot and manage them carefully. It is true that living with a pet requires a lot more work than you think, from the food you eat to the living environment.

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