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Nobody ever said you could only hang curtains on the windows. In fact, dividing a room with curtains can enhance your interior design by forming gentle barriers while still letting light through. Use these curtains to divide large rooms in your house, create separate living areas in a studio apartment or give privacy to a shared space. With some basic sewing skills, you can cut much of the cost by making these curtains yourself.

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Probably the most common way to divide a room with curtains is to hang them from a rod that stretches across the length of the room near the ceiling. For narrow spaces, a simple tension rod or shower curtain rod may be all the support the curtains need. In larger rooms, attach a rod to the ceiling with hooks, or design your own makeshift curtain rod using airline cable and tom-buckles, both of which are available for a reasonable price at most hardware stores. Attach a curtain that flatters your decor across the area you wish to keep separate.

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Hospitals have become masters of the floor-to-ceiling curtain, so try adding a hospital curtain track in your own ceiling too. These tracks will ensure that the curtains can easily slide open and shut for quick room transformation. And if the white, waffle-like fabric reminds you of being sick, don’t hesitate to replace the standard curtain with one that is more suited to your taste.

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Instead of hanging curtains that stretch all the way from one wall to the next, use them to create a partial barrier or to frame one area of the room. For example, hang a few feet of curtains on opposite walls of a studio apartment to help separate the living area from the sleeping area, which helps divide the space and creates a feeling of enclosure without slicing the size of the room in half.

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Curtained dividers don’t have to span the entire height of the room. For sleeping privacy, spread a single, eye-catching drape across the foot of a four-poster bed frame. Alternatively, hang a curtain from a freestanding metal frame, and place it strategically to separate two parts of a room.

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Give your room an artsy feel by painting a single, simple design across several narrow fabric panels. Hang the panels a few inches apart across the area you wish to divide. The panels will help divide the space and screen views while the gaps between them will allow for a feeling of unified space. If you need ideas for a design, try Chinese letters, a Japanese cherry tree or a cluster of simple flowers. Or keep it easy by hanging solid color fabric panels.

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Interior archways are a beautiful architectural feature in any home; however, they can be further enhanced in a variety of ways. Any decorating ideas that particularly follow the line of the archway will further accentuate it and draw attention. Avoid any decor shapes such as circles or squares above the archway. You have a choice of adding structurally to the archway such as doorway trim or adding a ransom or using paint options.

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Decorate your interior archway with inspirational words. Use letter stencils to copy your favorite quote for all to see or even one word that you find meaningful, such as “Family” or “Believe.” You can purchase stencils that contain an entire sentence. Curve the letters to be parallel with the arch. Choose peel-and-stick stencils or use stencil paints.

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Put up floral swags over your archway. They are just the right shape to fit over an archway in your home. Swags come in dried flowers or silk flowers and in a variety of colors and flowers. Choose swag colors that coordinate well with the colors in the room the archway is facing. Options include Victorian, Tuscany, copper rose, lemon foliage and magnolia swags.

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Use stencils to paint a design over the archway according to your design style and personal taste. Keep your overall decor style in mind; however, the options are endless. Consider an ivy vine that follows the shape of the arch.

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Change the structure of your interior archway by adding molding or doorway trim to the archway. It is possible to bend straight pieces of molding to apply exactly over the opening of the archway.

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An arch-top door can be an expensive investment due to the nonstandard design of the outer frame. However, such a door adds a lot of class to a room and will look great in any setting. Although this project is a little more challenging than creating a standard door from scratch, you can design and build an arch-top door for your own home to brighten up a room. In this way you can ensure that it will be tailored to the exact size requirements of your archway, without breaking the bank.

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Measure the height and width of the inside of the door frame, using a tape measure. Note the measurements on a piece of paper. Divide the width of the door by 2 to find the height of the arch. Note the arch height on the sheet of paper also.

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Cut a sheet of 1 1/2-inch-thick plywood to a length equal to the width of the door and a width equal to the arch height, using a circular saw. Cut a piece of string to the height of the arch using a pair of scissors. Tape a pencil to one end of the string. Pin the other end of the string to the middle of one door width-long side of the plywood with a thumbtack.

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Draw an arc on the plywood sheet using the pencil. Halve the length of the string. Draw a second arc on the sheet. Cut along both arc lines using a jigsaw, to form the top of the arch. Fit a 1/2-inch pilot bearing to the router. Cut a 1/2-inch-deep rabbet along the middle of the smaller curve in the arch.


Rustic style interior design ideas

The rusticity is related to a simple lifestyle, closely linked to the coziness and nature. The rustic style takes us back to our roots where colors and textures are the main protagonists.

Enjoying a rustic environment does not necessarily mean living in the countryside and far from the city. In this guide, we will learn to identify those that are the typical elements of the style in order to know how and when to use them in order to give a more country look to our lives, whatever the location of our home.

Use of color

The use of color is as varied as the subdivisions of the rustic style, since it emerges autonomous currents – depending on the areas where they are found -, countryside and even with Scandinavian influence. In all of them, the presence of wood as a key element is a reality, but depending on the current in which they are inserted, we will find greater or lesser presence of certain colors.

Each rustic style subdivision has its own influences and characteristics. The textures and colors are worked in a different way and the decoration reflects what surrounds the house and its history. Still, we can say that earth colors are predominant on the walls of buildings whose decoration is usually given to more vivid and vibrant tones such as reds, oranges, roses, greens or blues.


A true decorative style goes far beyond what fashions are and is always true to your identity. The rustic style has been maintained over time due to its timeless characteristics and the use of noble materials that make us feel especially good when enjoying a space.

The imperfections of the materials are accepted, assumed and stand out from a color palette that is as neutral as the colors of the earth itself. The decoration is organic and not pretentious, with the main focus on the quality and appreciation of things for what they were originally.


We can imagine this style in a beach house or on a farm in the countryside. These are two very distinct geographic points, but with very similar qualities that include the importance of the relationship between the interior and exterior space, that is, the importance of nature and natural elements.

The floors are usually wooden. The slats are generously sized and should be irregular. If there are beams on the ceiling, they must follow the same direction used on the floor. We can protect the wood with our own products to prevent weather wear, but we must be especially careful with what we use to avoid losing the original color of the material. In the rustic style, the wood must have the aspect of freshly cut from the tree, presenting itself in the most natural state possible with all the knots and characteristic veins in sight.


Due to the highlight of strongly marked textures that create a dramatic environment, some pieces of furniture can be lost within such picturesque scrivener. For this reason, when choosing furniture, it is important to understand what the size of the space allows and to choose bulky elements that impose themselves.

The choice of textiles must fall on simple patterns and colors in order to avoid visual chaos. Still, they must be flashy enough to stand out within the space and become an integral part of it.

Relationship with the outside

Decorating in a rustic style can be convenient and economical since many of the things we use can include elements of nature such as tree bark, branches, dried leaves, nuts, plants, among others. All of these elements dialogue perfectly with the exterior of the dwelling and reinforce the most primary form of rustic expression.

If you are looking to integrate natural elements into your home, you can choose some objects and / or furniture that make this transition between different environments. Benches, tables or even sofas with straight and simple lines, made of wood, will be good allies, not only in the garden space, but also on the porch.

The real home

In the collective imagination, a rustic house is not a rustic house if it does not have a large space where we can gather all family and / or friends. We can see in the image presented a perfect example of this meeting space built and decorated in a rustic style. A cozy, elegant and comfortable place, perfect to bring together those we love the most and where there is nothing missing that we need to feel good.

Modern trends

Country rustic: the most European side. We often find walls lined with paper with motifs alluding to rural life. The colors of choice for this rustic style chain are pink, sky blue and pastel yellow.

Scandinavian rustic: with white walls and less rough wood surfaces. Typical of northern Europe, the cold and obscure environments become simple and clear to capture and take advantage of the low light of the place. These are the characteristics of the rustic style influenced by the icy Nordic lands where functionality is the main concern.

Experts see the new rustic as the revelation of the year 2015, achieving a fusion of Scandinavian environments with eclectic details and soft organic colors. The textures of the dishes are rough and the ultra-neutral rugs unify the rustic spaces, offering them a modern touch.

Materials 2

The lamps are simple, with structures made of wood or iron in gloss and / or polish. If screens exist, they will be smooth and colored between white and beige.

Fabric rugs, fur rugs and / or animal skin – they can be synthetic – are the most recommended for a rustic home.

Leather sofas and armchairs are ideal for a more formal living room with history, as this is a material that ages with charm and any mark of the time gives it even more character.

In the example that we present, the architect studio shows us a modern living room with a rustic style.


In summary, the rustic style has a well-defined but not exclusive character, since its strong nature does not lose strength and importance in relation to other decorative expressions.



Sharing a wardrobe is often a frightening task particularly if you’ve got not done it before. A big population has lived their lives in their own separate rooms with their own cabinets to store all their belongings in. When such individuals start codependent relationships, they experience a serious blow to their lifestyle and habits.

They need to divide their belongings, time and energy to go with one another. This package of happiness demands variety of compromises and one among these compromises is sharing the space for storing of the space. New couples often complain of not having the ability to manage space within the context of sharing. So how can this encountered problem are tackled?


Hanged clothes are often an everyday ease however it takes up more room and tiny or none is left behind for remaining items. Folding clothes may be a major space saver and has proven to be an efficient way of managing small space.


Boxes are a perfect way for sub-sectioning space. They will be wont to make temporary compartments and different spaces are often allocated to different categories of belongings. These boxes are often placed on top of 1 another with their open end facing you. This is often easy sectioning of your wardrobe. Fancying up the boxes may be a great way of blending the two-alien item together to form it looks seamless.


This is a really important task when a corporation of an outsized number of things is at hand. When occupation with each other, keep only the absolutely necessary and very sentimental items. Others can either be discarded or stored at a storage facility nearby to accommodate the maximum amount space as possible. Mutual planning is that the safest thanks to come to conclusions like these. Spending a while during this process of organization shouldn’t be avoided because it will only create a lifetime of ease and luxury.


In a confined space, materials often tend to urge involved and this will cause quite chaotic situation. Timely needs might not be met and things are very likely to urge lost by getting buried under the pile of other things.

This will easily be managed by avoiding the method of finding through labeling all the areas of the cupboard. This manner the finding will cease to make a multitude and therefore the fine placement of belongings will ease your life.


Wardrobe compartments are usually an honest idea because it organizes everything itself. All that’s left to be done is assigning each compartment with a selected category of things and you’re done.

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