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Bathroom interior Design Ideas by an Interior Designer

Your bathroom won’t be an area that you simply usually accompany artwork, but once you believe it, why wouldn’t you would like to hide its walls with beautiful art? Bathrooms wall art doesn’t need to be utilitarian and it doesn’t need to be clinical. It are often luxurious, glamorous, and classy.

The size, style, and ventilation in your bathroom will all play a neighborhood when it involves choosing striking bathroom wall art (you don’t want to finish up with water damaged prints).

This is often a neighborhood where you’ll be bold together with your artistic choices, running free with bathroom wall art ideas that are unexpected yet well-judged. To assist you bring your bathroom to life with art ideas, here’s a slew of takes from interior designers to require note of.


Create the texture of a far-flung oasis with eclectic inspired bathroom wall art that’ll make even the foremost minimal of spaces feel warmer, and more inviting while lending it a playful sense of personality.


A vibrant light-catching citrus wall color will make energize the world while making it feel brighter and bigger. And it’ll work to brilliantly highlight the bathroom wall art ideas that you simply do usher in.


A hefty investment which will instantly increase the resale value of your home, consider an Art Decor-inspired mixture of richly toned marble because the ultimate in elevated styling. Just make certain to travel for natural colors so you’ll avoid feeling bored by something that’s too over saturated.


Contrasting graphic tiles can do all the talking for you while lending your space a visually interesting wall treatment. Finish the design with a triptych of toilet wall art prints therefore the tiled portions don’t come off as heavy-handed, or distracting.


Whether through art, textiles, or a fresh coat of paint, bring your bathroom decor to life with an upscale and indulgent color that’ll make the space feel one among a sort. However, since most bathrooms don’t boast such grand ceilings, confirm that the color you are doing usher in works well in your space as you don’t want your bathroom to return off as smaller and darker than its .


If you’ve got a healthy budget and a killer view to figure with, let nature dictate the texture of toilet wall art rather than going for traditional wall hung frames. Just imagine how breathtaking it’ll be to urge dressed with an enthralling view of your outdoor space a day. And a replacement oversized window or door will certainly catch the interest of potential homebuyers when looking to resell your home.


Add a way of everyday glamour to your bathroom with high-shine metallic tiles that’ll give the space a luminous, grand feel that’ll be inspiring for years to return. Or to save lots of money, you’ll cover an accent wall with hand-applied foil to mimic the effect of a golden brick wall. By going for a metallic combat your bathroom walls, you’ll make sure that yours feels unique to your home and every one the more memorable else .


Another great combat bathroom wall art ideas that’ll make the world appear to possess more depth, is to think about covering or painting your cabinetry units all the high to the ceiling to visually extend the wall. This will also help to make a uniform feel that’s striking and unique. Even better once you choose a striped effect to actually trick the attention into thinking the space is far grander than it has.


Bathroom wall art are often featured almost anywhere, including an only too often forgotten expanse of space – your ceiling. Rather than covering valuable wall space with art whose purpose is only cosmetic, believe bringing your ceiling to life with vivid wallpaper. This will assist you better use your walls for needed storage while making the space appear larger, the ceilings higher, and therefore the overall feel more luxurious and expensive.


If you’ve got an outsizes budget to figure with, custom furniture that boasts minimal yet substantial styling can work to enhance the resale value of your home when it’s wiped out a pared-back manner. Think about having your own custom wall facade created to form your bathroom feel all the more unique. Just make certain that you simply create a furniture which will be timeless in appeal that’s not too specific, to stay the design classic.


When it involves savvy bathroom wall art ideas, sometimes it pays to think outside of the box. Take this European crawl space turned bathroom meets personal library, as an example.

There’s just something so cool a few massive wall of cherished books lining its walls for the last word during a unique, luxurious feel. For your own bathroom, imitate and take inspiration by going for the unexpected to form it truly unique.


Drop the ‘his and hers’ bath towels and replace the texture with expressive art. If you’re lucky enough to possess the space for his and hers sinks, keep it up that theme together with your bathroom wall art. Hang a pair of portraits to continue with the theme – they don’t need to be portraits of you.

You can devour some lovely, traditional portraits and cameos and luxuriate in the personality-driven artwork in your bathroom. If you’ve always loved the thought of getting your own portraits done, then this is often the time to try to it to feature a private touch in your bathroom.


Abstract art isn’t for everybody, but it can bring energizing modern bathroom wall art. The bold splashes of color heavily featured in abstraction ism are perfect for a toilet space, standing out against white tiles and a white bathroom suite.

Hang your artwork near the bathtub, so you’ll relax for an extended soak and consider the story behind your abstract piece and consider what it represents. Otherwise you can choose graphic abstract wallpaper covering just an accent wall for needed depth.


Picture ledges are an excellent thanks to make your bathroom feel comforting and comfy – bathrooms can feel clinical if you aren’t careful, so having how to form your bathroom feel easier while hardly taking any valuable space up.

A picture ledge will allow you to handsomely display alluring luxury bathroom wall art. Displaying prints and artwork during this manner will give the space an upscale feel while highlighting your artwork and frames. Display a variety of art on an image ledge, from small pieces to large-scaled ones, using the shelving to carry the other attractive bathroom necessities also.


If your bathroom may be a calm and relaxing space and you don’t want to disrupt the texture with bold art, then a soothing landscape will make the right bathroom wall art for your space. Relax in your bathroom, dreaming of far-flung travels as you stare into the depths of your landscape paintings, wall coverings or prints.


Don’t be afraid to fill your bathroom wall with an outsizes, statement-making piece of art (especially if you’ve got an outsizes expanse of white walls to figure with). Bathroom wall decor doesn’t need to be small and understated and it doesn’t need to be boring. Go big and fill a whole wall – it’ll offer you something to seem at once you are relaxing in your tub while livening up your bathroom to without stopping.

That said, extra-large pieces of art don’t need to cost a fortune, they will also bring cheap bathroom wall art if you recognize where to seem and are patient together with your search. Take a visit around local secondhand stores, or head to a marketplace, as large pieces of vintage art are often sold inexpensively, as most of the people don’t have spaces large enough for them in urban environments.


Where better to possess representations of the naked form than in your bathroom? The toilet lends itself to nude drawings – it’s the space where you undress in any case.

If you’ve always wanted to require a live drawing class, now’s the time to try to it. You’ll be ready to fill your space together with your very own bathroom wall art, and what’s more, you’ll get to require pride in it every single day. Since you aren’t always blessed long, straight walls in bathrooms, making it difficult to place your bathroom wall art ideas into practice, but if you’re creating your own, you’ll customize it to suit the space with ease.


Who says that art has got to be within the sort of a painting or a drawing? You’ll create some wonderful bathroom wall art with tiles and negate any fears of damp artwork (especially if you’ve got a less well-ventilated bathroom).

For a less obvious design, use your tiles to make an easy pattern on one accent wall, adding texture and interest without it being too bold. For something more daring, choose tiles during a contrasting color or texture and make a focus by changing their orientation or employing a different shape – this is often a fun idea if you’re renovating your bathroom and are on the search for unique bathroom wall art ideas.


If you would like bathroom wall art which will increase your space, instead of dominating it, monochrome art will blend in seamlessly with the remainder of your decor. This will be perfect for creating a soothing space, where you’ll install a tonal piece of luxury bathroom wall art which will only increase the extent of tranquility.


Vivid vintage posters will bring a fun addition to your bathroom – they aren’t too serious, and that they are an excellent idea if your bathroom is shared with the whole family, especially children. Vintage posters are bright and vibrant and can add slightly of a playful sensibility to your bathroom wall decor.

If you’re lucky, you would possibly be ready to devour vintage posters for next to zilch at an antique store, making them an excellent cheap bathroom wall art option. Put your vintage poster during a frame to guard it and make the print pop.


If you can’t afford to devote space to rest room wall art, a method around this is often to make an artful check out of common bathroom necessities. Stylized bathroom mirrors can bring inspiring bathroom wall decor when chosen wisely. Depending on the design of your bathroom, choose an outsizes, traditional gold-framed mirror that’ll add an expensive feel in your space. If you’re trying to find something more modern, create modern bathroom wall art out of a group of mirrors, simply framed in black.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]

Simple ideas to renovate your home decor

Because we quickly get tired of everything including our home decor, we need to make some changes from time to time in order to renew the spirit of the house and refresh it with touches and minimal cost.

In order not to take a lot of time to think and implement, we have collected for you 14 simple and effective ideas that will change your home decor.

1- Wall colors

When you want to completely change the decor of your home, you have to change the colors of the walls. Repainting the walls is the least costly idea, and it renews and refreshes the general design of the house.

If you are concerned or do not prefer a drastic change, you should paint one wall in each room and you will notice the difference. You can also distribute the colors of the walls between dark and light colors to get a consistent design.

2- Designs that transport you to another world

We always talk about walls as a way to organize and distribute room spaces, but it also has a strong impact on changing the spirit and decor of the home, especially when you turn it into a large photograph that adds another life to the room when you use some poster models that print different images on the walls as a distinctive economic renovation.

3- Change the fabrics

Another easy and economical way to renovate the home decor is; Change the fabrics for pillows or curtains.

Although it is a small change, but it leaves a big impact on changing the atmosphere of the room.

4- Take advantage of forgotten spaces

Are you bored of changing home decor? You have to think of a new way to arrange and organize the house and take advantage of the forgotten corners, so you get a new view with less effort, and among those places are the corridors that can be transformed into several practical and innovative ideas, for example, turning them into a library.

5- Open rooms

How about ditching some walls and experimenting with open rooms? It will increase the feel of your home space and get lighter.

6- Separate spaces

But if your house depends on open spaces and you want to change the design, you have to divide the spaces with some simple ideas such as the use of mobile partitions or office walls that act as a decoration and separator at the same time.

7- Reorganizing the spaces

You can also change the arrangement of furniture in different ways, dividing open rooms and renovating the arrangement of traditional furniture

8- Change the blinds

Replacing old curtains with new ones completely renews the decor of the home and do not be afraid to experiment with light colors, you will be impressed by their effect on the lighting of the rooms.

9- Change the carpet

And if you change the curtains, you will likely need to change the carpets as well. The carpet spreads an atmosphere of warmth in the house and with its change, even though it is a simple element that greatly affects the change of home decor.

10- Refresh your home

You only need some time with money to invest in decorating your home with plants to get a refreshing decor that fills the house with life and renews the air.

11- Sliding doors

Sliding doors save us a lot of space, so you can replace some traditional doors with sliding ones and take advantage of the new space as well as enhance the lighting of the rooms and renew their decor.

12- New use of old things

For a unique decor, repurposed your old items in different ways and give them new life by repainting or decorating them.

13- Lots of lighting

It is very important to choose the lighting that controls our view of things inside the house, so we are keen to provide an integrated lighting system and choose practical and elegant lighting units to obtain a warm and intimate design.

14- Special Touches

Because home is our private castle from the world, we need to transform it into an inspiring place full of energy by decorating the walls with motivating phrases that help you rejuvenate and motivate you.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]

Simple tips to enjoy furnishing your small apartment

Bright colors.. natural lighting.. some storage units.. smart division.. all of them are decorative tricks that can make your small apartment a comfortable and pleasant space to live in, and even turn it into a more elegant home than other large homes.

1. Strong radiance and natural light

The living room is usually the place where the family spends most of the time, so it should enjoy a comfortable and refreshing atmosphere so as not to feel uncomfortable with its small space, and therefore the strong brightness and natural light give your room the brightness and breadth it needs, especially with the choice of cheerful colors such as purple tones in that design.

2. Floating decks for less space and a modern look

If your house consists of two floors, you certainly think a lot about the space that the stairs will occupy, but with floating steps and perhaps adding a transparent glass railing for safety, it will take up less space, and also have a stylish modern design, and you can even use the space below to design a library and perhaps a small indoor garden!

3. Small shelves and facilities

The elegance of the bathroom is not related to the large bathtub and the basin installed on a large table with many cabinets, when it comes to small spaces, elegance is related to visual breadth, and the choice of small facilities, such as a square basin based on a metal column, a small bathroom base, and shelves in the wall to arrange and organize sanitary ware and keep The bathroom is tidy and clean.

4. The least number of furniture

What do you need in a bedroom more than a comfortable bed for a deep, restful sleep? The bedroom is the easiest when it comes to furnishing a small space, just choose a comfortable bed, white paint for the walls, bright natural light, good ventilation, and everything will be fine.

5. The kitchen is on one line

Unlike the bedroom, the kitchen is the most difficult when it comes to small space, but its one-line design eliminates that problem, and you are left with the freedom to choose the kitchen design from two levels of upper and lower cabinets, or a lower level of cabinets with hanging shelves above, which gives you More visual aid.

6. Multi functional furniture

Multi functional furniture is your way to a small house full of capabilities, and perhaps the integration of several rooms into one room. In this design, the bedroom was combined with the office room only through a small wooden piece added to the end of the bed and a small chair was placed in front of it.

7. Glass cabin for visual breadth

Glass cabins are an ideal solution for small bathrooms, not only to save bathtub space, but also because their glass doors allow you to give your bathroom a smart visual division, and you can place a wooden cabinet next to it, without feeling crowded or stifled, thanks to the illusion of spaciousness.

8. Exploiting Angles

Corners are the neglected opportunities in small homes, which can, through their good use, save a lot of space, in this bathroom, for example, I used the corner to design a longitudinal wooden cabinet, it looks like a decorative column, and paint it white like a sink, it makes you not feel crowded despite its stickiness with it.

8. Think outside the box

If you do not have enough wardrobe space in your bedroom, you can think a little outside the box, you will find that the wall provides a great opportunity for you to design a modern wardrobe that is elegant and also discreet, if you use the wall color.

9. Exploiting the corridor

A lot of space is wasted in the corridors and entrance to the house, which you can use to design a storage space that keeps your home tidy and clean, and even gives you a decorative value that increases your home modernity and elegance.

10. An open and intelligently divided space

You can combine the entire rooms of your house into an open space and one room only with good partitioning, a large sofa by the wall, a kitchen on one line, a small table with two chairs in the middle a little to the side, taking advantage of the ceiling height to design a loft bed with an elegant ladder that you can also convert to a library.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]Useful links| Interior Design | Interior Designer | Interior Decorator and Designer | Commercial Interior Design | Interior Design Color | Residential Interior Design |[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_tweetmeme][vc_pinterest][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]Interior Designer in Greater Noida | Interior Designer in Greater Noida || Interior Designer in Greater Noida | Interior Designer in Greater Noida | Interior Designer in Greater Noida[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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