Low Budget Modular Kitchen Design in Gurgaon


Interior Design ideas for modular Kitchen

Low Budget Modular Kitchen Design in Gurgaon
Low Budget Modular Kitchen Design in Gurgaon

A space to focus, but also to have fun. For quick activities, but also for more elaborate experiences. To facilitate the day-to-day routine, but also to enjoy spending hours trying new dishes. The kitchen is undoubtedly a magical place for a family.

Sometimes so small that it can barely fit two people, but also with the possibility of organizing the most different household appliances, the kitchen may have secrets that make it a much more pleasant place. And one of these secrets, without a doubt, is in the choice of colors.

1. Red rustic kitchen

For a rustic kitchen, nothing better than red details to warm the room and provide warmth. The contrast with white on the ceiling and masonry was perfect!

2. Kitchen with blue decor

The more colorful, the more interesting. And how about this beautiful kitchen that adds the rustic touch of the brick wall with the modern ambience with blue coverings illuminated with LED. The colorful contrast was amazing!

3. Yellow kitchen

The yellow color provides a sense of creativity and can be easily chosen for the furniture, as we can see in this yellow kitchen with black details.

4. Gray industrial kitchen

The industrial style is on the rise and it is no wonder: charming and modern, it can be a great option for those who like combinations with the gray color.

5. Blue and gray industrial kitchen

With another good idea in the industrial style, we have this project with minimalist cabinets in light blue and burnt cement wall combined with the counter in the same tone.

6. Colorful tiled kitchen

Want an easy tip for colorful decorating in the kitchen? Choose tiles of different colors to stamp the walls!

7. Small white and black kitchen

The decoration with light elements is great to provide a feeling of greater space. Here, the touch with gray coatings was an especially elegant complement.

8. Kitchen with wood texture

The charm of wood can always have space to guarantee an especially cozy kitchen!

9. Black and brown kitchen

For those looking for striking personality, this project with Black Island, black and white cabinets and brown ceramics is a great example.

10. Kitchen decorated with white and black finishes and wooden details

Another great idea with coverings: the drawings on the wall of this project brought an absolutely incredible result!

11. White minimalist kitchen with a colorful touch

In another good idea for a white kitchen, the touches with the refrigerator and colorful stools were great!

12. Kitchen hallway with a blue touch

Lightness and well-being: the combination of blue cabinets and light walls was perfect.

13. Lead gray kitchen

Lead is a strong, modern shade that can look great in the kitchen. This project is a beautiful example of this.

14. Kitchen with emerald green wall

Modern and vibrant, this kitchen with light walls, well-distributed lighting and emerald green wall is an excellent idea for those with little space.

15. Orange kitchen

Creative and cheerful, the orange tone is great for anyone looking to make the kitchen a space to be happy.

16. Green and white kitchen

A punctual touch is often enough to guarantee great results: how about this kitchen with a dark green island contrasting with the white walls and great lighting?

17. Colorful kitchen with blue wall

The little space was no excuse for not working on good ideas in this kitchen: the decoration with the blue wall and colored tiles was great.

18. Kitchen with colorful chairs

Another good idea for those looking for colorful touches without much effort is to opt for chairs and doors of different and vibrant colors in the kitchen.

19. Planned kitchen with wood and green tablets

Wood in the furniture, shelves and contrast between white cabinets and green stripes. An excellent combination for a beautiful kitchen.

20. Kitchen with orange chairs

In this kitchen, the blue cabinets make a very interesting composition with the modern orange chairs.

21. Colorful American cuisine

Finally, we have this beautiful kitchen that is perfectly organized and very colorful with yellow shelves and colorful cutouts for the niches. Beautiful![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Modular Kitchen Interior Design

Getting your kitchen layout right is that the most vital think about ensuring a functional and practical kitchen area. Whether your kitchen is little and cramped or large and expansive, an ingenious layout will make all the difference in helping you to urge the foremost out of the space.

Especially during a kitchen, there are tons more to layout than simply placing furniture and cabinetry: ergonomics features a huge role to play also. Getting the heights right, ensuring enough space for comfortable movement.

Placement of appliances and simple use are all getting to think about your enjoyment of the space. While the ground plan of your home will presumably determine the layout that your kitchen will have. You’ll always optimize the world to figure better.

Here are the foremost commonly found kitchen layouts; with tips to assist you are doing just that. Let’s first provides a quick overview of kitchen ergonomics, which forms the idea of great kitchen design.

Ergonomics is that the science of designing the environment to suit the folks that use them, not the people to suit the environment.


Usually found in smaller kitchens, this easy layout is space efficient without abandoning on functionality. Consisting of cupboards installed against one wall, the One Wall Kitchen can have upper and lower cabinets or shelving over base cabinets, creating a clean aesthetic.


You simply have such a lot width to figure with, so taking your cabinets up as far as possible will help create extra space for storing. While the normal work triangle isn’t possible during a one-wall kitchen, attempt to put your fridge on one end, oven and hob within the middle and therefore the sink at the opposite end.

If your cabinets don’t go up to ceiling, utilize the space above them by storing lesser-used items there. Alternatively, you’ll use this space as a display area to strengthen the theme of your kitchen.


With a really economical use of cupboards, the galley kitchen consists of two rows of cupboards facing one another, creating an inner passage or galley between them.

By eliminating the necessity for corner cupboards, this sort of layout uses every millimeter of space without wastage. The uncomplicated design also means there are fewer special gadgets necessary, making this a cost-efficient option also.

Low Budget Modular Kitchen Design in Gurgaon[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Low Budget Modular Kitchen Design in Gurgaon


Kitchens won’t to be hidden-away work spaces, but today they’re rooms during which we spend huge amounts of your time. Not only do they have to supply the preparation and cooking facilities that suit all the home’s occupants, but they need to even be stylish space we would like to enjoy being in.

Planning ahead is vital if you would like a successful kitchen design that fulfills all of your expectations, and our guide will get you there, whether you’re going it alone or have called within the help of an expert.

We know choosing a kitchen designer, architect or builder may be a big a part of the method, which is why we’ve put together specialist guides getting to assist you choose the simplest professional for your project.


When you design a kitchen, it’s important to know the space you’re working with. Ask a kitchen company, an architect or architectural technologist – or use paper – to carefully make scale drawings of your kitchen’s floor plan.

Mark the situation of internal and external doors and windows, so you’ve got the simplest flow possible between your kitchen, outside space and therefore the remainder of your house.

You will need to factor zones into your plan if you’re designing an open plan kitchen, too – our specialist guide can help thereupon. Once you see exactly what proportion room you’ve got to figure with, you’ll start planning the way to make the foremost of it.

It’ll also offer you a transparent idea of what proportion you would like to spend before beginning the planning process proper, ensuring you finish up with a scheme you’ll afford – and helping you reduce excess costs early within the process if your plans don’t match your budget.


The kitchen layout should be designed to perfectly suit your lifestyle. Specialize in the layout of the working a part of the kitchen, also as on its relationship with a board, if there’s one, or – in an open plan kitchen-living-diner – the opposite zones.

To plan the preparation and cooking space, use the planning concept of the working triangle of the kitchen. The three points are the fridge, sink and hob with imaginary lines between these forming Triangular shapes.

The three points should be near enough to every other to form meal preparation efficient but each work station should be unclamped. Consider Triangular imposed on the possible layouts a kitchen can take.


This may contains one run of units along one wall, or a double galley, which features a second run directly opposite. In an open-plan space, the facing cabinetry may take the shape of an island, leaving the run of units on an exterior wall.

A galley is an efficient working arrangement. During a double galley, putting the sink opposite the hob makes for a wise design. Plan in worktop space either side of the hob. Beware of hanging too many wall units, which may make the space feel narrower. Open shelves or glass-fronted units could also be better alternatives.


Here, the units are positioned around three walls to form a U shape. It’s simple to make the working triangle with one each of the hob, sink and fridge on each of the unit runs.

A U-shape is particularly valuable if you would like many work surface and don’t have the space for an island. However, during a larger kitchen you’ll add in an island at the U’s center also.

Consider, too, using the form in an open-plan room with the third run of units creating a peninsula between kitchen and dining space.


In these layouts, units occupy two walls. The working triangle are often formed with, for instance, a sink on one wall (especially if this is often where the window is), and hob and fridge on the opposite.

Ensure you leave preparation space either side of the hob in an L-shaped kitchen, whichever section of the L it’s on. Don’t overload an L-shaped kitchen with wall units. Try limiting them to the longer a part of the L. A bank of tall units on the short a part of the L, meanwhile, are often space-efficient, if there’s not a window positioned there.


If you wish the thought of incorporating a kitchen into an open plan layout, it always is sensible to possess the kitchen within the darkest a part of the space, with the dining and living areas – where you’ll spend longer relaxing – closest to windows overlooking the garden.

There’s a growing trend for ‘broken-plan’ living, where the spaces are only partly separated – you’ll want to incorporate a half wall between the kitchen and mensurable , or a pocket door that permits you to divide off the dining room for more formal entertaining.


A key component of most kitchens lately, take time to think about the simplest location for your breakfast bar or kitchen island. You’ll ask your designer for advice. You don’t want it to interrupt the flow of the space, and should want to integrate your sink or hob into the island to permit the chef to interact with people using the remainder of the space.


Your choice of glazing should be carefully considered if you plan to style a kitchen with an open-plan layout, or as a part of a replacement kitchen extension. Though desirable from a design perspective, bi-fold or sliding doors across the rear of the space will limit the wall space available for kitchen units here.


With the layout planned, it’s time to think about the design of your kitchen. Overall, the selection is between cabinetry with a up to date look, and more classic designs. Contemporary flat-fronted or slab kitchen units Modern in appearance, these kitchen units are often handless, have recessed handles, or complement cabinets with a contemporary final touch like bar handles.

Country kitchen cabinets the easiest thanks to give kitchen cabinets a rustic cottage feel is with a lick of paint – we love the thought of cream, grey, green or other muted shades. This not only gives an area that much-desired homely feel, but can brighten up a dark space. Freestanding kitchen units don’t forget that kitchens don’t need to be composed of fitted units.

A freestanding kitchen with its individual furniture pieces can complement a period home, or make a focus in an open-plan room, and may be crazy you if you progress home. The materials from which both unit doors and carcasses are made will affect what proportion you buy your kitchen. At the budget end of the market, cabinet interiors are going to be made up of materials like MDF, while high-end kitchens may have carcasses made using wood.

Ultra modern high-gloss cabinetry at the budget end of the spectrum, this might be vinyl-wrapped, lacquered or made up of or faced with acrylics. Prefer matt finishes? Vinyl-wrapped and lacquered matt doors also are on offer.


These are available during a large range of timbers, which may be painted if you favor natural materials but a colored finish.


Veneered doors are perfect if you are looking to form a press release with gorgeous grain patterns and color tones on show. You’ll need to accept the planning for years, so it’s worth spending time getting it right.


Obviously where you opt to shop for your kitchen from will massively depend upon your budget. But we’ll say though, believe what proportion you employ your kitchen and the way much time you spend in there.

It’d appear to be an honest idea to travel for a budget kitchen now but you would possibly find it’ll just need replacing in five years’ time. So choose the simplest quality you’ll afford. Order brochures, speak to the businesses directly, ask friends about where their kitchens are from, enter store, check out online reviews!

We will not stress that last point enough, go and see all of your potential kitchens face to face so you’ll get a way of the standard.


Kitchen worktops got to work together with your budget also as tastes. Laminate, at the budget end of the market, can combat the looks of other materials and is straightforward to seem after. Choose the simplest quality you’ll. Wood looks warm and is agreeable to the touch, but does need regular care.

Natural stone can look spectacular and every piece features a unique appearance. It should be sealed. Man-made composites are hard-wearing and straightforward to seem after. Don’t rule out weird materials, though. If you are not sure which kitchen worktop will work best together with your new space, our guide to the simplest kitchen worktops talks you thru the choices thorough, providing practical advice and style inspiration.


Positioned behind the sink, the hob and anywhere else that risks getting damaged by water or cooking, kitchen splash backs can repeat the worktop material as an up stand or larger area, or be created with a contrasting material. Don’t just think tiles. Glass, mirror, chrome steel and timber are all possibilities to offer your kitchen the design you would like.


Remember than opting between freestanding and built-in appliances will change the design of your kitchen. An American-style fridge-freezer can make an excellent focus. Albeit you’re not sizing up, retro-look fridge-freezers or colorful finishes create impact. Inbuilt appliances, warming drawers and occasional machines banked together in tall units look smart.

A variety cooker makes for an appealing feature in both more traditional and contemporary kitchens. Fully integrated appliances will leave cabinetry to the fore and may suit period homes better. Find out the way to choose the simplest appliances for your kitchen in our specialist feature. Already know what you want?

Our purchasing guides rank our favorite products consistent with design and functionality: Once you’re at the stage of designing where to position appliances, you’ll want to believe where you plan on putting the sink, too.

This might be determined by a desire to seem out of the window while washing the dishes (as is traditional) or a preference for looking onto the remainder of the kitchen – during which case fitting a sink within a kitchen island could be more appropriate.


Ambient, task and accent lighting should all have their place during a kitchen lighting scheme whether it’s during a separate room or a part of an open-plan area. Ambient light for a kitchen must be ok for working with sharp knives and hot dishes.

Ceiling spotlights are often supplemented with wall lights. It includes under-unit lights and directional ceiling spotlights. Accent lighting can include pendants for islands or a board, and LEDs beneath units that make them appear to float. Consider, too, lighting cabinet interiors to point out off beautiful tableware placed on glass shelves.

Confirm you propose in separate lighting circuits to work the various sorts of light individually. If you’re planning a kitchen extension, take the chance to introduce daylight from as many directions as possible – including roof lights and high-level or obscure glazed windows where privacy could also be a problem .Priorities the simplest quality space – with the simplest daylight and nicest views – to the functions that are most vital to you, usually living and dining.


All kitchen window treatments get up to the room’s moisture, be unaffected by splashes if they’re near the sink, and will be easy to wash. Explore our kitchen window treatment ideas to seek out the answer that works best for your kitchen. Remember to think about the following:

  • Shutters work on both windows and French doors during a kitchen extension for a uniform look – browse our guide for recommendations on the way to choose window shutters.
  • For privacy and an option that does not take up space on the windowsill, window films are worth an idea. We’ve many wonderful window film ideas, too.


Kitchen flooring has got to be hard wearing, affect splashes and an area with high condensation, and be good looking else. Determine more information on the way to choose the simplest kitchen flooring in our specialist feature; options include the following:


lookout requirements into consideration also as costs.


Solid wood isn’t generally recommended for kitchens due to the moisture within the room. Instead, we’d recommend choosing engineered wood, which has the looks of real wood, but is meant to be stable within the conditions.


If you’re keen on the design of wood – or tiles – laminate may be a budget-friendly option that convincingly mimics the design of real materials. it is often recommended to shop for the simplest quality laminate you’ll for your budget, because the cheaper options can look a touch shiny.


A budget friendly option, vinyl not only mimics natural materials, but is additionally renowned for its durability, scratch resistance and easiness to wash.


Stylish, with a distinctly contemporary feel, resin and concrete flooring are fast becoming the flooring of choice for contemporary homes. Perfect for kitchen floors and well-prepped bathroom floors, concrete and resin are durable and resistance to spills, dirt and stains, making them a practical material, too.


When you’re choosing paint for your kitchen, color is perhaps getting to be top of the agenda, but there also are many practical matters to think about.

You’re getting to go to pick a kitchen paint which will withstand a good little bit of wear and tear. First, it’s getting to got to be a wipe-clean paint, plus, if you’re getting to be using paint near an oven or kitchen surfaces, you’ll probably need something that’s heat or stain resistant.


If you’re getting to make internal structural changes to your kitchen, you won’t usually need planning permission, as this is often covered by permitted development. The majority of single-storey extensions also are covered by permitted development; however, certain exclusions and criteria apply, so always ask your local authority’s planning department before starting work.


Many kitchen companies offer an installation service, although you’ll fit a kitchen yourself (our guide offers step-by-step instructions) if you’re looking to chop the value of your new kitchen. If you are doing choose this feature, your extractor and cooker will got to be installed by an accredited electrician, and you’ll need a plumber to suit your sink and water-based appliances.

Thanks to the value of most worktops, it’s always best to ask knowledgeable to suit these for you – mistakes can prove expensive. Alternatively, if you’re working with a kitchen designer, they’ll take hold of the whole project. If you’re planning on completing any structural work, you would possibly get to find a reliable builder, joiner, plumber, electrician and decorator. For each of the various trades, you ought to get a minimum of three detailed written quotes – use our guide to seek out the way to compare quotes from trade’s people if you are looking for more information.

That said, recommendations are always the simplest thanks to find people to figure with, so ask friends and family before searching online. Bear in mind that the most cost effective quote might not be the simplest if it doesn’t meet all of your requirements, and you would like to feel comfortable with the people you select to figure with.


Once work on your kitchen starts, making changes are often costly. Agree on all of the ultimate details then stick with them. It’s especially important to verify the situation of appliances, kitchen lighting and sockets, ensuring sockets are in places which will be convenient, like by the fridge and kettle.

You ought to also consider where to place charging points and whether you’d like USB sockets. And think twice about extraction. Will you’ve got a standard overhead extractor, or could you put in a downdraft model, which slots into your kitchen worktop and may crop up at the touch of a button?

When it involves artificial lighting, confirm you include a mixture of task, ambient and accent lighting. By finalizing the small print and ordering materials now, you’ll help the project run smoothly.


Now you’ve got the team you would like to figure with and quotes agreed, it’s time for construction work to start out. If you’re having walls demolished or an extension built, you’ll want to think about moving out while this work is completed.

Alternatively, you’ll found out a makeshift kitchen – perhaps using your old cooker, sink and a few of units – during a different room. If you opt to remain, be prepared for the disruption of a kitchen renovation (you may enjoy reading our top tips to living on site while renovation). If you opt to maneuver out, confirm you visit the location regularly and are available to answer questions.

While demolition internal walls and stripping out an old kitchen should take a couple of weeks, building a kitchen extension is probably going to require three months or more. During this point, walls, floors and ceilings are going to be constructed, cables inserted for electrics and pipes for water.


Decorating is a crucial stage once you design a kitchen and is arguably one among the foremost fun parts. Once the walls plastered, you ought to be ready to get a pity how your new kitchen will look when it’s finished. We’d recommend painting the walls and ceiling before the units are installed to minimize the danger of drips and spills ruining your new kitchen. Although a clear white kitchen is timeless because it can easily be updated with accessories, consider going for a bolder wall color, like dark grey or petrol blue, for more of a method statement.



  • Analyze your current space and make an inventory of its pros and cons;
  • Consider the kitchen as a part of the general redevelopment, not just an area in isolation;
  • Consider a larder and utility to release room and to maneuver the noisy appliances out of the kitchen – we have got many tips in our guide to planning and designing a utility room.
  • Really imagine using the new kitchen – this is often more important than simply watching a 3D image provided by a kitchen designer;
  • Contrast the varied elements – a bank of tall units, a run with no wall units – in several finishes.


  • Replicate what you have already got with a special sort of units. Changing a design is a chance to innovate and improve your daily life;
  • Cram in the maximum amount storage as possible. You’ll go without wall units and make a lighter, airier space. You’ll always be ready to find elsewhere for those rarely-used serving dishes;
  • Assume that big is best. Large kitchens be cavernous and make an echo;
  • Just copy what’s fashionable now – to avoid it dating quickly, attempt to have a broader understanding of where kitchen design is heading or stick with classic concepts.

Low Budget Modular Kitchen Design in Gurgaon Haryana


Interior Design ideas for colors in your Home

September is over, which means 2020 is lurking. Thus, we entered the time to start talking about the trends that will mark next year. Today, we look at colors. There are few more effective ways to transform the atmosphere of a space than painting a wall in a different color or betting on a piece of furniture or decoration that creates a contrast and creates a focal point in a certain environment. It doesn’t have to be an exuberant color. On the contrary. Lighter shades often make all the difference.

When choosing a color for the walls, for example, take into account the use you make of the space and the furniture and decoration already in it. All elements must be harmonized to create a pleasant atmosphere. We emphasize, moreover, that one should not let go of a trend just because it is a trend. Choose only what you identify with, otherwise, sooner or later, you will regret it. If in doubt, be sure to hire a decorator or interior designer.

Today, we bring you five colors that will be up in 2020. Come and see what they are.

Green, for those who do not know, is a color considered neutral and that, for this reason, does not fit entirely in cold or hot tones. This neutrality makes it the ideal color – especially the more closed and less brilliant tones – to give your space the touch of balance that you are looking for. In 2020, bet on shades closer to mint or dry green and apply it in details of your decoration such as pieces of furniture or decorative objects. These small touches of color will offer a new dimension and playfulness to the decorative space.

If you want to use color on a larger surface, study the space carefully, choose the right shade and make sure you use the right amount and don’t overdo it. In a living room , for example, you can apply green only to the wall behind the television. In this way, it creates a focal point, but without saturating the environment.

The elegance and delicacy of the rose

This is a color that starts to be in great evidence, especially in a softer and older version, ideal for decorating comfortable, serene spaces that invite you to relax. The shades of antique rose, such as old rose or dry rose, can make all the difference and leave a distinctive, showy and refreshing mark on your home decor. These are shades that work perfectly as a base color (on the walls, for example) or support (small details, upholstery and cushions). Despite the name and tonality, the truth is that, within the new concepts and ideas of architecture and design, the antique pink adapts to the decorative styles of our day, adapts easily to the leisure areas and gives the spaces an elegant and contemporary atmosphere. Bet on this visually pleasing color that will be in vogue in the near future.

The warmth of earth tones

On the rise are the earth tones that travel between mustard, ocher, brown and terracotta. These are colors that, like green, generate a greater connection and proximity to nature and that, when used in the right size and tone, can make all the difference in the search for the environment we intend to create. The versatility provided by the wide variety of tones offers visual comfort and a strong feeling of warmth, helping to create timeless spaces that match any style of decoration. Being colors associated mainly with winter, they have the ability to bring a sense of comfort and well-being to the bustle of our day-to-day and contemporary routine, helping us to connect with nature and reconnect with nature.

The serenity that blue conveys

The lighter and softer shades of blue are gaining more and more relevance in the decoration, due to the tranquility and contemporaneity that they lend to any environment. The shades of blue are quite eclectic and can therefore be combined with other colors and used without problem in any room. We suggest, however, that you start by using color only on a wall in the space and / or in details and decorative props.


Orange, with all its vibrant, warm and cheerful variations is one of the colors we suggest for next year. It is a color that, in the right quantities, brings energy, creativity, warmth and freedom to any environment, offering charm and comfort. Ideal for use in decorative details, fabrics and small pieces of furniture, it can also be used as a base color for some walls and / or larger elements. In vogue is melon orange, a more milky and youthful hue that will emerge as a breath of freshness to spaces.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

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