Interior Designer in Ardee City Gurgaon

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Interior Designer in Ardee City Gurgaon

Wood paneling is an easy-to-hang, reasonably priced wall finishing material. It is ideal for add-on rooms and basements where hanging drywall may be too much work or not cost-effective. Insulation is available as traditional rolled insulation or sturdy foam sheets. How the paneling is connected to the wall makes a difference in the type of insulation that is best suited to go behind it.

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Remove the wood paneling by starting in one corner and pulling off the corner molding used to cover the seam. This is normally tacked on with brads into the paneling. Take out the baseboard trim. Use a small pry bar or long handle screwdriver to slip inside the paneling seam, and gently begin popping the nails free that hold the paneling in place. Continue until all the paneling is removed.

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Examine the wood the paneling was nailed to. It will likely be either 2×4 lumbers or thin wood furring strips. Replace or repair any portion of this wood that needs work. Furring strips are easily pulled out and replaced with new, while most 2×4 lumber will hold up for decades without issues.

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Install insulation to fit the desired energy saving value and the space available. For 2×4 studs, the best choice will be rolled, paper-backed fiberglass. This is placed between the studs with the paper side out and the edges stapled to the studs to hold the insulation in place. With furring strip wood, there is usually only room for thin hard sheets of foam insulation that fits between the strips. Small staples into the strips hold these pieces in place.

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Hang new paneling over the newly insulated wall, beginning in one corner and working around the room. Hammer twisted, one-inch framing nails into the studs or strips to hold the paneling in place just as the previous pieces were held. Attach corner flashing and replace any other baseboard trim.

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Hanging horizontal wallpaper can be challenging, but the reward in terms of aesthetics and ease of care are well worth the effort. Wallpaper is used to cover and decorate the interior walls and is usually sold in rolls. Horizontal wallpaper is put onto a wall with wallpaper paste. Wallpapers can come in both patterned and paintable styles. Follow these steps to hang horizontal wallpaper.

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Cut a length of wallpaper with a sharp utility knife. Make sure it is three or four inches longer than the wall. If your wallpaper has a long repeating pattern you may need a longer strip to correctly match the pattern. Lay the paper on a long table or on a drop cloth on the floor.

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Apply wallpaper paste to the paper. Mix paste that comes as a powder in a bucket. Stir well with a stirring stick to remove any lumps. Then, using a brush or roller, paint the paste onto your wallpaper. While some papers come with predated backing it is advisable to put paste on anyway to ensure a good seal.

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Begin with the top of the wall and work your way down. About two inches of extra paper should lay against the ceiling, and two more inches should hang below the top of the baseboard or on the floor if there is no baseboard.

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Eliminate wrinkles by pulling the paper away from the wall until you get to the wrinkle. Smooth the paper back out as you re stick it the wall. Apply enough pressure to push out the bubbles by moving from the middle of the wall out to the edges, top and bottom. Be careful not to press too hard or you may tear the paper.

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Cut the excess paper. With a putty knife, flatten the extra wallpaper against the corner and cut it with a sharp blade.

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Hang the next piece of wallpaper making sure it matches with the one you just put up. If you can not match it exactly, match it closest at eye-level. Continue with this process until you have made your way around the room.

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Roll all seams with a seam roller, which resembles a small rolling pin. Make sure not to squeeze out the paste. After twenty minutes repeat the seam rolling to ensure adhesion.

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Clean any extra adhesive off the paper, ceiling, baseboards and floor. A wet sponge followed by a dry towel works best.

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Finding the right posters when decorating a bedroom, office or game room can add personality and style to your decor. Framing and hanging a poster is always an option, but you can also permanently hang a poster with a little wallpaper glue. Wallpapering posters is similar to hanging regular wallpaper, but you have a wide range of art styles and personal images to choose from. You can even create your own posters from personal photographs to hang on your walls.

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Apply wallpaper primer inside the taped-off area. Paint the primer evenly. Don’t apply too much primer in one spot or it might drop below the tape line. Allow the primer four to six hours to dry.

Interior Designer in Ardee City Gurgaon and Delhi NCR

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Small bedrooms with space-saving ideas | Gurgaon

Who said that small spaces mean dispensing with elegance and beautiful design? You can have the perfect no matter how small your home is. In this article, we offer you a group of distinctive small rooms that we hope will help you choose the best for the design of your homes.

1- Neutral colors

If the space is small, the best color after the white color or the use of neutral and calm colors so as not to increase the narrowness of the room in your eyes. You can use the colors in the picture where the light gray rug and the wooden sofa that opens as a bed and can store some things inside. Make sure that the furniture is on wheels to make it easy to move, since space is limited, you may have to move the furniture to expand the space from time to time.

2- The bed is closed

A bed that closes to become part of the wall is a great idea for small spaces, especially rooms for young people and expat students who need a place to study and a library to store their books in their room.

3- down the ladder

If you need to create a room and there is not enough space, perhaps trying to make the most of the available space is the only solution, even if it is temporary. Among those places that you can take advantage of is the bottom of the stairs with drawers for storage under the bed to save wardrobe space.

4- Loft bed

In this design, we find an exploitation of the horizontal space by placing a mattress on a high level and using the space below it as lockers, whether for clothes or toys, and the designer created a bedside library so as not to waste any available space.

5- White

The perfect choice for small spaces, white color! It tricks your eyes into making the space feel bigger than it really is. In this youthful design, we find two bunk beds to use the space and a desk in front of a large window that allows sunlight in and gives a greater sense of space as well.

6- Drawn window

Is your room so small that there is not even a window in it? It might seem like a funny stunt but you can draw a 3D window that gives you the feeling of a view until you can change your place! What is unique about this trick is that you can choose the views you want and change them whenever you get bored, one day you will look at the Eiffel Tower and a month later the Statue of Liberty. The choices are endless![/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_empty_space][vc_tweetmeme][vc_pinterest][vc_empty_space][vc_empty_space][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][vc_column_text]

Tips for designing small spaces | Gurgaon

Do you face difficulty in designing your small home, do you think that it is difficult to design your small spaces and take advantage of them, so what do you think today we offer you 10 of the most beautiful and easiest ideas that will certainly help you in designing your home with a small space and exploiting every corner in it..

1. Small balcony but..

With the balcony small, it is difficult to use it and make good use of it, but with your intelligence and ability to design it appropriately, you will make it your favorite corner in your home, just choose light colors such as white and choose suitable pieces of furniture and make them something of privacy by using curtains and you can design a special corner as a small office to work in an atmosphere open and free..

2. Proper planning of the bathroom..

Whatever space you need to design, the step of good planning is your magic key to design it intelligently. For example,  a small bathroom must specify the uses required of it specifically, if it is only a guest bathroom and you will not need a shower, there is no need to add a shower room or bathtub, just a small basin and a storage unit, A proper toilet..

3. Hidden drawers..

Providing storage spaces is one of the most important tricks for designing small spaces, for example, the space under the bed, behind the bed and the top of the cupboard, all these wasted spaces, which can be converted into storage units or drawers to arrange our personal tools to maintain the appropriate design of the space..

4. Good and practical design.

Each of us dreams of designing  his own dressing room, and sometimes we resort to designing it in very small and narrow spaces. You have to choose a practical design that is carefully and intelligently divided, that accommodates all your needs and tools and organizes them in a way that makes it easy for you to connect to everything you want..

5. Unused corners..

Of course, you will find in your home unused and unused corners, but you will find them with a small area that is difficult to design, so smart design and innovative ideas will make it a special corner, as a bed with a small library in one entity..

6. Innovative ideas..

There is no place for the rest of the furniture in your room, this is definitely something that annoys you, but why not go ahead with your imagination and invent different designs for new pieces of furniture, such as the bedside table in  a small bedroom, turn into a wall-mounted shelf to carry the lampshades, this solution will save you space for the bedside table and a path for movement around the bed It gets you what you want..

7. Minimalist style.

Small kitchens are characteristic of modern apartments, and are more prevalent among homes in urban areas, and experts have created a lot of sweetness for them until it came to a hidden design of kitchens inside the walls, but here the deafness presents a new style in the minimalist style with few details and in white the kitchen and a small table with two seats are designed for a sitting Calm down with your partner.

8. No movement space.

If  a bedroom without movement paths, this is no longer a crisis, just take this into account and choose a suitable bed size and add a private TV to your room to increase its luxury, and enjoy a simple room..

9. Various uses..

If you live in a small house and are looking for solutions to common spaces, then this solution is in front of you, where the designer resorted to combine a living room with a kitchen with a dining table in one place, you might think that it is impossible, but as you have in front of you the use of harmonious materials and neutral colors made the house a comfortable image for the eye ..

10 mirrors..

Mirrors remain the magic key to designing any small space, no matter how much it is used in it, it will certainly suit it, such as a bathroom, main entrance, narrow corridor, or bedroom as it is in front of you.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vc_empty_space][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]

Small bedroom interior for couple

Although many couples cannot realize their dream house from the time they are newlyweds due to financial difficulties, the bedroom is an essential space for any type of residence in a newlywed house. So, how to decorate a bedroom for newlyweds in a small space? Let’s take a look at the small but sweet bedroom interiors for newlyweds so that they can live a married life not only when they are newlyweds, but also for the rest of their lives.

Cozy interior

Whether the bedroom is small or large, a good bedroom should maintain a cozy atmosphere to provide a good night’s sleep. Even if the bedroom has been touched by an interior expert, it cannot be said to be a good bedroom interior if you do not like it. A small space has the advantage of being cozy, so let’s choose the most comfortable furniture.

Appropriately sized furniture

Small bedrooms have limited space, so it is better to choose small furniture over large ones. In order to make the bedroom more comfortable and secure as much space as possible, it is recommended to arrange only the necessary size of furniture through communication between the couple.

Mild color

If you create a small bedroom space with soft and warm colors, you can complete the interior with a higher level of perfection. Just like the bedroom in the picture, if you choose a light and mild color like the combination of ivory-beige-yellow, you can secure a sense of openness of the space.

Good use of space

For a small bedroom, pay attention to the space layout so that space is not wasted. Carefully examine the space on either side of the bed and the space next to the closet, and if you find a hidden space, try reorganizing it for a new purpose. It is also a good idea to install an embedded shelf in the wall, like the bedroom in the picture.

Bedroom layout

As the space becomes smaller, it is necessary to think deeply about the space layout that can maximize the efficiency of the limited space. Even if it is the same bed, the atmosphere of the bedroom and the space utilization rate are greatly affected by where it is placed. First, decide where to place the largest bed in the bedroom. After that, if you place the wardrobe, side table, desk, etc. one by one based on the bed position, you will be able to complete a more efficient and comfortable bedroom for the couple.



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