Interior Designers in Mehrauli Delhi Budget Friendly Near Me

Interior Designers in Mehrauli Delhi Budget Friendly Near Me

Interior Designers in Mehrauli Delhi Budget Friendly Near Me


Welcome to Interior A to Z, one of Mehrauli Delhi’s top interior design companies. We create tasteful and beautiful interiors for homes, as well as office and commercial interiors, modular kitchen designs, and the interiors and exteriors of residences, government buildings, and businesses. It’s not just about the level of service and design we provide for you; it’s also about the memories we will both hold dear. It’s fun to work with us. We recognize that having your house suitable for habitation is your top priority. We put a lot of effort into making sure you enjoy the experience.

Creative Design

Design is, indeed, our passion! We provide timeless, innovative designs that give great thought to both form and function.

Highest Standards of Quality

Our project execution, craftsmanship, furniture, and materials are all of absolutely exceptional quality. Excellence and perfection are represented by the word Decor & Design Interior.

Excellent Execution Skills

We provide complete turnkey interior contracting services, from initial conception to successful completion.

On-site Direction

We work with the greatest designers and managers that are dedicated to creating effective, innovative architectural solutions.

Why choose décor & Design, the top interior design company in Mehrauli Delhi?

The goal is to create a setting that will serve as a constant source of inspiration and good vibes for you and your guests rather than merely making them gasp when you invite them over for a party. The ancient sages who recorded rules like Feng-Shui and Vaastu weren’t mistaken. So, we think that what is lovely for one person might not even be “acceptable” for another. The goal of interior design is not just to amaze your visitors, but also to make you want to stay at home for an extra minute when you wake up each morning and to make you feel at home when you’re gone.

Our goal is to create the ideal interior for your home

We like creating exquisite houses that will be cherished forever. We enjoy repeating this activity. Because we are a small group of friends that work together on a regular basis, we try to keep bureaucratic nonsense to a minimum. As we are young and inexperienced, we work more quickly than any other interior design firm in Mehrauli Delhi and require novel challenges each day to get us through the day. Clients who declare, “I want the best interior for my home that has never been done before,” are always on our radar. Since in any subject, that is a difficult task to complete. And with every project we work on, that is just what we hope to do.

Why Use Us Should You?

It’s not just about the level of service and design we provide for you; it’s also about the memories we will both hold dear. It’s fun to work with us. We recognize that having your house suitable for habitation is your top priority. We put a lot of effort into making sure you enjoy the experience.

Instead of overwhelming you with all the information there is to know about interiors, we listen, we comprehend, and we provide you insightful criticism and solutions. Our team of designer’s works directly with you to fully grasp your needs before creating the ideal interiors that complements your style and flair. When you hire us to develop your space, we take into consideration a few aspects.

Face-to-Face Conversations

Nothing compares to face-to-face communication. In order to avoid making hundreds of calls and wasting time, we therefore make sure that a sit-down discussion occurs whenever there is an opportunity. Naturally, this is done at your convenience.

Transparent Procedures

Our approach, which is simple to understand, keeps us accountable to our clients and confined to the timeline. You will always understand where we stand and what we mean because of the complete transparency of our processes.

Theme-Based Methodology

Any design can have its own distinct theme. We provide you with an idea that is built around a theme of your choice. Themes may be based on a group of colors, or on locations, occasions, etc. A theme not only gives us a better sense of what you want, but it also aids you in making additional additions to your home or business.


Do you want your house or workplace completely renovated, or just the interior to be designed?

We are here to support you and provide a dynamic, upscale space.


Modern, smart kitchens. By utilising premium hardware and accessories from renowned companies like Hafele, Blum, Hettich, and KAFF, we have years of experience and deliver high end and fashionable kitchens to the maximum satisfaction of our clients.

Kitchen utensils

We are the official KAFF kitchen appliance distributors. From premium and cutting-edge kitchen appliances like built-in refrigerators and wine chillers to stoves, ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers. We are prepared to meet your demands in every way.

Let us assist you with space design

Create the home, kitchen, or office of your dreams with the aid of our interior design team in Mehrauli Delhi.


The benefit of employing interior designers is that they are the leading authorities in their area and are familiar with all facets of interior design.

Several of these specialists can be found in an interior design firm working on various projects. Each designer has their own sense of originality when it comes to designs, and if you offer them a project to work on, they collaborate to complete it. Most people think interior design is simple, but it actually demands extensive end-to-end expertise and managerial skills. Beginning with a site visit, mind mapping the plans, and turning those designs into 3D representations, choosing the best materials within the budget, and supervising the laborers, such as electricians, carpenters, and civil employees. This is very boring.

As specialists, we have the necessary training, expertise, technological know-how, and expertise in areas such as space planning, interior design, color and texture combinations, and many more.


Because customer preferences are constantly changing, we keep up with technological developments and do our best to present every new invention to our devoted clients on a “design platter.”

With presences in Mehrauli Delhi, and Thane, we are one of the most well-known names in the industry of comprehensive interior solutions.

A young woman entrepreneur with extensive experience in the interior design industry launched Interior A to Z.

He has successfully completed more than 300 projects to the maximum delight of clients thanks to her good grasp of current interior design trends.

To the maximum delight of our clients, we at Interior A to Z Studio strive to offer top-notch services in interior design for both residential and commercial spaces.

For your residential or commercial property, our team of qualified professionals aims to create Simply Unique high quality interior solutions by blending the right current concepts with traditional crafts.


Our goal is to enhance the beauty of your personal and commercial spaces by offering opulent interior design options. At Interior A to Z, we strive to always offer the best interior solutions at fair prices. Value for money is our driving principle. To rank among the most trusted names in the furniture, home decor, and modular kitchen industries.

We want to serve as many households as possible by offering plainly distinctive designs that improve our customers’ quality of life. Give us the chance to work with our interior design experts in Mehrauli Delhi to build your ideal house, kitchen, or office.

Interior design solutions that are complete

Given how frequently interior design is discussed, décor has unavoidably evolved into a new way to express oneself. Interior design is much more than just aesthetics in today’s homes and businesses; it also has a lot to do with identity.

The main benefit of turnkey interior solutions in Mehrauli Delhi is that we offer a one-stop shop. We guarantee professional experience with no coordination issues from comprehending your design to sharing the plan, from purchasing raw materials to managing the workforce, from upholding strict quality control standards to completing the project on schedule.

We take on all kinds of interior turn-key projects for our clients as an interior design solutions company in Mehrauli Delhi, from conception to completion. In our interior projects, we strive to create places that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. We are prepared to offer our comprehensive services for residential and commercial areas thanks to our team of specialists.

Our staff of turn-key interior solutions in Mehrauli Delhi is better able to execute your brief since they have a deeper understanding of it. We have the skills and knowledge necessary to carry out the complete project, managing it well and finishing it on schedule and within the allocated budget.

Our staff collaborates closely with you at each project stage to create the best interiors for your personal or business space, drawing on years of practical experience in interior design projects.

We offer interior designs in 2D and 3D

It can be challenging to picture building and design concepts before they become reality. As we all know, a lot of money, effort, and time go into creating any project, thus it is crucial to prevent any costly errors or time loss. The floor plans and models in 2D and 3D might help you in this situation. We can analyze the design plans and visualize the interior and external perspectives with the help of a variety of software.

The simplest and most practical approach to visualize designs is via 2D representations. Several angles can be used to display projections. Benefits including automation, analysis, and design documentation are provided. The usage of 2D models has increased design productivity, decreased waste, and sped up construction.

Because they are more thorough than 2D designs, 3D designs have an advantage over them. By raising the level of design quality overall, it reduces the requirement for rework. It creates visual views and enables even a layperson to understand the design concept in Mehrauli Delhi. The influence of 3D models is enormous, especially in the eyes of the customer. Using 2D and 3D models makes designing a highly productive and imaginative process.


Every home, business, and other indoor space needs the right kind of flooring. Your home’s or office’s interior design may be greatly impacted by the flooring you choose.

The flooring has the power to enhance or detract from the appearance. Because humans use their eyesight so frequently, we are more affected than we might realize by how the environment appears. We all want to have a comfortable and inviting space, whether we’re talking about our house or office. It is tough to ignore floors because they take up a lot of space and are all around us. Hence, picking the flooring is just as crucial as picking the furniture or the color of the room.

Tile can be used as decorative accents in practically any room in the house. The usage of tiles on floors, walls, bathrooms, and kitchens gives people more and more ways to express their own style while yet keeping practicality. Tiles are the ideal decorating choice for every area in the house, whether you want to refresh your living room, liven up your kitchen, remodel your bathroom or give your bedroom a fresh new look. There are several options available, ranging from relaxing stone effects, modernistic mosaics, eye-catching Moroccan pattern tiles, and stylish, trendy hexagon shapes to genuine wood effects that are alive with knots and wood grain.

With extensive experience in flooring and tiling, Interior A to Z Studio can assist you in selecting the ideal material and design for your unique space. To the utmost delight of our clients, we have completed a variety of flooring and tiling projects.

Everything from part repairs to full installations is handled by our experts. No matter where you need assistance, whether it’s in your kitchen, living room, bedrooms or bathroom, our experts will show up at your location equipped with everything they need to accomplish the job correctly.


Your home is powered by electricity, from the outer doors to the inside closet. Our electrical wiring services include everything from fixing damaged wiring to installing brand-new fixtures. Our wiring services and solutions are well-suited to the unique requirements of each homeowner. Every single member of the wiring team is knowledgeable in the following residential wiring services:

Lighting wiring, includes fixtures, dimmers, and switches

In the world of interior design, where the four walls and the floor have historically been given preference, the fifth wall (or ceiling) is gradually gaining ground. Although there have been false ceiling designs for a while, they are making a strong comeback in terms of patterns, finishes, technology, and illusions. The concept of the ceiling is about to be completely transformed by this new wave of innovation, making it a must in a new house!

False ceiling: what is it?

False ceilings are extra ceilings that are suspended below the primary (structural) ceiling. It typically hangs from wooden or metal frames, giving the impression of a lower ceiling, and occasionally displaying pieces of the original ceiling.

They are typically installed at least 6 to 8 inches away from the original ceiling. These can be built in any size house; all it takes is some creative use of shapes and available space.

Often Used False Ceiling Material

Plaster of Paris (POP), Gypsum, Wood, and PVC Panel False Ceilings are examples of false ceilings.

False ceiling benefits: Insulates the room: The extra layer makes a space between itself and the first layer, trapping air and cooling the space. Also, it enhances the efficiency of air conditioners.

Brings High Ceilings Down: If a room’s furniture is dwarfed by a high ceiling, homeowners may want to consider installing a false ceiling to restore proportions. You can transform the appearance of the house with this purely aesthetic adjustment without making any structural changes.

Hides Wires: If your ceiling or walls are covered in a tangle of wires, a False ceiling is the ideal spot to hide them. Sunken or concealed lights can also be installed in a fall ceiling.


Are you thinking about remodeling your house or are you seeking for ideas for a fresh painting for your house?

The Interior A to Z color consultants can assist you in creating a masterpiece in your house. We may offer advice on the newest color trends, coordinate with your current decor, help you discover your own particular style, or just offer a second opinion on the color decisions you’ve already made.

The process of color consulting with our clients is always quite cooperative. Customers can only require a little design guidance or they might be beginning from scratch with nothing but architectural plans. We evaluate where they are in the process and offer assistance accordingly.

A qualified designer will come to your

Our team of skilled expert painters and supervisors will execute and complete the painting work to perfection once the colors have been decided upon, turning your vision into a reality.

Expert color consultants Why Us

Professionally skilled painters

On-time completion

Painting safely

Worth the money

You can live in comfort.

Well-made furniture is usually a plus because it provides reliable, long-lasting service. A quality piece of furniture will provide many years of service and pleasure. Something that isn’t useful shouldn’t have a place in the house. This point becomes more crucial in Indian urban families where a lack of space forces builders to build flats with the smallest possible footprint due to financial considerations. As a result, when designing furniture, we take into account its functionality as well as its visual attractiveness.

Interior A to Z Studio specializes in offering complete interior design services for homes and businesses. Modern furniture and furnishing solutions are our specialty. Our local group of knowledgeable carpenters makes certain.

Furniture and furnishing solutions in our bouquets

Living room: Protection Paneling, a door, a TV unit, a dining table, a sofa with complementary drapes, window treatments, and a living room.

Wardrobes, beds, bunk beds, foldable beds, study tables, dressing tables, and side tables are all found in bedrooms.

Wall panels, swings, and artificial grass on balconies or terraces

For those clients who want to choose factory-made, personalized furniture, we have partnerships with top modular furniture manufacturers in Mehrauli Delhi and Delhi NCR. A modern selection of mattresses, dining tables, closets, shoe racks, study tables, TV units, coffee tables, chests of drawers, chairs, side tables, console units, and other furniture is available. These items will make your home or office space lovely and comfortable for residing in and working in.

Let us assist you in finding the ideal furniture

Create the home, kitchen, or office of your dreams with the assistance of our Mehrauli Delhi interior design specialists.


In order to prepare our favorite meals, we spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen. Food is the most important aspect of our lives, and it must be prepared with love and positive intentions if we want it to taste well. The kitchen environment has a significant impact on cooking, just as our surroundings have an impact on how we live.

A prefabricated module that is professionally designed and installed is a modular kitchen. Yet, because so many people don’t grasp this idea, there are several falsehoods concerning modular kitchens that are widely accepted in the marketplace. Homeowners need to be aware that modular kitchens are a chic and modern approach to kitchen design that will soon become a must for every house.

If a homeowner wants to improve the look of their kitchen, they should always employ a professional that specializes in modular kitchen renovation to ensure that every inch and corner of the space is used to its full potential. We at Interior A to Z Studio are the best pick for this very reason!


The modular kitchen is available in a variety of designs and shapes. Depending on the amount of space in the kitchen, different kitchen shapes are chosen. Also, it depends on the cook’s working methods and the homeowners’ preferences. One should keep in mind that the setup for the kitchen will stay for a long time when choosing a design and layout.


For homeowners, modular kitchen shutters have created endless possibilities. They have abandoned conventional materials in favor of novel material combinations. Durability is the main factor to consider while selecting modular kitchen shutters. Shutters are chosen by homeowners based on their qualities, maintenance requirements, and, most importantly, price.

We offer a comprehensive modular system starting with marine ply-made carcasses and shutters. Our primary goal when designing a kitchen is to give our clients the ease of having easy access to what they need while also taking into account factors like storage, kitchen size, client budget, etc. Additionally, we ensure that our clients’ relationship with us continues after we have finished installing their kitchen.

Bless your kitchen with top-notch equipment

Without a sure, the most lovely and serene location to spend a lot of time is in the kitchen. Since that the homemaker spends the majority of her time in the kitchen, providing with a lovely and practical area is crucial. The most effective method for doing this is with a modular kitchen. A modular kitchen is the ideal synthesis of efficiency, joy, creativity, and time and money savings.

At Interior A to Z Studio, we are committed to giving you every convenience imaginable to make using the kitchen a pleasurable experience. We provide some of the most cutting-edge appliances available anywhere in the globe. They make working in the kitchen enjoyable every day. We offer ground-breaking solutions by fusing creativity, design, style, and adaptability.

Our most recent foreign options, which include built-in refrigerators and upscale wine coolers, let you enjoy all of this. Furthermore offered are outdoor grills, free-standing appliances, and premium low-noise ventilating fans. In order to create the most modern, health-promoting kitchens possible, we provide the most extensive and wide-ranging selection of modern kitchen appliances.


Appliances and accessories for the KAFF Kitchen are distributed by Interior A to Z Studio. The cornerstone of a healthy life, according to KAFF, is a clean, hygienic kitchen. For this reason, we design kitchen equipment with features that encourage wellness in the kitchen and in your life. They also prevent smoke, dirt, and grime out of your kitchen, keeping it clean and shiny. The finest part is that they are simple to clean.


The appliances have seen a significant transformation alongside the transition from traditional kitchens to modular kitchens over time. Cooker hoods and chimneys have largely taken the role of the exhaust fans that were frequently used in ancient kitchens.

To accommodate all types of kitchens, KAFF offers a wide selection of cooker hood designs in different sizes and shapes. On the basis of colors, features, and installation style, one may select from a broad variety of models. These cooker hoods offer style to your kitchen while maintaining cleanliness and hygienic conditions.

Stove and hob

Ideally, a chef’s selection in a modular kitchen, the cook top and hob play a crucial role. It adds grace and glitz to the kitchen’s appearance. Homeowners can install induction cook tops, electric cook tops, or gas cook tops from a selection of ranges offered in this area. The purpose of choosing cook tops and hobs is to expedite the cooking process. A combination of three to four burners makes it simple and practical for the housewife to prepare more types of food at once. Installing modern, coordinated cook tops and hobs not only improves the aesthetics of the room but also makes one want to use the kitchen.


Our built-in oven line includes both contemporary and vintage ovens, giving kitchen interiors a distinctive personality. These ovens not only have cutting-edge technology, but also an unmistakably distinctive design that distinguishes them as formidable performers and fashion statements. In addition to the many features that make cooking simple and enjoyable, the oven’s simple cleaning feature makes it a must-buy.

A premier manufacturer of kitchen and home appliances, KAFF offers a full selection of built-in ovens for every price point that facilitates creating delectable meals quickly. So why are you still waiting? To learn more about the Kaff Built-In Oven line, stop by our office.


With time, microwave ovens capabilities have significantly changed. There have been instances where it has just been used to reheat the food. But today, it not only helps and can quickly make a wide variety of dishes, it also does more than that. It can prepare everything from delectable appetizers to desserts like cake, brownies, etc. with the push of a few button settings. The work involved in cooking and cleaning is greatly reduced with a microwave oven. Working professionals prefer to use the microwave oven for simple and quick cooking because they rarely have free time after work. The positioning of the oven in a modular kitchen would guarantee a cooking experience that was both time and money efficient.

A renowned manufacturer of kitchen and home appliances, KAFF offers a selection of microwaves for every price point that facilitates making delectable cuisine quickly. So why are you still waiting? To learn more about the Kaff’s Microwave line, stop by our office.


What is better than using induction to conserve our environment than a hob that runs on electricity? The globe is gradually moving towards adopting environmentally friendly equipment, and an example of this is the induction hob. It is better for the environment because it doesn’t use any type of natural gas for cooking. Surprise! It also has a sophisticated appearance.

Kaff With Flex Zone technology, Built in Induction is a sophisticated and adaptable induction hob that offers an optimum cooking zone so that you can effortlessly move your cooking utensils from one zone to another. Schott Ceran black glass surface is made of an incredibly solid and hard substance that resists all kinds of sudden temperature fluctuations.


One of the main necessities in every kitchen is a refrigerator. Without refrigerators, it would be impossible to enjoy cool beverages or cold water during the hot summer months, and how could we forget about ice cream?

We provide built-in Kaff refrigerators, which look upscale in every modular kitchen and are the best in their class. KAFF An innovative technique to keep food fresher and healthier is with a built-in refrigerator. They use a cutting-edge air purifying system that they refer to as Silver-Oxy Technology.

This indicates that these refrigerators’ distinctive anti-bacterial liners release silver ions, which then produce active oxygen to sanities the inside of the refrigerator. This prevents the development of bacteria, fungus, viruses, and germs.

Dishwasher Technology is becoming a part of every aspect of our existence. A product called a dishwasher that can thoroughly wash and clean every kind of utensil is something we could never have imagined. Dishwashers are wonderful, easy-to-use equipment that enhance the charm and advantages of a modular kitchen. Dishware can clean every type of utensil without breaking or causing any damage. The homeowners spend significantly less time in the kitchen as a result. Dishwasher has built-in options for starting, rinsing, cleaning, hot water, and output. Dishwasher installation in a modular kitchen indicates the homeowners’ personalities and thought processes as well.

Trying to decide between a built-in and a stand-alone dishwasher? We are here to assist you in finding the ideal dishwasher for your needs and budget as a Kaff authorized distributor. Because you may not be familiar with all the technical details, choosing the correct equipment, such as a dishwasher, can be challenging. Kaff has always gone above and beyond to provide dishwashers of the best calibre that are affordable. Freestanding and built-in dishwashers with full loads are excellent examples of this because they consume significantly less water and electricity. They provide the cleanest wash in addition to being dependable and low on noise. To learn more about the selection of appliances, stop by our office.


With the superior variety and quality of sinks offered by the major companies, one may add amazing vibrancy to the modular kitchen. The biggest error made by homeowners is failing to plan a suitable washbasin for the kitchen. Sinks have historically been undervalued over time. Yet, adding a washbasin might drastically change how you prepare food and work in a modular kitchen. The homeowners enjoy significant freedom in selecting the best sinks within their budget from a variety of stainless steel, ceramic, SILGRANIT, and other sinks that are readily available.

Kitchen sinks that are modular in design are considerably different from the conventional tub-like design. Modern sinks perform far more complicated and sophisticated tasks than just washing dishes in a conventional sink.

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