Interior Designer in Vasant Kunj

Interior Designer in Vasant Kunj

Interior Designer in Vasant Kunj


The five basic elements of design are what structure paintings, drawings and other sorts of art. Each element adds something different to a piece of art and may change the general mood or feel of artwork. The weather of design is utilized in many industries by artists, architects, interior designers and graphic designers.


Any piece of furniture that you simply plan to move to your bedroom can become a bit of furniture, but traditionally certain sorts of furniture are considered furniture. Some pieces of furniture may function well when moved to other rooms. Furniture could also be purchased in sets or separately. Furniture could make at your home by a carpenter as per your requirement.


Finding the proper wallpaper when decorating a bedroom, office or rumpus room can add personality and elegance to your decor. Framing and hanging wallpaper is usually an option, but you’ll also permanently hang wallpaper with touch glue. Wallpapering is analogous to hanging regular wallpaper, but you’ve got a good range of art styles and private images to settle on from. You’ll even create your own wallpaper from personal photographs to hold on your walls.


Wooden flooring may be a part of interior designing for your home and office. Any finish that you simply apply to your wood floor will make it water-resistant to a point, but virtually no finish will make it totally waterproof. To even approach that goal, you’d need to seal the boards on all sides before installing them.


A ceiling is an overhead interior surface that covers the upper limits of an area.


A modular kitchen could have one among several different cabinet plans, counting on how you’ll use it. You’ll design a modular Kitchen for cooking only, or a multi-functional kitchen where you’ll cook, serve food and entertain guests. Issues like the appliances you’ll use and their location, the planning of a middle island and therefore the counter layout will determine where your cabinets go.

Importance of Interior Design in your Home

Interior design is some things that are not merely limited to the looks of your home’s interior. In fact, it plays an important role within the functionality of each room in your home. an in depth observation will allow you to find that even the most important houses lack space due to a poor interior design.

On the contrary, a little apartment are often spacious simply because of knowledgeable interior decoration job. Aside from infusing sufficient space to your home interior, knowledgeable designer can help making your life trouble-free in many various ways.

The inside of a home must be aesthetically pleasing also as practical. Therefore, whether you’re constructing a replacement home or renovating/remodeling an existing one, consulting knowledgeable and well reputed designer in Vasant Kunj to assist you transform your home into an area that’s worth living from all aspects, is important .

However, if a bit like another inexperienced people, you think about hiring an indoor designer as a waste of cash, this is often your greatest misconception. What looks aesthetically pleasing greatly depends on the life-style and selection of a customer.

Therefore, the primary question an indoor designer would ask is about the expectations and requirements of a home-owner. Majority of the people prefer contemporary style interior; however, some also are more inclined towards an antiquated approach.

Both requirements are often fulfilled by an indoor designer during a way that the house looks extremely stunning and welcoming for the guests. consistent with some experts, it’s the simplest idea to consult an indoor designer just before beginning the development of your home and make him/her review your map to work out any flaws with reference to the inside design concepts.

In such cases, the inside designer would discuss the matter with the inside Designer in Vasant Kunj and make him/her do any amendments to the map with reference to interior designing, in order that no alterations got to be done afterwards.

To many folks, it becomes really difficult once we are asked to settle on the inside design for our home that really meets our lifestyle and wishes. Knowledgeable designer wouldn’t only assist you deciding the sort of furniture you’re getting to purchase for your new or renovated home but would also assist you with choosing the sort of carpet, fixtures, paint colors and lights that you simply are getting to place in your new home.

The inside designers are actually trained to assist their clients choosing design as per their lifestyles; therefore, you’ll rely completely on the professional you hire for your home’s interior design job. Interior A to Z which is one among the leading interior design and construction firms in Vasant Kunj.

Interior Design ideas for small kitchen

Whether building or renovating a house or apartment, the kitchen will always deserve special attention. After all, for many people, this is the most beloved environment in the house, where many experiences are experienced, whether in culinary activities or in meetings with friends and family.

For these and many other reasons each choice must be carefully made. If in the past there was the possibility of living in houses or apartments with large kitchens, nowadays it is more and more rare to have this same fate – especially in large cities. What we see are smaller and smaller kitchens that demand perfect planning to provide the desired comfort.

Due to this change, it is very important to understand what types of kitchens exist and, therefore, to understand which is the best option of organization and functionality to be applied at home. A good model for small houses is the kitchen.

Do you want to know more about this kitchen and know the projects of incredible professionals from all over the country? Follow us through the images below!

1. Small planned kitchen

Every small kitchen needs a minimum of planning. Among so many tricks, such as maintaining a triangulation between refrigerator, stove and sink, it is also important to think about several issues that will greatly facilitate the lives of residents.

Planned or bespoke kitchens are designed with joinery solutions that make the most of every corner. Having the correct design is essential to build a room so that all appliances and other elements can be included without impairing the movement of people. With this, there is better functionality to meet the residents’ routine and facilitate cleaning, in addition to valuing the house much more with the beauty that only a custom kitchen has.

2. Simple cuisine

For small apartments, the trend is to choose kitchens. You may have heard of this kitchen format at some point, but if you were in doubt about what it includes, we explain.

Integrated with another environment, most of the time the dining room, just a small counter, usually at the height of half a wall, divides the spaces. As an advantage, the kitchen provides a feeling of greater amplitude to the indoor environments, which also ends up reinforcing the comfort of the residents. The counter also creates space for quick meals or to prepare some food.

A small simple kitchen is a great idea to have excellent organization for this space in the house.

3. Planned kitchen

Planned kitchens have joinery solutions that are responsible for optimizing spaces. Everything will be done according to the customer’s needs. Cabinets, for example, can take the entire top of a wall, coming close to the ceiling, in case you need to use every inch of the wall to create storage space.

In addition, planned kitchens have the advantage of greater durability compared to simpler kitchens. The rental or resale price is something that also needs to be considered as an advantage point.

4.  Kitchen with dining area

As an alternative to integrated social spaces, the kitchen is usually integrated with the dining room.

In this case, there are some interesting possibilities, such as, for example, having a traditional dining room with table and chairs that comfort the moments of meals.

However, it is also possible that, in a very small space, the counter itself used to divide the environments is used as a space for quick meals. In that case, positioning the stools by the counter will be the right choice.

5.  Kitchen counter

The counter is one of the main features in a kitchen. With half a wall height, it can be masonry or wood, depending on the decorative design for the home.

The variation in size and shape is also another point. Narrow counters can be used as a space for quick meals, while the larger ones facilitate day-to-day culinary activities. In the design, traditional models can also give way to counters in L or other format that best suits.

6. Small kitchen decor

Decorating a small kitchen is a big challenge. First, it is important to understand the layout of the place to define where the counter will be adapted. In small spaces, the ideal is that the corners of the walls are used in the best possible way, that’s why the L-shaped counters are so prominent in the decoration.

Coatings need to be easily washable on a daily basis. There are options that can help in the functionality of the environment, such as glass tiles, which still assist in lighting by reflecting light.

The lighting must be very well distributed to avoid shadow points in the corners of the kitchen. In addition, the option for pending on the desktop should always be considered. Complements with LED, for example, can contribute with a great visual effect.

In furniture, the planned cabinets are ideal for storing small objects and to ensure ease of organization.

7.  Cuisine models

Kitchens can and should be integrated with other spaces in the house, but not only that. It is possible to create modern compositions that subtly demarcate the separation of environments.

In the case of the kitchen of this project, the counter gave way to a large island adapted to serve as a table in everyday meals. A different model from the ones we have shown so far, but one that is equally beautiful and, of course, practical. With the table, it was possible to organize everything better – not to mention how much the scenery was embellished by the wooden pieces.

8. Decorated small kitchen

As good ideas are never enough, we will now discover a wonderful small kitchen, decorated to the customer’s taste. Used as a gourmet area, with a barbecue, the kitchen was made up of custom-designed furniture, such as large cupboards, in addition to the appliance tower that allows comfort in handling food and dishes. As for the division, we noticed a small wooden board adapted to the counter and next to the chairs.

9. U- shaped kitchen

Running away from the traditional counter pattern is always worth it, but it depends on the location available to organize the kitchen. In this case, the U, G and L counters appear as alternatives that deserve attention.

While L-shaped counters are good for occupying corners and walls, U- shaped counters allow an empty central space where people can move around in comfort. In the picture, we have a beautiful, U- shaped kitchen that kept its center free. To reinforce the good ideas of the project, we have wood applied as an extension to the counter, where there is comfort for quick meals.

Interior Decorators ideas

Interior decorators keep an in depth eye on the newest trending interior designs by observing the aesthetic patterns. Correctly anticipating upcoming décor styles will benefit both the client also because the business. Trending interior designs for this year are supported the posts that folks have shared on different forums or the search frequency of interior design terms. Let’s have a glance at a number of this year’s most trending interior décor designs.

Going Green

Green is certainly the color of the year when it involves furnishing a house or an office. Green color awakens the sense when it becomes a part of the house or office interior. The design this year emphasizes more on an overgrown and free look – as an example, imagine large hanging plant nests with long, wild ivy growing from the staircase corner. From a budget point of view, adding slightly of nature to your home space is a reasonable means of accessorizing the world also as adding texture and color. Additionally to their many benefits, plants also can clean the household air and help maintain a balanced humidity percentile.

Light Colors including Mirrors

Every house features a certain compact area where it is often tricky to urge creative within a confined space. Although smart furniture for space management is one among the choices for tackling small spaces, but a start line would be to color the walls of such an area with light colors. Light colored walls including the utilization of huge mirrors helps maximize smaller areas. The optical phenomenon of space that’s created by the utilization of mirrors makes the space seem much larger than it actually is. It’s imperative to understand the importance of using light colors on the walls of compact spaces because even with an abundance of mirrors and natural light, an area that’s painted with dark colors is probably going to possess a more boxed-in feel thereto.

Wicker Baskets

Baskets aren’t only an excellent solution for storage problems but they’re also decorative and may instantly add warmth and texture to an area. Woven, lined, metal, handled or colored, there are endless options when it involves choosing the perfect basket for your decorating style. They’re cheap and complicated thanks to add storage and décor to your home space. Wicker baskets are normally wont to store and display décor magazines, books, towels, and craft items, etc. they’re available in several shapes and sizes which adds a spread to the heat that you simply can incorporate in your lebensraum. Add a basket to your kitchen countertop and have a gorgeous display of well-stored fruits and vegetables!

Copper Accents

Gone are the times when copper was an enormous hit for toilet designs only – when clients were head over heels for incorporating this metal material for appliances and fixtures. Copper has become a well-liked and fun material to experiment with throughout the house, from having copper picture frames and mirrors to adding copper candle holders in your dining room.

Home decor Ideas

Decorating a house and making it look pretty is everyone’s wish. Interior designing trends keep changing with new things hitting the market every now then. If you liked your house at its best then it’s good for you to take care of and upgrade it constantly.

Below we’ve discussed a couple of interior essentials your house needs, to catch up with today’s home decorating trends. In a country like Pakistan, carpeting isn’t a practical option. Because it absorbs dust and it’s really difficult to urge cleaned completely.

Marble and wood on the opposite hand is easy to take care of. Though, cheaper alternatives like tiles and laminate also do the work pretty much provided the type and quality of flooring you chose is sweet enough. Max utilization of space. Ceilings are further insulated by adding a further, “false ceiling” which helps keeping the space cool.

Home Design

People are making all kinds of elaborate ceiling designs nowadays, it’s always sensible to stay the ceiling simple to avoid cobwebs and therefore, the dust. Over the years we’ve seen many various changes to the walls. While the floors and ceiling are kept simple, the walls usually add the fun element during a room. People moved far away from plain white walls to color walls, and then came textured paints followed by wallpaper and now the wall cloth.


However, straightforward to travel overboard with wall paneling and an excessive amount of color. Rather than painting the entire room in several colors, pick one for the most walls and keep the remainder ash brown or off-white. Similarly, if you’re paneling with wall cloth, choose a color that’s subdued and is agreeable to eyes. Everything should be in its place and there should be an area for everything.

Buy furniture that matches the dimensions of your room. It shouldn’t be too hefty for a little room and neither should the space be clustered with things that you simply keep bumping into. For lounge and drawing rooms, special attention should tend to space utilization as you’ll need ample space for hosting large groups of individuals. Start by doing one thing at a time because it isn’t cheap to undergo of these changes directly.

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