Interior design ideas in Gurgaon

Interior design ideas in Gurgaon

Interior design ideas in Gurgaon
Interior design ideas in Gurgaon

Interior design ideas to look your room bigger

Is your house too small and you doing know what steps to take to make it look bigger? On the contrary, you even have a big house, but do you think the space is underused? So, it’s time to get down to business. After all, space is never enough. We know that well. Modern houses in large cities have increasingly smaller areas and it can be challenging to furnish and decorate spaces. Today, we have collected 9 tricks to make your home look bigger as if by magic!

Value windows

Light plays a very important role in environments, as it can contribute to expanding the perception of space. So, learn to take advantage of the windows. Do not install heavy, dark curtains and let the light flow.

Use large mirrors

This is a trick we didn’t get tired of repeating here: mirrors are an excellent resource for making a space look bigger than it really is. They allow us to literally double the perception of space.

The same color on the wall and floor

If possible, choose the same color for the walls and floors. In this way, you will be able to blur the boundaries between both surfaces, making the environments appear wider.

Choose the same floor for the whole house

If you choose the same floor for the whole house, you will be able to create continuity and broaden your visual horizons.

Use large format ceramic pieces

Contrary to what one might think, for smaller spaces it is preferable to choose large-format ceramic pieces: the continuous division of the smaller pieces makes the space look even smaller.

Interior design ideas in Gurgaon
Interior design ideas in Gurgaon

Prefer open shelves

If possible, choose open bookcases instead of closed furniture with doors. The full-empty game creates a feeling of greater lightness and therefore more space.

Take advantage of niches and built-in cabinets

The niches and built-in cupboards are ideal for small houses as they offer storage space without overloading the areas.

Focus on light colors

White and light colors are a winning choice when it comes to furnishing and decorating small areas because they contribute to expanding the perception of space.

Prioritize bulky furniture and decorative elements

To finish, we end with a golden rule: prioritize furniture and decoration elements that are discreet and not too bulky so as not to overload the environments. You can, for example, focus on Scandinavian style for that purpose.

Modular Kitchen Design in Gurgaon affordable and Low Budget Near Me
Modular Kitchen Design in Gurgaon affordable and Low Budget Near Me

Interior Design ideas for wooden furniture

If you have a small house, you should pay special attention to the type of decoration and furniture you choose. Having too many decorative objects and high-volume furniture can make the space seem even more cramped.

The good news is that there are good, beautiful and inexpensive solutions to work around this problem. We refer to the multi functional furniture that will make life easier and will contribute to make a house more beautiful.

Much more than a bed

If your room is small, the bed will certainly occupy considerable space. To mitigate the problems that may arise, invest in a bed that has a storage area below. The one in the picture has compartments that allow you to store everything you need.

High impact partitions

If you want to separate spaces without limiting perspective, a partition of this style is ideal. Modular furniture is a good option as it can be adapted to the needs of the space, adding or removing modules.

Interior design ideas in Gurgaon
Interior design ideas in Gurgaon

Shelves in the bathroom

They are the favorite pieces of furniture for those who do not need an organized space and fit in any room. In this case, we see the shelves in a small bathroom. On them, all personal products and decorative objects can be accommodated and thus keep the space orderly, functional and beautiful.

Bed and office

For those who have no alternative because they live in a very small space, a solution like this seems to have fallen from the sky. With this compact and multi functional furniture you can convert your bed into an office or vice versa.

Folding chair

If the previous idea pleased you, then you won’t be indifferent to this folding chair, which, when closed, can be easily stowed anywhere.

Folding table

The kitchens open, American style, which is integrated in the room, may not have the necessary space for the installation of a large table. In this case, there are options such as folding tables that are used only when necessary. Otherwise, just save them!

Sofa bed

This is a classic that we could not fail to mention. If you have guests frequently, the  sofa bed will help you a lot.

Coffee table

Forget the classic coffee tables because it has a useful interior space to store different objects. What do you think of this minimalist option?

Ladder-type shelf

Beautiful and original, a ladder-type shelf will be useful for storing all kinds of things. Thanks to its size, you can place it anywhere.

Modular table

With a table like this, you’ll want to spend more time outdoors. In addition to the surface for the dishes, the table includes a container in the middle for placing drinks, cutlery, among other things.

Modular Kitchen Design in Gurgaon affordable and Low Budget Near Me
Modular Kitchen Design in Gurgaon affordable and Low Budget Near Me

Interior Design ideas for walls

The interior decoration is a whole world … There are so many details that enhance the beauty of a house: from floor to ceiling, from ceiling to walls, passing through the (free) space itself. And it is these decorative details that allow you to add a little bit of yourself, making your home more personal, with more character and life. Transforming a space leads us to think about everything, often leaving us confused when choosing this or that object. Who never?

The truth is that we don’t always remember to give life to our walls. However, if we add small notes to it, it is a whole space that wins. There are several ways to do this: paintings? Photo frames? Mirrors? Painting? Hangers? Vinyl or sticker? Wallpaper? Or shelves? You don’t even have to choose just one of them, sometimes you can combine several on one wall, just be careful and one painted in good taste.

Anyway, we gathered beautiful creative ideas from professionals, but also tips so you can take ideas and put them into practice. We don’t wait any longer, because the walls have to be at the forefront of our decorative projects!

Did someone say: my mirror?

Mirror of mine, mirror of mine … Who will have a house more beautiful than mine ?!

And now we answer: Yours !!

Interior Designers job in Gurgaon
Interior Designers job in Gurgaon

There are many beautiful and full houses. Because taste is something relative. However, there is no taste or style in which the mirror is off the list! A wall with a mirror is an accomplished decoration. They always look good, regardless of the room, the environment or the decorative style. However, it is necessary to choose a mirror model that fits your scenario. The frames that surround the mirror will dictate the style, but there is always a chance to choose a simple mirror and it will fit anywhere.

Mirrors of various sizes, thus creating a beautiful mosaic of reflections, are a solution to consider. It transforms space dynamically. The mirrors not only capture natural or artificial light, but create a rhythm and a breath in your decor.

Have you ever seen everything look bigger with a mirror on a wall ?!

Tic-tac… Tic-tac!

The difference is that today, there are so many models and at such diverse prices, from Rs 50 you can already buy one, but of course, there are watches that cost Rs 2000 or even more. It all depends on the model you want, the finish, the material and the brand you want. But if you don’t want to spend a lot for a wall clock, but also what is cheap doesn’t fill your measurements, you always have the chance to create a DIY. With self-adhesive paper in the color or pattern you want, a black, gold or other spray, you can create a fantastic and unique watch. Do not hesitate to invent and be inspired by online videos.

Where to put it?

A wall clock looks good in the entrance hall, the dining room or the kitchen. This can be combined with other types of wall decorations.

Pictures, pictures and more pictures

They are there, you know?

Yes, the pictures are taking over people’s homes! They’re in fashion and we don’t even care a bit. If they look good, they become a much more personal and full of grace, so you have to bet on them, here and there. In the living room, in the bedroom, in the entrance hall, in the bathroom, in the office and even in the kitchen, who knew? Yes, they look good in any space and adapt very well. There are several ways to insert them in a house and even fill them, as we can see in this image and in the following two.

The good thing about decorating the walls with paintings is that they are cheap.

Any store or supermarket has pictures for sale and at a nice price. Small for € 1, medium for  5, larger for  10. But of course everything depends on the frame and the brand, these are average prices on the market.

The wooden ones, as well as the white and black ones, are the most sought after at the moment. They look good in any style, environment and wall decoration. They can even be combined with each other.

As we mentioned, there are several ways to suspend them on the wall. You can choose only one painting, small or large, for two, but also for several, of different sizes, thus creating a beautiful wall mosaic, as seen in the image above. Some can be horizontal and others vertical … Anyway, it’s up to you and your taste.

Kitchen and Living room Gurgaon
Kitchen and Living room Gurgaon

(On a shelf)

Another way to put your pictures is to lean against a shelf. This allows you to place other decorations next to the picture or frames. This type of decoration is widely used in headboards or sofa. It is very practical, because you can easily change the wall decorations, without having to worry about the screws that are on the wall.

There are very narrow shelves ideal for this purpose. On sale in various decoration and DIY stores, for around Rs 50.


Whoever rents a house may not want / be able to drill walls, so they should find alternatives to decorate the walls. And the good news is that they do exist!

One of the very popular solutions today is to put pictures against a piece of furniture or the floor itself. It is practical and very aesthetic. So, don’t hesitate to buy cute frames and simply touch them.

In addition, you can buy adhesive strips, they cost 2 or 3 ruees and allow you to hang pictures on the wall, without having to pierce it. This solution is also practical for owners,

What to put inside the frame?

You can choose personal photos, inspirational phrases, and black and white drawings. You can create, print, or even buy in-store or online. Anyway, there are so many options and when you get fed up, just change the picture design.

DIY photo frames

DIY is also on our walls and there are a thousand and one options for reusing objects to decorate walls.

As you see small frames it also serves as hangers at the entrance to the house, for hanging coats or other accessories. It is not difficult to do:

– Paint the frame in the color you want. You can choose several different colors for a more fun effect.

– Place a background image in the frame (wallpaper, photo, sticker …).

– Attach one or two hooks to the frame, depending on its size. Don’t forget to also paint the hook in the color of the frame.

– Hang the frame (s) on the wall.

Gurgaon Interior Design ideas for commercial space
Gurgaon Interior Design ideas for commercial space


Shelves are excellent allies in interior wall decoration. They allow you to place so many decorations, besides being a decorative piece. There are so many cute shelf models today: wooden, lacquered, black, white, colored, small, large… Not to mention the shapes…

Small casitas walk around decorating walls with paints, particularly in the kids’ room. Inside you can place a decorative piece or not.

If you don’t like the bottom of this wooden house, you can always paint it or cover it with adhesive or wall paper.

For a decoration of living room walls you have these small wooden boxes, they will be perfect in the decoration. There is so little space for a magazine.

The best thing is that these pieces do not cost a fortune and can be manufactured and painted by you.

Decorate walls with originality

The decoration of walls in the living room or another room can gain personality if you choose different objects. Because not everyone has to choose pictures or mirrors. You can innovate, do different and mark personality on the walls of your home and, consequently, in the entire space.

At the bottom, whatever you want to hang and if possible is right on the wall. Even baskets, dried flowers, tapestry, plants, luminous garlands, plates, magazines, kitchen utensils to decorate the kitchen … So much is possible. It all depends on the environment and style of your home.

Let yourself be carried away by your imagination.

Light up wall

Have you ever thought about lighting a wall, differently? Even the wall of the stairs can gain shine and an enviable decoration.

Stickers and vinyl

One of the most sought after options for decorating interior walls is the stickers or vinyls. It is a cheap option and very easy to apply, any of us can. In addition, it is a way of giving personality to the space, according to the chosen image.

There are various shapes, designs and sizes. Again it depends on your taste and decorative style.

They are inexpensive and available in a variety of themes and colors, the stickers are perfect to reflect a passion. For around 5 you can already find stickers for walls, in the physical market or online.

Pull up a ladder

Leaning a ladder against the wall is another way to give it style. You can build one with bamboo canes, for example, they look good in the living room, bathroom or bedroom.

Interior design ideas about dining table (3)
Interior design ideas about dining table

Interior design ideas for Mirrors

Water would have been the first mirror of Man, having been this element to inspire the creation of mirrors as objects. The first, in a format different from what we know today, will have been the copper mirrors.

Hundreds of years ago, mirrors are decorative pieces that have become indispensable. We use them in every room in the house – or almost! – And for the most diverse purposes. Today, it is about them that we look at. We leave you with some suggestions on the use you can give to mirrors, we tell you what types of wall mirrors exist, how to choose the mirror for the bathroom (and not only) and what care should be taken with fixing and cleaning.

The various uses of mirrors

If mirrors were first used to reflect our image, they now assume other important functions.

In interior decoration, they are often used to create the illusion that a space is bigger than what it really is. As they reflect what they face, they create a pleasant feeling of spaciousness, which is very useful, especially when it comes to a small area. In a well-lit space that uses light colors, this feeling of spaciousness is further intensified.

Mirrors are, of course, also used as decoration, as their resplendent surface offers elegance and sophistication to spaces. An empty and uninteresting wall undoubtedly takes on a new meaning when ornamented with a mirror. The latter can be placed on the wall on a sideboard or on a dresser, appear between pictures and frames, in the entrance hall , on the sofa, on the fireplace, in the bathroom at the head of the washbasin, and much more. That said, we must recognize their versatility and the possibility they offer us to transfer them from one space to another, at our leisure.

To this is added the fact that they are the perfect piece to adorn or give life to an area, normally unoccupied, such as the corridor that is a crossing point that, often, is left totally naked because it is narrow and there are no great room for maneuver to decorate it.

Interior Design ideas for curtains in your Home
Interior Design ideas for curtains in your Home

In fact, the only area of ​​the house where it is not so common to find a mirror is in the kitchen and, even so, one can consider a mirrored backslash wall.

Wall mirrors: what types are there?

The mirrors can be resting on the floor and leaning against the wall, they can be standing mirrors or even have inserts at the top to be suspended on the doors. However, the most popular mirrors are wall mirrors.

But, what types of wall mirrors are there?

Framed wall mirrors: they have a frame, that is, a frame or trim and are the most common, being available in different styles and at prices that suit the most divergent budgets. Most wall mirrors use wooden frames, smooth or ornate, thinner or wider. It all depends on the impact you want to create and the style of the decoration. However, there are also frames made of other materials and with different finishes (in gold or silver, for example, or with natural fibers). Sometimes, the frame itself is mirrored, and can present an angled surface to create an interesting visual effect.

Frame-less wall mirrors: they are common and are also simpler than the first ones. Possibly, I would find them in a minimalist environment or as a toilet mirror whose atmosphere tends to be more functional.

Full-length wall mirrors: although they can be used in different rooms, narrow and vertical full-length mirrors are particularly useful as mirrors for the bedroom, for a walk-in closet or for a lobby, the latter place where we pass before leaving and where it is useful to have a mirror to see if we are well!

Wall mirrors under the length: they are long and, therefore, widely used to hang on furniture such as sideboards, dressers or sofas.

Toilet mirrors: it is mandatory!

We all agree that mirrors can be incorporated in any area of ​​the house, but in the bathroom it is inevitability. How would we manage, every day, without the help of a mirror? Whether for ladies to put on makeup or for you to shave, the mirror is essential and your choice should receive more attention because, in addition to its usefulness, the mirror can inject a good deal of personality into this room where the atmosphere is, sometimes too cold, impersonal and clinical. In fact, if you want to change something in the bathroom without spending a lot of money, you can even start with the mirror. It is cheaper to replace your mirror than tiles or sanitary ware.

When choosing the mirror for the bathroom, take into account the size of the washbasin, the height of the person using the room and the space available on the wall. In visual terms, it is not advisable to leave a very wide space between the basin cabinet and the bottom of the mirror, the top of the mirror and the ceiling, and avoid allowing the mirror to extend too far beyond the limits of the cabinet. The composition will look strange.

In a bathroom with two sinks, you can choose between two mirrors or a single mirror that covers both sinks. The mirror can be purchased in advance or be embedded in the wall when the work is done.

We also remember that you must take into account the existing lighting in the space. If you want to place wall lamps on the sides or on the mirrors, you must leave a margin for them.

How to choose a mirror?

Wallpaper design ideas in Gurgaon Low Budget and Affordable
Wallpaper design ideas in Gurgaon Low Budget and Affordable

The choice of a mirror for the living room or for any other room must be governed by three essential factors: shapesize and style .

Shape: shapes play an important role in a decorative project. A mirror under the length will provide depth to the area where it is inserted. A tall mirror will accentuate the vertical of a space. Round mirrors or with unusual shapes are ideal for a decoration that wants fun or soft. On the contrary, square or rectangular mirrors convey a sense of order and are quite versatile. You can also add small mirrors and place them on the wall until you get the shape you want. The latter will essentially serve as decorative mirrors.

Size: before buying a mirror, you should take measurements and think about the impact you want it to generate. Also consider whether the mirror will play a leading role, as the focal point of a division or essential utility element in your day-to-day, or secondary. If your idea is, for example, to fill a bare wall, you should not opt ​​for a very small mirror, otherwise it will get lost and become meaningless. Instead, look for large wall mirrors. We suggest that you measure the wall and choose the mirror according to its size. The frame also counts, so if the mirror is decorative, invest in one with a frame to fill the eye. The solution for a small space is often the addition of a mirror that creates an optical illusion and reinforces spatial perception. If that’s the case, buy a large mirror that makes the space look twice as big and avoid very thick or ornate frames. Smaller mirrors can be used for decoration or to reflect light. You can create a “mural” of small mirrors just as you can with frames and frames.

Style: the question of style is more subjective. The mirror can follow the style of the space that will receive it or display a style that creates an unexpected contrast. If you live in a modern house, choosing a mirror with a clean frame is always a good solution. On the other hand, an ornate or rustic frame in a modern environment can also be welcomed by the new dimension it introduces into the decoration. The mirror can also have the surface worked. There are treatments that make the surface more aged, for example.

Fixing and cleaning

When it comes to fixing, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Many mirrors are already equipped with the necessary materials to be fixed. With a heavy mirror you should be particularly careful. The wall has to be solid enough to support it (plasterboard walls, for example, are risky). If you have young children at home, we strongly advise against the use of heavy mirrors against the wall. If the child puts pressure on him, he may fall on him. Caution!

When it comes to cleaning, there is nothing like double white vinegar + newspaper. Place the white vinegar inside a spray bottle for easier use. Then, just pass the newspaper. Surfaces will shine.

Wallpaper design ideas in Gurgaon Low Budget and Affordable
Wallpaper design ideas in Gurgaon Low Budget and Affordable

Interior Design ideas for bathroom

We see all rooms in the house as being special. Some are more oriented towards rest and leisure. Others are functional, transit or service. However, all are important and, as such, should not be neglected from an aesthetic and practical point of view.

The bathroom was among the most neglected areas of the house. It just mattered to be easy to use and little else. But will it be like this today? We believe not. Nowadays, people already pay more attention to this space where they start the day and so often end with a long and relaxing bath. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that the bathroom offers an appealing and welcoming atmosphere.

Today, we are going to look at small bathrooms. In cities, the lack of space makes the apartments increasingly smaller and the bathroom is one of the most sacrificed rooms. On the other hand, there are also houses with more than one bathroom: one or more main ones and then another one for service or for guests.

In this book of ideas, we will help you to maximize the surface of a small bathroom. There are tricks worth knowing and decorating ideas to consider.

How much does it cost to remodel a small bathroom?

This is not a question with a right answer. The price of a remodel follows many factors, in addition to whether it can be a total or partial remodel. We would say that the value will depend on the materials, the furniture and the sanitary ware that may have a higher or lower quality. In addition, a remodel can eliminate the need to replace all elements and contain some elements that result from a DIY project (Do It Yourself) , which will immediately lower the price.

When planning a small bathroom and what can it be used for?

Interior Designers in Meerut affordable and low budget near me
Interior Designers in Meerut affordable and low budget near me

Under what circumstances might it be worthwhile to plan a small bathroom?

Now, first, when the apartment or the house is also small. Possibly, it will be more useful to steal space from the bathroom to give the bedroom or living room divisions where you spend more time.

The small bathrooms are also useful when receiving guests. Having a small service bathroom that serves as the social hub of the home prevents guests from having to go to the main bathroom that you use daily and where you keep your personal products.

When the budget is limited, it may be appropriate to plan a small bathroom. The reasons are obvious: you spend less on coatings and you buy everything in a small point and in less quantity.

If you live alone, favor a small bathroom over a large one. The first will suit your needs and, moreover, it is easier to clean!

Practical solutions for a small bathroom

But the main question is: how to make the most of the space of a small bathroom?

See our suggestions.

Light colors and transparencies: this is a trick that we never tire of repeating and that works almost always. Dark colors absorb light, which makes spaces appear smaller. On the contrary, light colors make up more luminous and airy atmospheres. White, beige and pastel tones, in general, work well. Transparencies are also a good option as they will make the space look lighter. If the bathroom has, for example, a shower cabin, choose glass doors. The support for the sink and the shelves can also be made of glass.

Shower cubicle instead of bathtub: for small bathrooms, shower cubicles should be favored over bathtubs. The former take up much less space. If the shower box is angled, so much the better.

Take advantage of the vertical space: if there is no useful space on the floor, take advantage of the walls. Instead of the usual furniture on the floor, bet on shelves or a small hanging cabinet to store everything you need.

Everything suspended: this tip follows on from the previous one. We see more and more cabinets and modern sanitary ware that appear suspended. The fact that they are suspended makes the space feel light and feel less overwhelmed.

Bet on the mirrors: a mirrored wall, in addition to reflecting the light, will make your bathroom appear to be twice the size. If you don’t want a mirrored wall, choose at least one large mirror to place over the washbasin area.

Let in natural light: if your bathroom has a window, however small, take advantage of the natural light that enters the space. Do not block this window in any way.

Interior Designers in Palwal Affordable and Low Budget Near Me
Interior Designers in Palwal Affordable and Low Budget Near Me

Good tile layout: tiles placed diagonally will make the space appear larger. Likewise, if you have a glass shower cubicle, choose tiles of the same style for the interior to generate a sense of continuity / depth.

Less is more: simplify! The excess of patterns ornaments and details in no way benefit a small space. Keep the design clean.

Be tidy: the more things scattered around your bathroom, the smaller it will look.

Choose a sliding door: sliding doors do not require front space to open, so they are an excellent option for small spaces. If it is not possible to place a sliding door in your bathroom, make sure that the existing door does not open into the room, but outwards.

Decoration for a small bathroom

A bathroom, being small, should not be neglected from an aesthetic point of view. Do not go overboard with the decor, but choose some pieces that give personality to the environment:

Plants: plants lend color and freshness to any space. Do not buy a large plant, but rather a small pot or two with cacti, for example, to decorate the bathroom.

Pictures: one or two pictures with images of nature – or others you like – are a good way to personalize your bathroom.

Baskets: the baskets, in addition to being decorative, allow you to pack all your products and thus remove them from view, which will make the space more visually beautiful and, of course, organized.

Candles: candles create an atmosphere and, if they smell, they also perfume you. You can include them in your bathroom. In fact, they look good anywhere in the house!

Carpet: do not leave your bathroom naked. Feel the texture of a rug under your feet when you get out of the shower – and beyond! – it is always pleasant. Choose a beautiful rug that brings the bathroom to life and makes it cozier.

Textiles: textiles are an excellent way to introduce color and beauty into a space. Choose beautiful towels that harmonize with each other. Anything but worn out towels is worth anything. Beside the washbasin, you can even place a small basket with small hand towels, as we see in the bathrooms of luxurious places.

Interior Designers in Delhi Affordable and Low Budget Near Me
Interior Designers in Delhi Affordable and Low Budget Near Me

Wall lights: choose interesting wall lights to enhance your bathroom decor.

Wallpaper: Wallpaper can bring that color and character he needed into space. Choose wallpaper in light tones and make sure the material is resistant to moisture.

What professionals can I need to design a small bathroom?

You are in the right place if you are looking for help designing and decorating your small bathroom. Just click on the professional category (at the top of the page) to access a wide list of companies organized according to their specialty. For the bathroom, it may be appropriate to contact bathroom designers, interior designers and decorators. Look for a professional in your area. Just enter the region name or postal code.

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