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Interior Design ideas for Home

Remote or telephoning is already a reality for many people, full or part time. Technological advancement and the globalized world that we inhabit allow this. There are also professionals who, despite not working remotely, take work home, so they need a space prepared for this purpose.

Right now, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds of thousands of people around the world is telecommuting, a situation that, for many, is new. Working from home can be difficult if we are not properly prepared. With this in mind, we decided to put together, in this article, 10 tips that we found useful to help you. After putting them into practice, we are certain that you will enter cruising speed until circumstances improve.

To illustrate the 10 ideas, one of them thinking about the newest ones, there are 10 projects carried out interior designers and decorators . You can also take advantage of this new normal that the pandemic has imposed on us to better understand the work of these professionals and, who knows, count on them to, in the future, change some things at home!

Without further ado, we move on to the images.

Identify what you really need to work

What you need to work will, of course, depend on your craft. A graphic designer , for example, may need a tablet, a printer, a light table or multiple screens. A teacher, on the other hand, will need to have books, dossiers, covers with index cards nearby, among other things. So, we advise you to make a list that includes what you can’t really afford to know the space you need to accommodate these objects and not have to be thinking about it in the middle of a task.

At the same time, remove from the workspace everything you identify as accessory or junk ! These are elements that will only distract you, and when it comes to this, remember that organization is the keyword.

If you don’t have an office, choose the quietest place in the house

Your home office must be located in a quiet place in the house that guarantees privacy, especially if you have small children. If you don’t have an office, choose a room in the house that looks comfortable, is not used as much, and has a door so you can work without noise. During the pandemic, this space may have to be improvised in the dining room, bedroom or even in a guest room. If you are unable to isolate yourself in a room, we suggest you consider purchasing noise-canceling headphones.

Don’t neglect comfort

There is nothing worse than working for hours on a desk that is too small, short or tall and, above all, in an uncomfortable chair. We know that in COVID-19 times, the ability to adapt is everything, but still choose a work surface that is convenient for you and an ergonomic chair where you can sit for several hours. If you don’t have an office chair, you can, for example, use one of the dining room chairs – which tend to be more comfortable – or else you can place pillows on the chair you have available to make it more comfortable.

Good natural and artificial lighting

Working in a dark environment is depressing and can even make you considerably less productive. If you can, position your desk so that it receives natural light.

Artificial light is also essential. A desk lamp, with flexible arm and head, will allow you to direct the light where you need it, preventing you from having to strain your eyes or impair your posture. A floor lamp with a flexible head can also be useful for this purpose if you do not have a desk lamp. If you don’t have one or the other, use the bedside table lamp. It is not the perfect solution, but it works for a temporary period.

Create your own space for your gadgets

When you don’t have a boss or supervisor around, you quickly get distracted throughout the workday. It is undeniable that, today, smart phones are a source of distraction, as well as tablets and other gadgets. There are studies on the subject that prove that when access to mobile phones is limited, productivity increases and time is not wasted. For this reason, we strongly advise you to have, for example, a basket where you can deposit these objects. So you’re not always seeing notifications and, as gadgets will not be in sight, you’ll end up forgetting about them a good deal of the time.

We recall, by the way, that there are apps that were developed to help people stay focused. This is the case with the Forest app and the Freedom app. They are both paid, but they can help you if you really have difficulty disconnecting!

Install apps and programs that help you communicate with your colleagues

The apps that allow teleconferencing calls are proving to be very useful at this point. Talking to bosses, colleagues and / or customers remains important. If you work in a large company, perhaps you already have a solution for that purpose. However, if you’re still looking, take note of the following options: Google Hangouts, Zoom Basic, and Skype for Business Basic and Cisco WebEx Personal.

A good router

If you are working alone at home, then your router shouldn’t be a problem. However, those who are working for the first time from home together with their partner and their children also using the Internet, may come to the conclusion that it is necessary to have a router that serves the home and family without fail. All the family. The bigger the house and the more walls there are, the better the router will have to be. This may seem like a detail, but the constant failures on the Internet, particularly during conference call meetings, can be very frustrating. As you cannot go to a store to buy a new router at the moment, you will have to go online. If you have a friend who understands the subject, get advice on the best brands.

Diaries, memo boards and clock!

The diaries and memo boards (the ones that are placed on the walls) are excellent allies to distribute your tasks, visualize your goals, know your deadlines or just leave notes and reminders.

Having a watch on the desk is also important for checking the time. Those who work from home, easily get lost in the hours, so put a clock on your desk or an alarm on your cell phone to continue working within your normal hours. Controlling time is an encouragement to distribute tasks efficiently throughout the workday.

Personalize your workspace

Even if it is temporary, you can always customize your workspace to make it more enjoyable. Plants, flowers, frames with images or photographs and even scented candles are some of the elements that you can use to decorate your home office.

A space also for the little ones

Parents work, children study. At a time when families are under the same roof doing a thousand and one things, everyone needs their own space, even the smallest. The more appealing your kids’ workspace is, the less likely they are to go to yours, distract you. If your children still don’t have a study space, then don’t forget to create one during this quarantine. It’s fundamental![/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]Useful links | Interior Design | Interior Designer | Interior Decorator and Designer | Commercial Interior Design | Interior Design Color | Residential Interior Design |[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_empty_space][vc_tweetmeme][vc_pinterest][vc_empty_space][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]

Tips for furnishing a modern living room

The living room, in short, is the family’s haven, so its design should be very carefully, as it is the most consumed inside the house, and it is always preferable to design it on the modern style because it is one of the most practical styles, so today we will give you 7 very special tips for furnishing a room Living in a modern style to have a comfortable and functional haven inside your home simply in just 7 tips.

1- Pallet of colors

One of the first basics of modern and attractive living room furniture is to choose a suitable and harmonious palette of colors and distribute them neutrally over the room. Choosing a palette of colors before design will make it easier for you to organize and arrange the furniture in your mind, and be sure to know the spirit that you want to enrich in the room. If you are a quiet person who loves calm and simplicity Choose a palette of calm colors, and you can choose a palette of pastel colors, which will be very appropriate, and if you want a cheerful room with explicit colors, you can choose a palette of expressive and strong colors.

2- Comfortable furniture

The living room, as we mentioned, is the haven, so you must choose comfortable furniture that gives comfort in the room. It must also be taken into account that the furniture fits with the entire area of ​​the room, as the inconsistency of the furniture with the space of the room causes a clear suffocation in the design.

3- Dramatic Living Room

If you love dramatic designs, you can simply design a dramatic living room. Just choose shades of black, gray and white together and adopt them in the design of your living room, adding some touches of different bohemian-style accessories and you will get an attractive and dramatic living room design.

4- The sofa is not always an ideal solution

The traditional sofa is not always a suitable solution for the living room, sometimes you can add a touch of change in the design of the living room away from the traditional and choose small seats with a distinctive modern style, or choose the floor sofa system that rests on the floor as we see in that picture to sit and at the same time a distinctive modern touch inside the room.

5-Don’t be afraid of colors

In your design of the living room, do not be afraid of colors, as many people adopt only one or two colors in the design of the living room and are afraid of colors, but theories in the design have proven the opposite, so the use of more than one color in one design adds to the design a clear joy.

6- Gray is the master of modern colors

Gray is the master of modern colors, so if you are confused in choosing a design for your living room, use the gray sofa and furniture and it will give you a distinctive modern touch that will match the different colors of the design, whether blue, orange or purple, it will be consistent with any color palette you will choose.

7- Blue is trending this year

The blue color in its various degrees is a trend of colors this year, and it is one of the very favorite colors in the decor because it stimulates the mind to relax and calm, so it is considered one of the most appropriate colors in the design of the living room, a family haven inside the house, you can mix blue with white, gray or orange for more Delightful with strong lighting.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]

Tips for you to design the perfect children’s room

Your child’s room is his small kingdom, where he spends most of his time, playing, sleeping and studying.. Therefore, you must take care of choosing its details and everything in it, colors, arrangement, ventilation and even choosing furniture.. And many other things that parents should not forget while designing their children’s bedroom, Therefore, in this article, we offer you 8 important tips for designing an ideal children’s room.

1. Availability of many volumes

Certainly, your child’s room needs many storage units, to carry all their things, as well as spread chaos in the room. The presence of different storage units allows avoiding clutter and leaving clothes, books and items scattered in all areas of the room. This design is a clear example of the importance of shelves and cabinets in your child’s room, as It was well designed and used an area above the bed to make open shelves and put books in them, beside a group of closed drawers in the heart of the bed to make good use of the bed area, with a simple cupboard next to them for clothes and things.

2. Choose colors carefully

Colors are the true spirit and vitality anywhere, just as you will not imagine your life without colors, their impact on your child is much greater and deeper.. Choosing the right colors may give your child energy, vitality and activity.. In addition, you should choose the most popular colors for your child.. And take into account their consistency beautifully combined, and this room used mauve and orange in a harmonious and wonderful design and created a beautiful and fun atmosphere in the room.

3. Consider the design if the room is for more than one child

If you are designing the room for more than one child, you can avoid the traditional shape of the room by placing the beds side by side, which can eat up a lot of room space, as you can place them next to each other appropriately, as in this design, which put the first in width, and the second lengthwise to its side, and the presence of Space in the room for movement or even for a third bed.. Utilizing the spaces well and practical designs create a distinctive room for your children.

3. Good ventilation of your child’s room

Certainly the closed room is full of pollution and germs that harm your child and his health, and your child’s room needs good and continuous ventilation to renew the air and the entry of sunlight into it, and the presence of a large window in the child’s room can allow this, so do not choose the closed room for your child in the apartment, but choose the room that you can For the sun to pass inside it and purify its atmosphere.

4. Having a small office corner

The presence of a small office corner in the children’s room is a must, to provide a corner to study and put books and a computer, and you can design it in one of the corners of the room or under the window for an office session in the air, or even hanging a shelf on the wall and placing a chair in front of it in a minimalist way if the room is already small.

5. The perfect arrangement and arrangement of the room

Organizing your child’s room and taking care of its cleanliness and organization instills in it the love of cleanliness and continuous coordination of all its tools, and it must be organized to allow him to move inside it. The room and its arrangement in a good way allow your child to relax inside it.

6. Create a cheerful atmosphere

Creating an atmosphere of fun in your child’s room that has a distinct psychological character on it, and makes it better, and you can get that through beautiful drawings on the walls or using wallpaper as it is in that design, which creates a special atmosphere on the ceiling that can steal your child to another world full Fun and imaginative.

7. Designing a play corner for your children’s happiness

If your children are at a young age, then the presence of a corner for games is important to release their energy in it, as all children love to play and have a lot of energy that they need to unload, and the presence of such a corner is important for the comfort and happiness of your children, with it being supported by some shelves and drawers to carry toys and items when they are not finished There is chaos and disorganization.

8. Pay attention to the lighting of the room

Appropriate lighting of the room is important for your child, too dim lighting may affect his eyes, in addition to that, good lighting provides him with many advantages such as clarity of everything in the room and the possibility of obtaining all the purposes easily, or studying and reading.. In no way should it be your child’s room is dark and less light so that he does not feel gloomy in it.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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