Best Interior Designer in Sector 110 Gurgaon

Best Interior Designer in Sector 110 Gurgaon

interior designers in gurgaon
interior designers in gurgaon

Fourth: a place of peace

It is true that the bedroom has always meant a place of rest, but, especially in today’s busy world, the bedroom has become synonymous with refuge, a place to escape the problems of routine. It can also include a corner for quiet reading, watching television and, of course, a place to sleep. A comfortable bed should be the starting point when thinking about decorating a room. This very important piece of furniture can express your personality and stand out from the crowd, as well as ensure that you have a good night’s sleep.

Where can I find ideas and inspirations for my room?

Your room style can be charmingly feminine, rustic English, exclusively masculine or romantic. You may like the elegant lines of modern Scandinavian design or the ruffles and lace in the greatest French chateau style. Whatever your taste, here at you will find thousands of ideas and inspirations. When you find something you like, save it to your idea book, add notes or reminders and show all the details to the architect responsible for your project.

What room type is right for me?

To find inspiration for the perfect room, first consider the activities that will take place in that environment. If sleeping is the main occupation, then focus on the quality of the bed. Bet on the largest size that fits comfortably in the space, without disturbing the passage. If you also want to use the environment to create a small reading and writing retreat, add an armchair or a work area to complement your planning. Other factors to consider are the shape and size of your room, the position of the windows and the entry of sunlight, use everything in favor of the position of the furniture. Do you want to follow the elegant lines of furniture to decorate in a modern way or prefer to mix and match old and new items, collecting peculiarities that express your personality? Think about the investment and set a budget that is realistic with the quality of the pieces in the long run. Will your ideas for four remain the same in four or five years? Ask a professional everything and, when in doubt, choose neutral and timeless furniture.

Decoration tips and what you can’t miss in a dorm:

When thinking about bedroom ideas, decide if you want a unique color scheme or if you can mix it up a little. Dazzling bedding covered in colors and extravagant designs contrasts with the bedroom wall and floors in softer tones, while a bolder wall is perfectly harmonized with a bedding with noble fabric, of white or beige Egyptian cotton, for example. The ideal is that the curtains maintain sobriety, since very strong colors can end up reducing the amplitude of your room. To dare, bet on colorful cushions and accessories. These details can be replaced more cheaply and more often to give your room a simple way of updating.

The inspiration for the perfect bedroom involves thinking about the message you want to convey with your furniture. Is your oasis more simple, clean and Scandinavian or modern and industrial? Whatever your favorite choice, try to add a unique touch.

In large rooms it is possible to play but with the furniture. The bed can be centered and the desk placed right behind, or positions the table a little diagonally, outside the expected axis. It is very easy to make the room interesting just by changing the position of the furniture!

Which bedroom colors are right for me?

Decorating the room provides the perfect opportunity for you to choose your favorite colors and wallpapers. To ensure a peaceful night’s sleep, choose soft and relaxing colors, such as light gray, salmon, pale green or sky blue. Use bedding, curtains, lamps and ornaments to introduce vibrant color details. If a color really appeals to you, use it throughout your room in a variety of shades, textures and patterns. The yellow tone, for example, helps ensure concentration – perfect for those who like to study or work in the bedroom.

Layers of pillows on the bed are also great for exploring your favorite colors. Try to combine large and small prints in floral and geometric designs for a perfect presentation. The mixture of cushions and pillows ends up giving a very interesting volume to the bed.

What kind of flooring should I put in my room?

The type of floor in your room is the first and last thing your feet touch every day, so you should be comfortable with it. Carpets are always soft and keep the environment warm, as well as being a good way to bring color to decorate the room.

They also provide good insulation against noise and drafts. The natural beauty of the wooden floor covered with colorful rugs is another way to give your room a personalized look. Wood flooring is also an effective insulation for noise and heat and, when properly cared for, can last for many years.

If you are planning a room for a small child or baby, then it is recommended that the floor and walls have special care, with treatment for easy cleaning. Super washable paints, wallpapers and vinyl floors are very convenient. Or bet on an EVA floor for your child to play a lot!

A classic method is to set up the room in the Montessori style, with accessories for the baby to explore everything within that space – with attention to the furniture, which must be rounded, protected sockets and other basic care.

What is the ideal lighting?

In addition to the correct choice of furniture, another very important factor in any room of the house is the lighting. Who never made a mistake and ended up choosing too bright a light for the room and could not watch television or even felt very hot when using the bathroom, for example?

For your room to feel warm and cozy, indirect light with yellow lamps is the best option. Floor lamps and lamps help – a lot! – creating the desired atmosphere near the bed or an armchair. The chair or armchair, even, must be located near the window, to enjoy the best natural lighting possible.

If you are the type who likes to read before bed, then bet on wall lamps, so you can do your reading without disturbing your partner.

Who lives in very hot places, we recommend that white fluorescent lights be chosen, since the yellow lamp can leave the environment with very high temperatures.

And if you have small children, nothing better than choosing the dimmer. This small detail helps the light intensity to be perfect for all activities in a room, whether choosing clothes or relaxing at bedtime.

Decorating tips to help you design your small home | Gurgaon

Our tour today is very useful and unique. It summarizes for you 8 decorating tips that will help you in designing your small home in Gurgaon. Perhaps it is not clear enough, but it is implied. Just look at each of the models presented here, one of them can be your inspiration and guide for innovative and distinctive ideas in Gurgaon. Let’s find out now!

1- Integration of spaces to expand the social space

Because studio apartments are known for their very small spaces, this pushes their designers to innovate and try to deviate from everything familiar in coordinating their décor, and undoubtedly resort to merging the spaces together so that there is a reasonable social space that allows the freedom of movement of its residents smoothly between its different parts without feeling limited space or constraint. Which is what was achieved here, and it is the first advice to deal with small spaces in general and not necessarily studio apartments.

2- Stunning design that does not take up much space in the room

If you are confused about how to deal with interior decorations of your small-sized children’s room, you can simply follow  the example presented here and take advantage of the height of the room by designing two beds, one on the floor and the other a bird that you reach through a few steps of stairs.. While using many closets in the remaining space of the two beds it does not take any space from the room, but quite the contrary, its presence in the heart of the wall gives an opportunity to use a small desk.

3- A simple wooden wall can ingeniously separate the rooms

You can separate the different rooms of your house from each other through a wooden wall, either half a wall or more as you wish, and this definitely provides a great deal of privacy for each room and at the same time is inexpensive.

4- Create a modern multi functional environment

You can create a modern, multi functional environment in your home by using the upper space of the room with a design similar to the model shown here. Either with a small sitting that separates you from the whole world or with a small bed or there is nothing wrong with a TV to be a complete and integrated corner.

5- The kitchen island can act as a TV unit too

If the living room and kitchen in Gurgaon are in one common yard in your house. You can simply use the island table to be a TV unit too! It may be strange, but it is practical on the one hand, saving you space in your home and also saving you the money that would have been spent on buying a real TV unit that fits the room.

6- Smart bed with practical bottom drawers

Providing a practical storage space in the different rooms of your house is not easy at all, but it requires intelligence in terms of design. Here the designer chose the lower part of the bed to be a storage space in the room through a set of drawers that can fulfill the purpose and accommodate many purposes.

7- Curtains are okay as a tool to separate rooms

To separate the different rooms in one courtyard, you can choose a simple solution that will not cost you anything like curtains! Although there are those who do not recognize it and prefer to resort more to concrete walls or wooden partitions for this purpose.

8- Make the most of sunlight

In the event that your house enjoys sunlight or even one of its rooms. You should take advantage of it as a natural and basic source of lighting that is not matched by its magic, and it plays its role in promoting artificial lighting as is evident here.

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