Inspirational Ideas To Decorate The Wall Behind The Bed


Inspirational Ideas To Decorate The Wall Behind The Bed
Inspirational Ideas To Decorate The Wall Behind The Bed

Inspirational Ideas To Decorate The Wall Behind The Bed | Gurgaon

The bed is the most important piece in the bedroom, so it was natural to pay attention to the wall that is located close to it, because it affects the shape of the bed and the room as a whole. In the past, wall decorations behind the bed were limited to installing the on both sides of the bed, or using a large painting to hang it above the bed. Then some ideas appeared, such as painting the wall behind the bed in a different color from the rest of the room’s walls, or hanging a mirror with an elegant design. Over time, ideas developed more and more, and decorating the wall behind the bed became a special art that requires a high degree of creativity and distinction.

1 – Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the best decorations that can be relied upon to decorate the wall behind the bed, especially in small rooms, because they give a feeling of emptiness and double the room’s width, by reflecting light and enhancing its spread in the place, as well as being suitable for all design styles.

2 – Gypsum board

Gypsum board decorations occupy a leading position among wall decorations in general, and here we find a very simple decoration represented in a prominent rectangle of gypsum board or gypsum board, and the rectangle contains recesses that highlight hidden lighting with an elegant effect.

3 – Wood

No one is satisfied with the unique wood material, which enhances the spirit of simplicity in the place, and exudes warmth in the atmosphere. We find here the use of wood panels that are interspersed with distinct lighting through some recesses in the form of intersecting straight lines in an amazing modern design.

Inspirational Ideas To Decorate The Wall Behind The Bed
Inspirational Ideas To Decorate The Wall Behind The Bed

4 – Kaptonian

Kaptonian art makes any place look luxurious with distinction, as it reminds us of the royal bedrooms in ancient times, and we find here the designer’s adoption of this art in the distinctive partition that separates the bed and the dressing room. The fender appears in a soft velvet fabric, in an elegant black color.

5 – Candles

Lovers of the poetic atmosphere will find what they want in this room, where the wonderful backdrop of the bed is made of wood with an attractive natural look with a simple shelf carrying small romantic candles, which harmonize with the calm colors and details in the room as a whole.

6- Going out of the ordinary

For an out-of-the-ordinary look, adopt natural stones for the wall behind the bed, but try to keep the rest of the room simple because the stones are a rather sharp decoration, which needs soft touches to mitigate its harsh appearance.

7 – The window

The window becomes an ideal wall decoration behind the bed if it overlooks a beautiful landscape, or if the room is dark and needs good natural light.

Inspirational Ideas To Decorate The Wall Behind The Bed
Inspirational Ideas To Decorate The Wall Behind The Bed

8 – Curtains

Curtains are one of the first decorative elements used to decorate the place behind the bed. When using them, it is recommended to adopt light fabrics so as not to cause dust to accumulate on them and be easy to clean. It is also preferable to choose them in a soft color to give a sense of calm and relaxation.

9 – Wallpaper

There are many materials and types of wallpaper, we find glossy and matte, stereoscopic and smooth, embossed and plain, and other types that suit all tastes, so relying on it to decorate the wall behind the bed is a good choice, because you will undoubtedly find in it what suits your ambition. We always recommend using wallpaper with calm patterns to decorate the area behind the bed, to get a luxurious and comfortable room like a hotel room.

10 – Graffiti

Graffiti or writing and drawing on the walls, is one of the bold ideas that have appeared recently to decorate the wall behind the bed, and it is an easy-to-apply decor that does not require high costs, as it only needs a (stencil and spray) to write what you want and express yourself freely on the walls of the room, so it is suitable for rooms The sleep of youth, the lover of renewal and departure.

Wallpaper design ideas in Gurgaon Low Budget and Affordable
Wallpaper design ideas in Gurgaon Low Budget and Affordable

Great ideas for painting the walls of your home

When you think about designing the walls of your home, in the beginning you should learn about the different types of materials and designs for the walls in interior decoration, and today we will give you a set of basic ideas for one of the types of methods used to design walls in interior decoration, which is paints, together we will see 7 great ideas for painting the walls of your home . You will definitely love them..

1. One pace..

It is important to choose the appropriate paint for the walls of your house and its design, so it is necessary to know the composition of the wall as a prerequisite for choosing the appropriate paint. One of the most important steps is also to determine a single pace for an entire house and to choose homogeneous and acceptable colors with the distribution of each color according to the nature of each space..

2. Distinctive design..

Inspirational Ideas To Decorate The Wall Behind The Bed
Inspirational Ideas To Decorate The Wall Behind The Bed

You can design the wall in an innovative, distinctive and unconventional way, it is usual to paint it completely in a certain color or choose a different method of paint, but the combination of the two things together is new in this design, as the designer divided the wall in two halves, the upper part was painted in a traditional way in a calm brown color, and the other half he painted In an innovative way in the form of geometric shapes, ways to implement this are very easy..

3. A painting..

If you have an artistic sense and a wonderful talent, do not hesitate to add an integrated painting in the form of an entire wall, and choose what suits the colors and design of your home. For example, we have this design, which we may think at first that it is a wallpaper, but with scrutiny you will discover that it is a wonderful painting in the hands of an artist, Use different paint colors.

4. Old or new..

Among the ideas that you may like for your home, is to design a special corner with touches from the antique past, so you choose an old and heritage piece of furniture with a special effect, in this case you will choose a paint with a distinctive touch, which is called chinto paint  , to feel its fit with the style used in the design as a whole, this The design suits those with fine taste and lovers of classics..

5. Straight lines..

You can divide  the wall of your house into straight lines of different thicknesses, and paint it in several colors as it is in front of us, where the designer chose white, black and beige, and they are painted from lighter to darker and using a very simple technique .. you succeed in implementing it as if it were wallpaper..

Inspirational Ideas To Decorate The Wall Behind The Bed
Inspirational Ideas To Decorate The Wall Behind The Bed

6. Marble effect.

If you are a fan of marble and its effects, you can implement it using the sponge method, which is a very easy method and you can implement it yourself. Two colors are used together, one light and the other dark, and combined together to show the design in the end as it is before us

7. Special effect..

In another way, you can design another marble shape by using what is called  marbling paint , which is one of the most beautiful decoration trends in the world of paints, as these effects have a different texture and a distinctive visual vision, this choice is enough to leave a touch of luxury in your design…

Interior Designers in Meerut affordable and low budget near me
Interior Designers in Meerut affordable and low budget near me

How do you make your home minimalist? | Gurgaon

A wonderful villa completely designed according to the minimalist style with its elegance and special charm, known for its modern hotel decorations and wooden touches.. Which we will touch here in every room and even its corners as well.. This article is an amazing guide that helps you simply design your home in the minimalist style with ease.. Let’s start our tour now!

The interface is more than impressive thanks to the contrast of materials

A wonderful facade that makes you feel a mixture of different feelings.. Intimacy, warmth and vitality is its title, and the contrast of materials is the secret of its beauty. The glass occupies both ends of the facade, and we can find it clearly enveloping the indigo balustrade of the terrace on the right, while covering a large part of the left side in the form of panels stacked on top of each other that reach the roof of the villa!

Stone and wood were both a real addition to the facade as well, so the designer chose to settle next to the glass panels on the left in longitudinal lines that reach the ceiling, adorned with very distinctive lighting. Beneath the wooden column at last we find the entrance door in the same material but in a dark brown color with a scenic view that combines carefully divided greenery, small white stones and a variety of plants, and the end of the wooden planks create a stunning corridor right in front of the door.

Interior design ideas in Gurgaon
Interior design ideas in Gurgaon

A captivating square that combines dining and living in a special meeting

A stunning common courtyard that brings together the dining and living rooms in a special and distinctive meeting. Neutral colors dominate it clearly.. This is not surprising and it is known that these colors are the backbone of the minimalist style, especially the beige color and the different brown tones from light to dark.

Beige and brown dominate the scene here completely, whether in the floors, walls, or the same decorations of curtains, carpets, furniture and modern accessories that are very similar in their luxury and elegance to hotel decorations!

Living up close.. built at the bottom of the stairs in a meticulously exploited space

Living closely is much more beautiful. We may not have noticed that in the previous photo, as it highlights the entire square without highlighting the decorations clearly with its dazzling details. The living, as we can see here, is built at the bottom of the stairs in a meticulously exploited space, decorated with the utmost elegance and luxury.

The room consists of a comfortable sofa with a distinctive design in a light beige color, opposite to it two large armchairs with armrests and padded seats, with wooden hands and legs in a dark brown color. The main attraction in this room is the carpet with its intertwining colors and beautiful shape, as well as the white concrete staircase with clear glass balustrade.

The balcony.. closed!

From its interior design it is almost unbelievable that it is  a balcony ! What puzzles us about it is that it is closed, i.e. it has a roof and walls separating it from the outside, so there is no merging with the outer garden and no open windows! This does not negate the splendor of its design, which is a rectangular table decorated with mosaics with its striking details lined up in front of a large group of chairs that are very high off the floor to approach the kitchen bar.

Kitchen and unparalleled comfort

Interior design ideas about dining table (3)
Interior design ideas about dining table (3)

Storage units everywhere in a dark brown color that differ in their designs from each other and intelligently include kitchen appliances inside them, which undoubtedly saves a large space and enhances the feeling of comfort, which is very much needed in  kitchen designs. Lighting decorates the kitchen with its different sources i.e. the spots and the units suspended from the ceiling together The marble table designed in an inverted L-shape is another dining table that is more integrated than its counterpart with the kitchen.

Bedroom single with blue accents

Single bedroom with blue touches, covering the walls with checkers and matching the bed linens in the same color and a similar design. The room enjoys an elegant white desk with a contemporary black wheelchair topped by a large TV screen that cuts off a large part of the wall and saves the occupant from going out to the living to watch TV.

Interior Designers in Moradabad Affordable and low budget near me
Interior Designers in Moradabad Affordable and low budget near me


Who among us isn’t triple checking our bank statements and telling ourselves to chop back on spending? Somehow, it doesn’t stop us eager to revamp our home and luxuriate in a fresh New Look though. But don’t worry – it’s possible to form changes without spending a fortune!

To maximize your bang for buck, try these easy home decor ideas on a budget and see how far your two cents can take you.


One of the foremost obvious suggestions to revamp a tired space is to trace down the paintbrushes and check out a replacement color. If that’s a touch too daring for you, even a fresh coat of an existing color could give the space new life! Tip: use a paint calculator to avoid buying more paint than you would like.

Linen and throws

Buying new linen or throw rugs is a moment “cozy hit” in any space. Without busting your budget, this is often an excellent band aid which will be mixed and matched as desired. Tip: If you’re handy with a stitching machine, buy a few of flat sheets and stitch together to make your own custom done cover.


Kitchen and Living room Gurgaon
Kitchen and Living room Gurgaon

Just like new linen, fresh cushions can really elevate an old look. An array of textures, colors and sizes will lend depth and personality to a lebensraum or bedroom and can always be super simple to style. Tip: make certain to spot your color palette before you buy cushions so you recognize exactly what to shop for – careful consideration is key!


For a real feel-good factor, try hanging some new art. Good art are often totally affordable and therefore the way it lifts or ties together an area is undeniable.

Abstractionism may be a handy thanks to update an area with some new colors and won’t date, so you’ll keep your room’s look fresher for extended.

Tip: Find some abstractionism ideas that completely complement your personality type, so your room will feel more such as you and obtain you the foremost bang for your buck.

Floor rug

For little investment you’ll enliven your favorite room within the house with a fun new rug or mat. Choose one with a touch of color which will brighten up your surroundings— sky blue, citrus orange, or daisy yellow can all refresh your style from the bottom up.

Tip: it’d sound obvious to recommend you retain your home clean but often we’re so busy we will neglect the fundamentals. Have your carpet, rug or flooring steam cleaned and see the fresh new difference it makes.


Got a dark room? Incorporating funky lighting options can revitalize a neighborhood with the flick of a switch and it’s one among those great decor ideas you’ll use albeit you’re renting and on a budget.

Tip: instead of choosing an equivalent type, try mixing and matching with an appointment of pedant lighting to make levels of intrigue.

 Indoor plants

Interior Design ideas for curtains in your Home
Interior Design ideas for curtains in your Home

There are numerous health and aesthetic benefits to indoor plants; you actually can’t fail with adding them as a part of your home decor. Against either a neutral or colorful background, they still seem to pop with another sense of vitality. Substituting with nature photography are often another low cost and fuss free thanks to lighten your space – no green fingers needed!

Tip: Seek cuttings from family and friends for a no cost option otherwise you might even have something growing in your garden that also grows well indoors.

Feature wall

For just the value of a tin of paint (and a touch time) you’ll add a replacement level of depth to your decor. Choosing a bold color, just like the confident blue above, can offer you maximum impact for minimum dollars.

Tip: If you don’t want to color an entire wall, why not create a fuss-free feature by hanging large wall art instead.

Outdoor materials

You’ll grab furniture made up of wood or wicker that’s intended for outdoor use but still suits your indoor decor. Not only is that this sort of furniture often cheaper, its durability will help it last for extended.

Tip: await the sales or inspect garage sales to get second user gems that make unique additions to your home. Painting one third of wood furniture or ornaments white or charcoal can give eclectic pieces a way of unity and complement your decor nicely.

Up cycle

The internet is abuzz with up cycling home decor ideas on a budget. The repurposing period has well and truly hit and has positives for your pocket also because the sustainability of our planet. From something as simple as a wooden ladder used as a towel horse to something as complex as an old toy car light fixture, up cycling is as fun because it is cost effective.

Tip: Don’t deviate an excessive amount of from the first era of the piece you’re up cycling to make sure it’ll complement your existing decor, instead of clash. Consider adding some vintage art to tug the design together.


Interior Designer in Dwarka Expressway Affordable and Low Budget Near Me
Interior Designer in Dwarka Expressway Affordable and Low Budget Near Me

Something you’ll do quickly over a weekend without spending a cent is to rearrange an area (or several). Artfully placing furniture can open up an entire new space and provides your room a fresh feel. Usher in a table from another room or swap over the ground rugs and luxuriate in the ocean change!

Tip: Take it a step further and optimize the space for energy flow with these principle tips.


Other quick and free thanks to improve how you are feeling reception is to embrace minimalism. Donate or throw out anything you haven’t utilized in a year, items that take up an excessive amount of space or stuff you’re not completely crazy with. Tip: A neutral or white color palette will really lend itself to a minimalist or cluttered home.

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