Interior Designers in Mehrauli affordable and Low Budget Near Me

Interior Designers in Mehrauli affordable and Low Budget Near Me

Interior Designers in Mehrauli affordable and Low Budget Near Me
Interior Designers in Mehrauli affordable and Low Budget Near Me

Interior Designers in Mehrauli affordable and Low Budget Near Me


Home decor is just too expensive to shop for. We will save much money by making home decor design. Doing home décor may be a fun, exciting and really creation.

Few ideas on the way to make DIY (DO IT yourself) home decor design.


The old cabinet is often separate. The outdated paint can easily repaint with the cupboard surface and make it useful again.


The plant’s hang pot is often used on the ladder rack. If you’re unaware of the way to grow plants during a hanging basket, you’ll even catch on at a coffee price from a florist.


The cabinet of drawer cab refurbished by using wallpaper. Beautiful and patterned wallpaper bought online. These wallpapers accompany an adhesive which will easily be pasted to cabinet surface with using glue.


People have a mini library in their home, where they keep some collection of books. Books are often placed on the couch. This may save them from dust.


Grass baskets can easily be attached to the wall, which may easily make space for extra shelve. The accessories of the toilet have a perfect place into the wall basket. This easy and plain skill can kill the bad odor of the washroom.


Jute rope can wrap with an old vase. The vase is often motionless by applying glue on its surface.


Productivity is very important in the workplace. An unorganized workplace can cause a scarcity of motivation and disorganized workplace may lean forward to overwhelm.

We will manage this by bringing creativity and out of box thinking. Its time to change your office Interior design. It’s a leadership responsibility to supply an ingenious and safe environment for the worker.

You might have good human management skills but in another way confused to update office. Entrepreneurs usually underestimate that office is the first impression for any clients.

It needs to look beautiful and elegant. Interior designers are in high demand thanks to a huge number of DIY tutorials and videos. These tutorials help people to build their own projects.

Interior design is far away different from what we see in videos. Technically speaking, interior designs project takes a month and in some cases years to accomplish the project. Office Interior design is extremely important to form your client comfortable.



Before approaching an interior designer, it’s helpful to have a budget. So, budgeting will assist you in making a wise decision. While handling an indoor designer. It will create clarity to design home. Homeowners should make a budget.


People feel interior designers are unaware of the value of furniture. They even might not be completely conscious of the worth of labor. Homeowners should calculate the value beforehand consulting with an indoor designer.


Business peers are often an honest resource to gauge which designer completed the office. Take suggestions from coworkers or business associates for referrals and visit their office premises for a better understanding of design.


The price of interior designers is not standard. It depends on the experience and portfolio of the designer. People should fully understand the billing processes of the designer. They might or they might not charge for material and installing well.

Interior Designer in Mahrauli

Interior Design ideas for false ceiling

The ceilings have become a symbol of modernity and sophistication in current projects. These are second ceilings placed under the main structure that can serve various aesthetic and functional purposes. In aesthetic terms, these ceilings are useful to hide the infrastructure of buildings, damaged surfaces, heating or cooling devices, among other things. Nowadays, suspended ceilings are already available in a range of colors, materials and sizes, so it is easy to customize each project. Acoustically, they are also an asset because they absorb and attenuate sounds, making spaces more comfortable.

We also see the suspended ceilings to virtually separate areas for different purposes within an open space. Instead of a wall separating the environments, the ceilings, with different volumes, give us this information. The kitchen, for example, may have a lower ceiling than the living room.


False ceilings are built with prefabricated pieces that are usually made of plaster, PVC, steel or aluminum. In recent years, these ceilings have been gaining popularity due to their versatility, economic price, sustainability and easy handling.

The advantages of suspended ceilings

Before getting to work, it is worth considering the pros and cons regarding the installation of a false ceiling. We decided to start with the advantages.

Are they:

Installation is easy: it is no accident that these suspended ceilings are often used on commercial surfaces. Installation is relatively easy and quick, so there are people who can do it without the help of a professional. However, we advise you to check with those who know to ensure your safety and yours.

Removal is simple: suspended ceilings are easy to install, but also easy to remove. Imagine that you need to make a repair. In a normal ceiling, this work will be much more invasive. In the case of the false ceiling, you can remove the necessary panels and put them back at the end of the job.

It disguises unsightly elements: as we explained in the introduction, false ceilings are used to hide imperfections and tubes, electrical cables, beams, hardware, among other things. However, don’t be fooled. Before buying or renting a house with suspended ceilings, you should ask to examine the interior to make sure that there are no serious structural problems.


It is economical: suspended ceilings are much cheaper than demolition or extensive repair work. If the ceiling of your house does not please you, just build a false ceiling on top and the problem is solved. In addition, maintenance is also inexpensive.

Enables the installation of lights: enrich your home’s lighting project by installing LEDs on the false ceiling panels.

Lower a ceiling height too high: if the ceiling height of your house is high and the environments become less welcoming, consider lowering it with a false ceiling.

It is an energy efficient choice: a false ceiling helps to reduce heat during summer and cold in winter, thus moderating electricity bills.

The disadvantages of suspended ceilings

All coins have two sides and there are also some disadvantages when using false ceilings.

Find out what they are:

Lower resistance: suspended ceilings do not last long if they are not maintained regularly. When neglected, they may discolor or become stained.

Reduces the height of spaces: this is not always a disadvantage because it depends on the space in question. In some cases, the addition of the suspended ceiling can make a certain area too tight because it significantly reduces the height. There are others, in which the false ceiling is useful to recover an excessive height.

Unstable in extreme situations: suspended ceilings are more unstable in the event of a fire or earthquake. The elements installed on this ceiling may fall on these occasions.

False ceilings and lighting

Among the advantages of false ceilings, we mention the installation of lights that can be direct, indirect or directed. With a false ceiling, you can create aesthetically interesting, dynamic and functional lighting compositions. Each type of light that can be activated according to your needs and circumstances, and some spots can only serve to highlight a piece of decoration or wallpaper for example.

The basic guide to installing a suspended ceiling

The advantages are more than the disadvantages, so if you are convinced and are going to proceed with the construction of a false ceiling, we do not want to leave you without a small guide. However, it is never too much to warn that the help of a professional is important to attest to the quality of the project and the security it provides.

First, you must measure the space in question carefully. Make a note of the measurements and show them at the building materials and DIY store in your area. Depending on these measures, the store staff will give you what you need to carry out your project. It is important to remember that houses must have a minimum height, so you should consult the licenses before moving on. Note also that the minimum desired height is 2.60m.

Then, start by placing an aluminum structure that will form the support. The structure must be fixed to the walls using screws and to the ceiling via aluminum rings and ties. With the help of a spirit level, we can verify that the structure is well balanced.

After this metallic support is installed, install the lighting and air ducts and start placing the panels. If they are too big, you can resize them with the right tools that should not have too much power, as the material is fragile.

What to consider before installing a suspended ceiling?

This is not a job for anyone, so even if you’re a construction enthusiast, you’re realistic about your abilities. If you think you can do it, then go ahead, but keep things simple. The more elaborate and complicated the project, the greater the chance of feeling frustrated in the end.

Be thorough before starting your project and take measurements carefully. Then, with a sheet of cardboard or wood , you can simulate the height of your future ceiling to see if it will steal too much vertical space from the room in question or if it is well.

The choice of panels is also important. There are people who prefer bigger pieces and smaller ones. At this stage, keep in mind what you want to do with the ceiling. If you install lights, for example, you may have to buy stronger and more resistant plates that can withstand the weight of them. The choice of color is also up to you , although white is the most used.

Inquire about the cost of maintenance and any future repairs. Remember that installing a suspended ceiling is not just a momentary investment. False ceilings carry some short-term, albeit low, expenses.

What are the prices for a suspended ceiling?

It is impossible to give you an exact number. The installation of a false ceiling will always depend on the materials chosen by you, the size of the room, the company that does the work, the insulation, the thickness, the inclusion or not of the original bus, the access, and so on.


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Interior Design ideas for Kitchen floor

Choosing the appropriate material to cover the kitchen floor is not a task to be taken lightly. The floor of the kitchen is exposed to attacks that do not exist in other rooms of the house and as such should be sturdy and ensure durability. Have you thought about your kitchen’s daily life? Contrary to what happens in the living and dining room, where we are sitting, or in the bedroom, where we are in bed sleeping, in the kitchen we walk back and forth, drop things and the stains of fat are not long in coming. In addition, the environment is, at times, very hot or humid, factors that have an impact on the condition of the materials.

Still, let anyone who thinks that functionality compromises aesthetics be disappointed. On the contrary, there are options – and they are more and more – that bring together the best of both worlds and that vary in price.

What to consider before choosing the kitchen floor?

You can start by asking a few simple questions: what are you looking for on your kitchen floor? What use does it make of space? What is the style of your home? What is your budget? And so on. Among the issues that seem most important to us, we would highlight the following:

Durability – nothing more inopportune than having a floor in the kitchen that is stained by everything and nothing. In addition to being impractical, the idea is that the floor will last for many years and not have to be replaced regularly. The material has to withstand moisture, heat, stains – from grease and beyond – and daily use. It will hardly be immaculate forever, but it is good to last a few decades.

Easy to clean – this is undoubtedly one of the first features that cross our minds when we think of a kitchen floor. Forget porous materials that make us sweat to clean – often to no avail! – and favor smooth surfaces that can be quickly cleaned with a mop or wiping.

A good price – but always coupled with good quality, of course. Obviously, the question of price is relative. What is expensive for one person is not for another. However, do you really want to spend a large amount to cover the floor? Wouldn’t you rather have some money to buy that high-end appliance that you will use a lot?

Safety – with liquids constantly falling to the floor, it is dangerous to have a slippery floor.

Beauty – the kitchen is no longer just seen as an area for practical use. In fact, more than a space where food is prepared or meals are made, the kitchen is a room that belongs to the social nucleus of the house and that wants to be beautiful. That said, choose a material that seduces you from an aesthetic point of view and provides you with comfort.

Popular materials for the kitchen floor: ceramic

Ceramics will always be one of the most used materials for the kitchen floor. It is affordable, available in different colors, shapes and sizes and is resistant to humidity and heat typical of rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom. In the case of good quality ceramics, it can last for 20 or more years. However, even if a part does crack, break or stain, it is easy to replace it, which is not the case with all materials. In fact, you can buy additional parts to use in the event of an emergency.

On the other hand, it is a material that can make environments cold, especially in winter, in addition to not being exactly comfortable to the touch. However, these defects can be mitigated with carpets or treadmills.

As far as ceramics are concerned, we have often seen hydraulic tile floors in the kitchen. This is a type of handmade coating made of pigmented cement in molds worked with a hydraulic press. The hydraulic tile stands out for the vibrant colors that give life and personality to any space.

Popular materials for the kitchen floor: porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are made up of a mixture of clays, feldspar, feldspar sands and sometimes kaolin, phyllites and additives. It is used to cover the kitchen and other rooms in the house. It is a practical material, easy to clean and versatile, presenting high resistance and low absorption. Resistance is, in fact, one of the main advantages of porcelain tiles that tolerates high impacts and is, therefore, widely used in commercial contexts. As it is dense, it tolerates the penetration of liquids and the formation of stains better than other types of ceramic. What’s more, it is very fire resistant and can last for years, which reduces the likelihood of having to spend money to replace it.

Like ceramics, porcelain tiles are heavy, making transport difficult. In addition, it is expensive, although the investment pays off in the long run due to high quality. The types of the most popular in the market porcelain are the polished (with a finish that gives it a smooth, shiny appearance), enameled (with a layer of glossy or matt enamel), the satin (with a less glossy finish, so , visually less tiring), the natural (used in commercial spaces and less slippery) and the structured (with a slightly abrasive surface and good for wet areas).

Popular materials for the kitchen floor: wood

Wood is probably the most versatile material to use at home, adapting to any style and decorative taste. Fruit of its natural characteristics, it adds an enormous feeling of warmth and comfort that values ​​any environment.

Even so, taking into account the special conditions of the space in question, it must be borne in mind that the use of wood requires correct and rigorous choices that aim to maintain the functionality of the kitchen to the maximum. Not all woods are prepared for a humid and warm environment. For this reason, you should choose a resistant wood and apply the coating and treatment indicated.

We can thus say that, when well chosen, wood guarantees three fundamental characteristics for your home: durability, sophistication and warmth.

Popular materials for the kitchen floor: PVC (vinyl)

It was invented during the 1930s and met its pinnacle in the post-World War II era, competing with linoleum as the best low-cost option for kitchens and bathrooms. Today, it remains a popular option, although its disadvantages are known.

The PVC (vinyl) floor is easy to maintain. With a simple mop, you can remove stains. In fact, there are few materials as easy to maintain as vinyl. Another reason that justifies its wide application in kitchens (and bathrooms) is impermeability. Vinyl is an almost impenetrable material. To this is added the fact that it is soft and comfortable (more than ceramic, for example) and cheap even when it is of high quality. In addition to durability – up to 20 years or more – it is easy to install.

On the other hand, chemicals are used in the manufacture of vinyl that can cause allergies and asthma when installed. It is worth remembering that it is not biodegradable, that is, it is not eliminated in nature in a short period of time, and it can rarely be recycled. Also with regard to ecology, note that it is a material that requires the use of non-renewable natural resources, such as natural gas and oil, when manufactured. Not least, it is the discoloration that can present when exposed to rubber (shoe soles, non-slip mats, etc.).

These pros and cons can vary depending on the quality of the vinyl and the way it was manufactured. There are fiberglass reinforced vinyl that are extremely durable.

Popular materials for the kitchen floor: burnt cement

For a more modern and minimalist approach, we have burnt cement. Made with cement and sand, it is among the cheapest options for floors. In addition to being inexpensive, it is durable and resistant, so it is difficult to damage it. Therefore, he does not have to worry about dragging chairs or tables and other aggression to which he is subjected in the kitchen. In fact, it is practically impossible to scratch a burnt cement floor. The application is simple. All floors are under a sub layer, but in this case, the sub layer itself is the floor. You can clean it with water and a neutral detergent and wax it two or three times a year to keep it looking beautiful. If maintenance is taken care of, the burnt cement floor can last a lifetime. But there is more. In case you get tired of your burnt cement floor, you don’t need to remove it to put another one on. Just put the new one on top.

And the disadvantages? Now, it is a hard and cold floor that can cause discomfort, especially if you live in a cold region. Carpets can minimize the problem, but if you are looking for something more warm and cozy, this is not the best option.

Popular materials for the kitchen floor: laminates

We could not fail to include laminate flooring in our list. It is a good alternative for wooden, stone or ceramic floors, as it produces the effect of them in a very realistic way. The laminate arises from the agglomeration of several sheets / layers that later take a finish that reproduces the desired aspect. The laminate has been growing in popularity for its easy installation, price and maintenance. The durability is, however, less than that of real materials.

Which professionals can help me choose the kitchen floor?

The materials mentioned here are some of the most popular. However, when building or remodeling your home, you should ask a professional to help you choose the floor that best suits the space and your needs. Here at, we have compiled a vast list of professionals organized by categories. Click on the “Professionals” tab and then select “Kitchen Designers ” or ” Flooring ” to start your project. Don’t be shy about asking for quotes and comparing.

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