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Modular Kitchen Mistakes in Gurgaon

Modular Kitchen Design in Gurgaon affordable and Low Budget Near Me
Modular Kitchen Design in Gurgaon affordable and Low Budget Near Me

Modular Kitchen Mistake

The kitchen is not an easy division. As much as we clean and organize it, it seems that there is always a stain that went unnoticed or a tool that was left to fix. The houses are not museums, so it is normal for this to happen. The images of immaculate kitchens that we see on Instagram accounts or magazines every day are largely choreographed, so it’s not worth creating unattainable ideals.

Even so, you can always improve the aspect of the space, through small things and habits that are easily acquired. Today, we bring you some suggestions in this regard. We tell you about 7 common mistakes that make the kitchen look more untidy than what it actually is.

Having many objects on the counter tops

We started with the capital error: having too many things on the benches. It is not functional – because it steals usable space – nor is it aesthetically appealing. Look at your kitchen counter tops and see what you can store in cupboards and drawers. You can even take the opportunity to get rid of what you don’t use or don’t like. On the benches, keep what you use most and in an organized way. The tea can be stored in a special box for this purpose, the spices can be placed in small jars, the bread bags packed inside a basket or box, and so on. As far as electrical appliances are concerned, leave out the ones you use every day, such as the coffee machine or toaster. After organizing everything, your kitchen will look different: more practical and much more beautiful!

Have magnets, photographs and / or papers with messages and reminders in the fridge

In many kitchens, refrigerators are veritable ‘art galleries’: magnets brought from trips, photographs, children’s drawings, post-its with reminders and messages are some of the things featured on this icy canvas. The dissimilar colors and shapes of these objects make the composition not particularly harmonious. If you think your kitchen would benefit from a cleaner and minimalist look, keep the most beautiful magnets or your favorite trips and give your photos another space. To leave reminders or messages, you can use a chalkboard. It is decorative and practical!

Leave the dishes too often to wash

He just finished lunch or dinner and was so lazy that he decided to leave the dirty dishes on the counter. Identify yourself? If this is systematic, then make an effort to change this habit. Dirty dishes generate bad odors, attract unwanted visitors and, of course, give a sloppy look to the environment.

Modular Kitchen Design in Gurgaon affordable and Low Budget Near Me
Modular Kitchen Design in Gurgaon affordable and Low Budget Near Me

Not having a drawer or box for the “junk” that accumulates in the space

Among all the rooms in the house, the kitchen is the one where we tend to accumulate more junk: correspondence, cell phone chargers, pens, batteries, notepads, and matchboxes, among many other things. It is difficult to counter this trend, but a drawer can be found just to place these objects and thus keep them hidden. You can also bet on a basket or box, but the drawer is really the best solution!

Have mismatched kitchen towels

There are always two or three kitchen towels in sight. Usually, one is for drying hands and the other for dishes. Nowadays, kitchen cloths are available for sale in packs in various stores, which means that they share the style, even if they have some detail that differentiates them (color or pattern, for example).

Having the dishwasher area disorganized

In stores and at very affordable prices, you will find several essential accessories to keep the dishwasher organized: dish racks and cutlery, dispensers for detergent and supports for mops, sponges and cloths. Use these objects to keep this area tidy, clean and more hygienic.

Use the kitchen for other activities

The kitchen is not always “just the kitchen”. Sometimes, it also works as a workspace – for kids and adults – which means that the table becomes a desk with all that it implies: computer, diaries, books, and so on. If you don’t have an office, other desks or work areas at home, it doesn’t matter, but arrange things at the end of each use. It is not enough to drag them to the corner of the table and pretend they are not there while having lunch or dinner.

Modular Kitchen Design in Gurgaon affordable and Low Budget Near Me
Modular Kitchen Design in Gurgaon affordable and Low Budget Near Me

Mistakes to avoid when decorating your home! | Gurgaon

Decorating a home is not an easy task. No matter how much the media such as TV or magazines say that decorating a house is fashionable among young people, there is a difference between just looking at other people’s achievements with your own eyes and putting them into practice with your own body. Even if you try to change the interior of your house a little without the help of a professional, it is difficult to maintain an objective view because you have to make all the decisions from small details to the big picture by yourself, and you may face unexpected difficulties along the way. However, if you continue to use the same kitchen, bathroom, or flooring as it was when you first built it for 10 or 20 years, it will become too old and far out of fashion. this could be Only then will the house be damaged and repaired to the extent that it is necessary to seek professional help. Therefore, when you have free time, make small changes to your home and always decorate and live in a new home-like atmosphere. It won’t be that difficult if you watch out for the following mistakes that are easy to make by beginners in home decorating.

Lighting that breaks the mood

When decorating a house, lighting is one of the things that makes the atmosphere of the house the most unique. Even if you don’t change anything and just change the lighting, an ordinary space can become special. The lighting in the photo itself is unique and beautiful, but if they are in an in congruent place, such as a bathroom or a balcony, it becomes a nuisance that cannot utilize the characteristics of the decorated space. Everything has a place to hang out.

Interior Desigers in Sohna Road Gurgaon
Interior Desigers in Sohna Road Gurgaon

Overuse of empty space

One of the most common mistakes new home decorators make is over-motivation. If you are too ambitious and decorate and decorate every space with something, you lose the most important and beautiful space called ‘white space’. A house without a space, no matter how luxurious and luxuriously decorated, is bound to feel suffocating and crude. The living room in the photo shows a shelf made on one wall and decorated with many objects. However, the reason why this space looks cute and lively is because there is a blank space on the other side of the wall other than the entire white color. The white walls give this space a modern and youthful feel without feeling unwieldy and sloppy.

Dizzy color combination

In the case of a narrow space, it is now common knowledge that unifying the floor, walls, and furniture with one color has the effect of making it look much larger. However, if you prefer a warm and dense feeling rather than a wide, open feeling, it is okay to use a variety of colors. However, there is a principle when using various colors in the interior. Do not use too many colors, and use uniform colors for the same furniture or materials. It is true that the tropical style living room in the photo gives a slightly distracting feeling by using too many colors such as yellow, red, and green. However, all these artificial colors are covered with natural wood-colored floors and ceilings, creating a style of its own along with the appearance of the raw nature seen through the window. It expresses the atmosphere of a free resort where you can get away from daily life to some extent and relax.

Props that is too flashy

There are some accessories that look pretty when viewed separately, but do not harmonize well when put together. While decorating a new home, there are people who display all the souvenirs and props they have saved in one place, which is a foolish act of not understanding the basics of interior design. Unique statues that reveal the local colors bought as souvenirs from overseas trips, expensive Korean traditional pottery, modern art with strong primary colors, and rare plastic models or figurines gifted by friends can be put together in one place, not only the value of each object but also the overall It also reduces the value of space. The photos are made with unusual lighting as props, and they are properly lit in a space designed like a modern studio.

Mix of mismatched styles

In order not to make a mistake, I did a lot of research, studied various trendy interior styles, and picked a style I liked, but the problem is that there are too many styles I like. I wasn’t interested in interiors, but suddenly I got a lot of information, so I couldn’t decide on just one style because there are so many styles I want to try . If you mix different styles without getting distracted, you will be in a state of not doing anything. In the photo, the contemporary art work on one wall and the unique ornaments on the other wall go well with the not-glamorous and practical furnishings.

Interior designer in Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi NCR
Interior designer in Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi NCR

Furniture that doesn’t fit

As an extension of the mix of different styles, if the style of the furniture is not unified, no interior style can be brought to life properly. Also, even if the style is right, if the basic materials are different, the beauty of furniture and furniture, furniture and space cannot be saved. The combination of furniture that is close to style terrorism, such as a luxurious vintage-style brown leather sofa with eco-friendly white linen cushions or a white marble table with a wooden chair, makes even the viewer tired. In the photo, the baroque-style tables and sofas, along with the wallpapers in soft colors, are in perfect harmony.

Interior that ignores practicality and comfort

One thing we should not always forget is that practicality and comfort come first in the interior. The interior that cannot be touched or used at will because of fear that it will wear out if touched or wrinkled when sitting is not for me, but for others. Making an interior just to show off to an occasional visitor is one of the most stupid mistakes to avoid. Although the space in the photo is beautiful, it is a style that should be avoided if there are children running around. It looks like a butler in a suit has to come out of nowhere to serve as well-set high-end tableware. If you’re careful with these mistakes when decorating your own home, you’ll be able to achieve your goals nicely.

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