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Interior designer in Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi NCR
Interior designer in Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi NCR

Interior Design ideas for Kitchen

Arranging kitchen cabinets to form an L is one of the best options for small and medium sized kitchens. These kitchens have only two rows of cupboards or a row of cupboards complemented by a peninsula. In any case, it is a good option to organize a functional and comfortable space. In addition, – shaped kitchens are better suited to the creation of the work triangle that covers the dishwasher, stove and refrigerator.

If this disposition seduces you, then this article is for you. We have gathered 15 L- shaped kitchens of different colors and sizes to inspire you to design yours. It is worth mentioning that the kitchen is an extremely complex room – where electrical and plumbing systems are located – and is subject to great wear and tear. We therefore suggest that you consider hiring a kitchen designer to help you carry out your project.

But, before that, get some ideas.

We start with a super modern kitchen with white cabinets that contrast with the black counter top and the warm tone of the wood that lines the floor. In this kitchen, the professionals favored the incorporation of low and long top cabinets, which makes the environment lighter.

Industrial style

The second kitchen will delight those who identify with the industrial style. Warm colors, wood, hydraulic floor mosaic and metal lamp are some of the elements that define this style. The atmosphere is cozy and the space functional. There are only upper cabinets on one side, the other being used to open a window that allows natural light to enter.

With a small peninsula

In this kitchen, the dining area is designed in L , with the other wall reserved for the work area. The counter, parallel to the wall, and the peninsula are ideal for quick and informal meals of the day.

The floor covered with another material

Despite belonging to an open space, the kitchen area has a white floor, which visually circumscribes and delimits the space. Unlike wood, ceramic is less porous and easier to clean.

The cozy wood

kitchen manufacturers opted for high and low ebony laminate furniture and upper white lacquered furniture doors. The opening system has an aluminum handle that is almost imperceptible. The black of the counter tops brings sophistication to this kitchen and is repeated in the industrial style lamps that crown the peninsula.


The thick marble counter top is undoubtedly the protagonist in this kitchen. This noble and luxurious material elevates any space and harmonizes with white and wooden surfaces. The room is very well used in terms of storage and the ovens, as we have seen in other kitchens, appear high.

Scandinavian style kitchen

The kitchen in the image above opens onto the living room of the house and takes on a rustic / modern style. The wood of the benches and the concave handles give it a pleasant country touch.

Table in the center

Unlike aisle kitchens and even some U- shaped kitchens, L-shaped kitchens are best suited for adding a table. In this case, it is important to consider the proportions – so that the table and chairs do not create constraints on circulation – and the shape of the table.

A custom kitchen

This kitchen was made to adapt to the requirements of the client, who wanted a highly functional and versatile space. With drawers and doors with slanted edges, the company responsible for the project, inserted metallic profiles to protect the drawers and to facilitate their opening. The kitchen design can be customized: it is possible to choose the thickness of the counter top, the type of spacing’s and indentations, the colors of the profiles and their combinations.


In almost total white, the tenth kitchen of our article is ideal for those looking to design a functional, comfortable, but also timeless space. The backslash wall appears covered with subway wall tiles that meet trends.

For the whole family to cook

The intervention in this kitchen was made in order to add a dining area, as well as more storage and space for the whole family to cook. Beside the cabinets, a volume for storage and built-in appliances make the kitchen more complete and functional.

Small and inviting

The photo above shows the framing of the kitchen from the living room. Not being very wide, the kitchen stands out for the use of white that appears mitigated by the wooden details, the lamp with a wicker lamp and the green arrangement that decorates the table.

In gray

As you can see, white is the most chosen color for the kitchen. However, we ended up with a proposal that stands out for the elegant gray of the cabinets and the combination of it with the wood and the metal of the chairs and the ceiling lamp.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]

Tricks to take advantage of small spaces in your home

Exploiting small spaces is an art that only a few can master, so we find a lot of untapped spaces at all, or exploited imperfectly in many homes. It is known that the misuse of spaces appears clearly in small houses, but what some do not know is that it also affects the aesthetic appearance of large houses, which makes neglect and misuse random and scattered, because leaving a lot of empty spaces in the house destroys the feeling of comfort and cohesion in the place.

1 – A hollow in the wall

In some homes, there is no space to put a shoe closet and a stylish chair next to it so that the individual can put on and take off the shoes, despite the presence of many untapped places in the house! So, the designer here took advantage of the long corridor to create a welcoming and organized corner, instead of leaving the corridor boring without details, and he used mirrors with golden edges, and installed the on its sides, then added a metal console with a striking design, and on the opposite side of the mirror the designer made a cavity inside the wall, to create a space He puts a blue armchair on it with a shoe cabinet, and finally hangs some brass hangers in the hollow so visitors can leave their coats free.

2 – Exploiting the stairs

Here we see a simple entrance decorated with a long mirror, and in front of it a protrusion in the wall where you can sit or put bags, and the designer took advantage of the stairs to make a hidden shoe cabinet, which helps maintain the order of the place without taking up additional spaces.

3 – Simple things

If the entrance to your house faces a concrete column, do not panic, you can use it to make a luxurious entrance that welcomes guests, instead of leaving it bare, which causes distress, just bring simple mirrors and a console, and do not forget to use the distinctive lighting on both sides of the mirror, whether it is a modern or classic candlesticks.

4 – Unconventional sofa

Using separate sofas and chairs wastes a lot of space, so use an L-shaped sofa to take advantage of the small corner in the room, in addition to its modern look, which makes the room comfortable and a killer of routine.

5 – Special Corner

Do not leave the place under the window empty, but you should take advantage of the natural lighting that comes from it. Use a comfortable chair and a small table containing some books, to make this place a special corner for relaxation.

6 – Tables of different sizes

The space occupied by the coffee table can be more beneficial, if you use a different design of the table so that it contains drawers for storage, or you buy several tables of the same shape but of different sizes, so that you can store them under each other, and separate them when needed to obtain additional space and then return them to the situation The first after use.

7 – Down the stairs

We mentioned before using the stairs for storage, but here we are talking about using the wasted space under the large stairs, which we can take advantage of in making drawers for storage, or in the work of an unconventional office.

8 – Kitchen Island

The kitchen island occupies a good amount of space in the kitchen, so it is necessary to make the greatest use of it, by providing it with a large shelf that can be singled out and used as a dining table for meals, or used to increase the work surface while preparing meals when needed.

9 – Smart Mirrors

No bathroom is devoid of mirrors, and instead of placing bathroom mirrors and a bathroom cabinet next to them in two separate units, use smart mirrors that can be opened to get an interior cabinet in which you can place various bathroom items.

10 – Double bed

Role-playing beds are time-proven, they add a sense of fun to a children’s room, and are ideal for exploiting small spaces. There is also a great idea to make the room more spacious, by using the bed to add practical shelves on one of its sides to be used as a library or study desk, thus saving the space that would have been occupied by the traditional office.

11 – Roles office

There is also an office similar to the idea of ​​a role bed, as shown in the picture, the office appears in the form of shelves at different heights, two brothers can sit on them to share times while studying and playing, and maintain the cleanliness and order of the room without wasting space.

12 – Elevated area

Exploiting the space under the high part of the bedroom is a very smart idea, as this raised area can include a lot under it without affecting the general appearance of the room, by providing it with drawers and cabinets to be used to store covers and furnishings from season to season.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]

Unusual TV Wall Design Ideas

When you start designing your living room, you should pay attention to comfort and functionality together, along with privacy, and one of the most important elements of the living room is the TV wall, whether in the form of a library, neat and organized practical shelves, today we have collected for you 7 unusual ideas for designing an integrated TV wall that definitely suits you It provides you with all your needs and requirements, with a quick tour you will find what you want..

1. Double design..

With the first model of designing a TV wall in a living room in a modern style, but the designer came up with a new and innovative idea, which is the double exploitation of the weaver.. With its front and side faces at the same time.. Where a fireplace and a library with a low level in the color of light wood and upper shelves and on the left side shelves for books You’re favorite, you will love this design if you are looking for practicality.

2. Industrial style..

With touches of industrial style, we find this design explicitly declaring that there are no restrictions in the interior design, where a fireplace in the form of a decorative piece of painted iron, a stone wall in its condition and an elegant and very simple library, in which the designer took care of the closed units to maintain more organization and privacy..

3. Simplicity..

The title of the minimalist or minimalist style is the lack of details and the stripping of things from all their features, so the designer was satisfied with a wooden shelf along the wall, and used it from one direction as a degree of internal stairs with a different finishing material to create a clear and attractive contrast. The designer did not add more details and chose two chairs in white and fabrics To watch TV and enjoy the most beautiful movies..

4. A neglected corner..

In our homes we often find neglected corners, which may have many uses but are unfortunately neglected, here the designer succeeds in exploiting a small corner and transforming it into a library for TV with the use of white and gray colors, with very practical shelves with simple and modern lines..

5. Job first..

Handrail or practical shelves, the job came here to win and succeed in the aesthetic aspect with distinction, as the designer chose the wooden slats for the handrail and at the same time turned into simple practical shelves to display wonderful decorative pieces..

6. Full height..

You can take advantage of an entire wall if your house has a double height (two floors) and there is a mezzanine area, it is easy to divide it into the form of shelves and exploit them in all shapes, and you can design a movable or fixed side ladder to reach what you want easily..

7. Separator or TV wall..

If you want a partition in your home, there is no need for bricks, sand and cement, you can design a TV wall in the desired place with simple touches, from gypsum boards or wood, and you can design a rotating or fixed movable screen, with special shelves and drawers..[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]

Simple touches that enhance your home decor!

Our preoccupation with the tasks of daily life and work reduces our time available to take care of the house and renovate it, but it is important to devote some time to maintaining and renovating your home, even in simple details to help you spend comfortable times with the family inside it.

If you are looking for some easy decorating ideas for your home, here are inspiring hacks that will help you simply renovate the decor.

1- Changing the ceramics of a corner of the kitchen

When we think about renovating the kitchen, big changes in the design of the kitchen come to our minds, but you do not need to do that to renew the spirit of the kitchen. As long as the kitchen is in good condition, you can add some new touches such as installing a brick or ceramic wall to decorate it with plants, as in the following design.

2- Grow herbs in your kitchen

You can plant your favorite spices in your kitchen so that you get healthy products and add a fresh atmosphere in the kitchen with distinctive aromas and install them in a coordinated way so that you get a distinctive decor.

3- Paint the walls a strong color

Colored walls are an ideal way to enhance a room’s decor and the colors help achieve a good result that harmonizes with the room’s furniture, for example the following design shows the role of choosing the color of the back wall of the bed with the colors of the bed linen and rugs is absolutely stunning, isn’t it? Can you imagine a room without that wall?

4- Artistic decoration

Wallpaper decorations and graphic print templates are beautiful ways to add an elegant, artistic touch to a room’s design. For example, see here how the floral motifs on the white wall harmonize with the color of the table and furniture. You can also write some of your favorite phrases.

5- Use seasonal colors

Choosing seasonal colors is also one of the unique tricks to get a stylish interior design, this design expresses the soft use of seasonal color pattern and the integration of spring colors such as pink and green and the use of warm colors for the rest of the room colors.

6- Use plants in decorations

Details are important and small details greatly affect the room’s decor, and adding house plants inside the rooms adds vibrant colors, fresh spirit and warmth in the house.

7- Unconventional candle designs

Scented candles refresh the scent of the house and add a classy touch to the room’s decor, in addition to providing relaxation when you want to spend some time on candle lights only.

8- Harmony of paintings

Distributing the drawings in a balanced way on the wall of the room helps to achieve a coordinated result in the design of the room and turns it into a museum![/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]Useful links | Interior Design | Interior Designer | Interior Decorator and Designer | Commercial Interior Design | Interior Design Color | Residential Interior Design |[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_tweetmeme][vc_pinterest][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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