Interior design ideas in Gurgaon

Super Cheap Rustic Decorating Ideas

Super Cheap Rustic Decorating Ideas
Super Cheap Rustic Decorating Ideas

Super Cheap Rustic Decorating Ideas in Gurgaon

Now that we all have a commitment to climate change and reducing our ecological footprint, the rustic style is sweeping interior design. But when we look at professional decorating magazines, we are sometimes petrified to see the costs that can be involved in changing to a Victorian kitchen, putting a wooden parquet floor or an exposed brick wall in the dining room.

Fortunately, the rustic style can also be very cheap. You just need to apply a few good ideas. From lounges with simple wooden tables, to country-inspired gardens with fragrant plants. And all this, trying to consume as little as possible and recycle in a very creative way all the old objects that we already have.

1. Think sustainably and give new life to your old objects

One of the greatest advantages of the rustic style is that it is very sustainable, because it invites us to reuse, instead of buying. Look for an old basket that you have at home, an old wooden box or any box with charisma. Dare to give it a new life with a coat of paint or varnish and use it to decorate.

2. Discover the thousand rustic styles of pallet furniture

Reclaimed wood is a blessing. This pallet-type wood is not only very cheap, but it is also manageable and can be varnished with infinite finishes. You can buy outdoor pallet sofas or pallet tables, but you can also follow a DIY tutorial to create it to your liking.

3. Get down to work and make a small garden

Flowers and plants are, without a doubt, a fundamental element in rustic decoration. But in particular, your house or your kitchen will be touched in a country style if you create your own urban garden. Even a small one of scented plants will do. And they cost very little money!

4. Discover the advantages of imitation wood tiles

The rustic style is based on natural materials, such as stone, glass, and wicker and, above all, wood. But if your budget is too low to consider changing the parquet of an entire room, look at options for imitation wood tiles. The result is absolutely indistinguishable.

5. Give vivid touches with floral patterns

The rustic style uses tones inspired by the earth, such as oranges, earthy, creams… with touches of other brighter tones. Also, floral patterns on fabrics can play an important role. With a couple of floral patterned cushions, you will already have made a big impact for very little money.

6. Instead of plastic, opt for wicker and cattail

Do you also remember the wicker furniture of the house of the uncles or grandparents in the countryside? Rattan and cattail are natural fabrics that many artisans continue to use to create unique tables and chairs. With them, the whole room will instantly acquire a country style.

7. Recover old farming implements

Farm implements and country house materials that you may have at home will look great in a country-style living room. If you don’t have any, second-hand markets and apps are fruitful and cheap shopping points.

8. Bring the rustic freshness of lavender into your home

Whether in the garden, on the patio, on the terrace or in a vase in the living room, lavender is the queen of country flowers. It is a very hard, cheap plant that we immediately associate with the smells of nature. In addition, it’s fantastic smell will take you to green valley’s!

9. Copy the style of American country houses

American-style country houses often have a nice sunroom where the family can gather for breakfast. This idea can also be reproduced in a rustic-style urban apartment. All you need is to place a white and wooden table near a window, along with a simple bench that will require nothing more than a few simple cushions.

10. Decorate with leaves, stones, pineapples and forest products

The rustic style invites us to use natural materials for furniture, but also for decoration. And the best? They are not expensive at all! On your next trip to the countryside, collect some lavender plants, pine cones, pretty stones, acorns… you can put them in baskets along with dried fruit.


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Inspirational Ideas To Decorate The Wall Behind The Bed
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Interior design ideas about dining table (3)
Interior design ideas about dining table (3)

Interior design ideas about dining table (3)
Interior design ideas about dining table (3)

Common mistakes to avoid when designing the living room and their solutions

Although we visit our friends and relatives and can see for ourselves their mistakes in design, we nevertheless make some of those common mistakes in the design of our home no matter how strongly we notice. In this article, we offer you some common mistakes and practical solutions to them when designing the living room. We hope they inspire you to avoid them.

1- Living room without colors

Error: Not enough colors! The living room looks dull and boring and this detracts from its warmth, liveliness and modern design.

The solution: adding some colorful pillows and pillows will completely change the design and make it more lively and attractive.

2- Uniform Furniture

The mistake: buying an entire living room where the chairs, sofa and table are in the same design and colors, which makes the room look boring and monotonous.

The solution: choose furniture that is different from one another in terms of design and colors, but considers its fit so that it does not look too far apart.

3- Undistributed illumination

Error: Lighting is not distributed in the entire room, so some areas of the room seem dim and vision is not clear.

The solution: distributing lighting at different levels, which also makes the space feel larger and clears the details of the décor. You can use different levels of long and short blinds, spotlights installed in the ceiling, chandeliers and appliqués.

4- The furniture is against the wall

The mistake: sticking all the furniture to the wall even though there is enough space to move it forward a little, thinking that this expands the space in your eyes, but it makes the room look more formal and narrow.

The solution: move the furniture to the middle of the room if there is enough space, to focus more on the conversation between the two people.

5- No side table

The mistake: There is no side table to put your things or put your mug of drink while you’re eating.

The solution: set up a side table! Predictable isn’t it?

6- Hanging things up high

The mistake: Hanging the TV, decor, and paintings too high, thinking it’s visually far from the ceiling, but it leaves you with knee aches from constantly looking up.

The solution: Sit on the chairs in the room and keep the things hanging around you at eye level.

7- A small rug

Mistake: Placing a small rug or no rug at all, which does not make the decor complete and detracts from the beauty of the room.

Solution: Lay a rug with an appropriate pattern if the furniture is not patterned or a plain rug if it has a pattern. And don’t forget to adjust its size to fit the space.

Interior designer ideas for closet in bedroom

Organization is an indispensable feature inside any room in the house, but in the bedroom it takes on a special dimension. Given that it is a space reserved for intimacy and rest, order is essential to generate an inspiring and pleasant atmosphere in which to find a refuge at the end of the day. The closets are great allies in this sense in which keep the clothing, footwear, accessories and textiles to the house sorted.

In this book of ideas, we share with you 7 inspiring projects that show us how to integrate the closet in the bedroom in an original and practical way.

1 Where and how

Before starting to build a closet in the bedroom, several questions need to be considered. The first is to know if there is space to attach an element like this. Sometimes it is enough to have a well-planned closet to keep the area organized, especially if you do not have a particularly generous surface. Nevertheless, with creativity and ingenuity, great results can be generated, as shown in this project, where the head of the bed also serves to define a beautiful closet.

2. A closet as a room

A subtle and wise way to integrate a closet in the bedroom is to use it as a room separator. Using a cupboard to share spaces without the need to use traditional walls will lend your home a contemporary character and a lot of functionality. The transition between different scenarios is thus done in a delicate and effective way with this volume which, on the one hand, has doors, and on the other hand acts as a wall.

3. Sliding doors in the closet

There are many ways to integrate the closet in the bedroom, but one of the most used – and modern! – is to use sliding doors. This system avoids sacrificing a single useful centimeter of the room (since no space is required to open the doors), in addition to giving the complex a very attractive aesthetic. In this case, the lacquered leaves of the doors on a dark structure are particularly interesting.

4. The importance of materials

Another aspect to keep in mind when it comes to integrating the closet into the bedroom – or any other space in the house – is the choice of materials. There are materials that are better adapted to certain needs or style and others that are totally at odds with the area where they are inserted. Wood, for example, is one of the most versatile materials and a safe long-term choice.

5. A perfect organization

Regardless of size, the ultimate purpose of any closet, whether integrated into the bedroom or not, is to bring order to the home. The organization inside is important for this, so it is advisable to integrate all types of systems and compartments so that each piece is properly accommodated and easier to find.

6. Good lighting

Lighting is another factor to take into account when planning your closet. The ideal is to include a source of natural light in it, but given that, generally, these spaces appear integrated into the room without the possibility of having windows, the solution is to place some points of artificial light inside. Illuminate drawers, shelves and mirrors correctly. Your closet will be more functional and inspiring.

7. Customize the interior

Despite its nature as a storage space, nothing prevents it from giving your closet a unique character. The lighting will contribute to the decorative aspect, as well as the materials. Along with them, you can incorporate wallpaper, a decorative vinyl, a beautiful design carpet or lamp, an  armchair or stool for your comfort, special handles for drawers, curtains (if you have a window), among other things.

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