Interior design ideas about dining table (3)


Interior design ideas about dining table (3)

Interior design ideas about dining table (3)

Interior design ideas about dining table (3)

Interior design ideas about dining table (3)

Interior design ideas about dining table (3)

Interior design ideas about dining table (3)

Interior design ideas about dining table (3)

Interior design ideas about dining table (3)

Interior design ideas about dining table (3)


Individuals frequently have a propensity to buy dining room furniture and other items separately from the store that sells ready-made furniture. But, Interior A to Z gives you the choice to purchase dining room furniture, including a table, chairs, and crockery shelves, in complementary styles and colors in Gurgaon. The interior design of the dining area can be perfectly paired with a modular kitchen by using custom design and fabrication. You can choose a comfy design from Interior A to Z that meets your needs. Within the confines of the available area, a suitable bar counter can be created, or the wash counter can be improved by the addition of storage with complementary colour schemes. See some of our dining room products on this page gallery to add customization and value to your home decor package.


The bar counter unit is typically constructed in the dining area of modern homes in Gurgaon and Delhi. It performs dual roles as a renowned aesthetic piece as well as a bar counter. Interior A to Z Home Interiors offers the bar counter units for assembly anywhere in Gurgaon, Noida, Dwarka, Vasant Kunj, and Delhi.


You can present your china in a dignified manner by using a crockery shelf. Your dining rooms will seem better if you install a personalized crockery rack in them. Select from a variety of Interior A to Z crockery shelf designs.


The most contemporary dining chairs are manufactured to order and match the dining table set. Full interior design for a home in a distinctive style would require care in even the smallest details. A ready-made dining table and chair set is an alternative choice. Yet, that might not complement the other works, which results in flaws. Dining chairs made to order by Interior A to Z are sure to add comfort and style that perfectly complements the rest of the furniture.


The dining table is a significant piece of furniture that is used frequently by family members, therefore everyone is concerned about its appearance and toughness. Interior A to Z creates appropriate dining tables as a part of interior design projects for homes. The resilient materials of laminated hardwood MDF, and glass, can be incorporated into the majority of contemporary styles. Inquire about the several dining table options or let us design a brand-new one for your home or apartment in Gurgaon.


A wash counter is a necessary component of a dining room, and it appears to be much more interesting when it is personalized to meet your needs and preferences. As the visitor is waiting, construct a wash counter unit that fits your space and maintain your composure.

Kitchen and Living room Gurgaon
Kitchen and Living room Gurgaon

Interior design ideas about dining table

How can I solve the dining table problem in a small house? In the case of an open plan LDK, most of it is used as a living room and there may be no space available for dining. Or, the dining table problem in a small house is mostly due to lack of space, such as having a separate kitchen but no space for a dining table. So this time, we’ll give you an idea to solve the dining table problem in a small house.

Arrange long and narrow tables in the island kitchen

Let’s introduce an elongated table to solve the problem. How about the idea of ​​connecting it to the counter and arranging it as a dining table? This is a layout with a compact wooden table adjacent to the island kitchen. By arranging the counter kitchen and dining table in parallel, the flow line becomes clean and space is saved. The subdued neutral tones tighten the space as an accent in the white kitchen.

Integrated kitchen counter and dining table

This is a design that stretches the counter of the island kitchen and doubles as an elongated table. The integrated kitchen counter and dining table make it look even cleaner than the ones above. Even if the dining room is in the same space as the living room, such a kitchen counter and dining table will not erode the space where the sofa or sofa table is placed.

A small dining table for living with two people

If you have a separate kitchen but no dining room … you can put a small dining table and chairs in the kitchen. If you choose a simple modern design and pastel colors in a Scandinavian style, you will not feel oppressive, but rather it will be a lovely charm as an accent of the space.

Counter seats

The counter kitchen doubles as a dining table. Space-saving and fashionable dining is completed. The dining table at the counter is like a restaurant or a modern bar, where you can even enjoy your meal while cooking with your family and friends. An open shelf made up of a slender frame is placed on the right hand side and used as a storage and partition.

Counter seats that can be used openly

The counter kitchen dining table, which is close to the kitchen and dining area, not only saves space, but also facilitates communication between the cook and the eater, making it suitable for people who want an open space. This face-to-face counter kitchen and table are convenient because they are designed to be usable without the need for high chairs.

Table that can be stored

This is an island kitchen with the best features for a small house. The dining table can be pulled out and used as needed. If you store it inside the island except for meal time, you can maintain a large space and it is very practical. It seems to be useful when space is needed for sudden visitors.

Choose a table that can be extended and combined

A dining table that can be stretched to suit your needs is useful not only for space issues in the dining room, but also for sudden visitors. In addition, there is a type of table that can be expanded not only in “length” but also in “height” when needed. The design that allows you to easily adjust the height of the top plate can also be used as a table when you relax on the sofa after a meal.

Furniture with a sense of omission

A design with a wooden counter that fits the width of the kitchen. This alone is a fashionable and space-saving dining room, but the point that eliminates the tightness and tightness of the space is the use of transparent chairs. Even if the four legs are lined up, the chairs have a very thin presence, so there is no cramping. It is also recommended for small houses as it can create a modern look!

Counter-type dining table by the window

There is a separate kitchen, but it’s too small to afford a table! In that case, you can use it as a fine dining table by installing a counter that fits the size exactly on the window side and placing a stool like this. It will be a wonderful space where you can open the window and have breakfast while hitting the outside scenery and the wind!

Along the wall

For kitchens that are deep but not wide, install elongated counters along the walls. It is important to choose a light design such as a shallow top plate and thin chairs. If you stick to the lighting and make use of the walls for decoration to create a cafe-like interior, it will be an attractive space!

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