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Interior Design ideas for Home

Currently, the idea that minimalist spaces are cold, impersonal and uncomfortable still persists. It is not so and this house is proof of that. Despite the clean aesthetic, with which customers identify and which defines the whole house, the environments are cozy and full of design details. This project is an excellent example of how you can apply minimalist aesthetics to a home, so you can be inspired by it if you identify with this decorative language.

The project was carried out interior design and decoration office that was challenged to decorate some areas of this dwelling: entrance hall, dining areas in the kitchen, part of the living room, suite and closet . In order to provide a more effective response, bespoke pieces of furniture were produced for each of the spaces.

The entrance hall

It makes sense to start at the hall entrance, the business card of a house that should not, therefore, be overlooked decorative point of view. Whoever enters the house is faced with a cozy and intimate atmosphere for which the light diffused by the lamp is decisive. The gray color predominates in the house, although it has been worked in different shades.

In space, we find elements of simple lines, but that fill the eye. The console is among them and stands out for the mix of materials (wood, lacquered MDF and iron). The piece is accompanied by the plaster work.

Under the console, we find a pair of cubic stools that, in addition to aesthetically enhancing the area, appear as a functional element. They can be used by a guest who wants to wait seated or by the owners of the house. In case visitors are received, they can even be taken to other rooms in the house where additional seats are required.

The corridor

In the continuity of the entrance hall there is a corridor at the end of which there is a closet to accommodate coats and shoes. For this area, the designers designed a mirror and an upholstered stool that decorate and assume a very functional nature.

Decorating a corridor is not easy. It is, after all, a narrow and passing area. Simple and functional solutions, like the one found for this house, are always a good option. Furthermore, the mirror alters the spatial perception of the area.

The kitchen and dining area

We continue to the social center of the house, for which a dining table with simple lines, in walnut wood, was designed. The top rests on a single, central foot, so that it is possible to seat a larger group. This space was designed to think about the family’s daily life, but also to receive. Flanking the table is a set of chairs whose upholstery matches the color of the carpet. There are no strong patterns and colors. Sobriety and elegance prevail in this decoration project.

From the image, we have a glimpse of the kitchen, which, of course, follows the minimalist style of the rest of the house. The decor opted for a kitchen with white cabinets and smooth surfaces which do not overload the space. On the contrary, they integrate perfectly with the adjacent areas.

The sofa support table

Intervention in the living room was partial and not yet finished. The cabinet developed a table that serves as a support for the two existing sofas. The table was decorated with small jars, a book and a lamp with simple and elegant lines.

The closet

The walk-in closets are not the prerogative of Hollywood stars. Do you have a room in your house smaller than a bedroom and you don’t know what to do with it? You can perfectly use it for that purpose. Storage spaces are never enough and if you choose a minimalist style, the entire better because it eliminates complications. Supporting the closet is the chaise lounge, in gray fabric, the same that was used in the double bed. The carpeted floor guarantees the thermal and acoustic comfort of the environment.

The double room

We ended up in the double room where we found a serene environment and a space with few elements that lives up to the intended minimalist style. The bedside tables are lacquered and the headboard is upholstered in fabric. Comfort was privileged, so the mattress is 1.80m wide! Like the closet area, the bedroom also has carpeted floors.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]


When it involves avoid shopping or extensive spending, much of the citizens are inclined towards roll in the hay Yourself techniques that enable the creative mind and therefore the eventual result’s a healthy motivation for the one that has haunted on such a project.

The planet is filled with brands that do their best in appealing a consumer and catering to each possible need the customer might come up with. However, the population with an aesthetic spark and a robust creative brain will seek markets that sell part and pieces of the products they’re curious about and make the image they need in their minds. From little useful boxes and clothing to furnishing products like wardrobes and tables, everything comes with a DIY label. The psychological impact of this activity is extremely positively motivating.


Some international furnishing companies believe the concept of DIY as a way to create a bond with what one builds. They supply all the specified materials into creating the right product and permit their customer to create the flamboyant being.

The planning and equipment are that of the company’s, just the involved effort in producing the small print is that the consumer’s responsibility which creates a bond with the bed, wardrobe, cabinet or a desk.


Completion of any task gives rise to a way of fulfillment and satisfaction. When a gorgeous and aesthetic piece has been created by someone, he/she are going to be overjoyed by the result because it would be the trouble that created something worth taking an attempt of.


Step by step following of a procedure to seek out you to be the rationale that something elegant and attracted was made gives self-confidence which may be healthy attire for any being.


Satisfaction and self-confidence results in motivation in fixing more effort to make better items or put together better products. This self-realization of having the ability to be productive may be a psychologically approved healthy activity to be encountered by a private.


Once began to meet satisfaction through the already available ideas, new design concepts start to enter the imagination. How could I even have used a special color scheme and lighting design? How could I even have fitted the wardrobe better into the bedroom or bath design? Creating brand loyalty through engaging the consumers during this manner has proved to be effective through the results of research and more and more efforts are being put into making this a globally acceptable concept.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]

The kitchen – A place to live

In today’s homes, the kitchen is much more than just a place to prepare meals, it is also a sanctuary to eat, drink and relax with family and friends. Therefore, this space needs some unique qualities, it needs the right kitchen furniture and it must be strong enough to withstand heat, steam, liquids and the movement of people. Above all, it should be a pleasant environment and reflect your style. Allow yourself that right and you will have more than one place to cook!

Ideas and inspirations for buying a kitchen

Renovating or buying a kitchen is always a difficult task. Do you prefer a classic or modern, minimalist or elegant folk style? Maybe you prefer to be eclectic and create something exclusively for your style? Start with the basics – your space, your budget and your vision. Then search for inspirations online. You will find a number of attractive decorating ideas to help you buy a kitchen.

Simple way to plan a kitchen

Planning for the kitchen is serious business, but you must do it in the sense of discovery and creativity. First, consider the space available for this and, of course, limit the extent and define the layout. Then define the style. Do you want something rustic kitchen style, or the elegance of urban minimalism? Your answers will determine your choice for materials and colors. After all, planning for the kitchen is a mixture of art and science, and the result is a pleasant space to see and cook.

Tips for decorating your kitchen

When decorating your kitchen, start with colors, as they powerfully affect mood. The red color can energize and warm up an environment, while the blue and green colors convey a calm feeling. Keep in mind that lighter colors create a feeling of enlarging the space, which is advantageous for compact rooms. In general, floors should be darker than kitchen walls and also more moderate. That is, intelligent decoration, based on a world of possibilities. A nice touch is to mix a classic look with ultra-modern amenities to create a space that is both elegant and efficient.

How do I design the kitchen walls?

The kitchen is one of the most demanding environments in the house, due to the constant flow of steam, fat and heat. This means that you should be concerned with durability as well as style when designing kitchen walls. Tiles are a very resistant and moisture-proof choice, in addition to existing in a dazzling variety of patterns. Painting is another option, as long as it is easy to clean, an important consideration in a busy kitchen. Wallpaper for kitchen is another good option. A smart style has as a basic principle to ensure harmony between kitchen walls, cabinets and other functional areas.

White kitchens versus dark kitchens

Gone are the days when your only color choice for a kitchen was white, and that still remains the most popular choice. Light kitchens are arguably elegant and provide a desirable sense of space and light for any setting. The white color also matches any type of cuisine, from classic to contemporary. Black kitchens, with their dark and elegant forms are also becoming popular. Your choice will depend on the resources available and, of course, the mood you want to create. Remember that small spaces are best used with the use of light colors, while dark tones make larger rooms more intimate and cozy.

What is the best floor for my kitchen?

Think a little about your kitchen floor, which is massacred daily by steam, smoke, leaks and the movement of people. This requires flooring made of material that can continue to look good, despite the stressors arising from everyday life. Long ceramic plates are a choice of tough, easy to clean, elegant and water resistant kitchen surfaces. Stones, such as marble or granite, are also favorite, especially in island or rustic style kitchens. You can now choose your new floor based on peculiar properties. This includes vinyl and laminate floors, as both are resistant and waterproof and can be found in natural materials.

What to consider about kitchen surfaces Technology for kitchen surfaces has come a long way in recent years. Although the old wooden, ceramic, stone, glass and aluminum floors still reign today, counter tops and kitchen with island are increasingly being covered with laminate floors. Affordable, durable and easy to clean, they still exist in a dizzying array of styles and patterns. For the more traditional, wood is an eternal favorite favored by its natural strength and beauty. The stones, however, are more resistant. A well-designed stone floor can look wonderful in addition to being acid-resistant and waterproof. Granite is also a favorite in the resistance category.

What should I consider when buying a kitchen?

The kitchen is a big investment and when done right, it will result in decades of delight, so plan carefully. The kitchen must be a place that transforms cooking into something peaceful, safely stores everything you need and inspires you during breakfast. So, consider the requirements – available space, size and type of kitchen you plan to make, number of family members, and so on. What does this space look like? A rustic kitchen or an elegant and futuristic area? Choose a company that specializes in kitchen planning and experiment.

How to plan an open kitchen?

The open kitchen is more and more in vogue today, as well as buildings that break the traditional boundaries of interior design. In addition, cooking is now seen as essential to the modern lifestyle and something to be shared and not hidden. However, kitchen with island or open kitchen requires careful planning. The design starts with efficient exhaust fans for removing smoke, steam and food odors. You also need to properly light your open kitchen. Your decor should blend in with the adjoining spaces, be they the dining room or the living room.

How to find a good architect specialized in kitchens?

Creating someone’s dream kitchen requires a specialized blend of art and science. A good specialist kitchen planning architect must have the sensitivity to plan an aesthetically beautiful place, coupled with his solid knowledge in plumbing, electricity and local regulations. He must also be aware of all the materials available, such as the best kitchen furniture, finishes and raw materials. Hiring a professional is more a guarantee that you will stay within the budget and a way to avoid several potential mishaps.

Decorating a mini kitchen

Many residents of large cities have mini kitchens in their homes. Fortunately, with a little creativity and planning you can maximize the length of your mini kitchen. First, choose colors wisely. Light or neutral tones work best to create a sense of space. Choosing just one shade also helps to create a feeling of spaciousness. Then bet on the shiny surfaces. Stainless steel, glass, tile and ceramics are subtle ways to expand a mini kitchen. If you are laying on a tiled floor, opt for large pieces, however light and colorful, following simple patterns.

What is the best style for my kitchen?

Classic, retro, modern, minimalist, rustic, Mediterranean, eclectic or Scandinavian cuisine? Cooking styles exist in a rich and diverse range of options. How to choose? Essentially, style is a very personal matter. Each has its own concept and can also be influenced by the creativity of others. At the same time, we are driven by budget, space, resources and the need for functionality. Ultimately, your eyes will identify and confirm the style that really calls yours. When you see an image that inspires you, you are ready to transform it into something concrete – the kitchen of your dreams.

Rustic kitchens

There is something wonderfully charming about the rustic-style kitchen . They keep the promise of healthy food, good company and show real concern for nature. The rustic kitchen style combines soft colors, natural finishes and solid wood, parquet or stone floors with vintage kitchen furniture, creating an effect that exudes simplicity. But there is no need to resemble something old-fashioned. These environments can mix the charm of a rustic kitchen or a country kitchen with the most modern accessories, storage options and finishes that create a happy and delicious space for cooking and relaxing.

Modern kitchens

Modern kitchens today are true masterpieces of style and functionality. They mix elegant styles with the new finishes that arrive on the market. These include stylish kitchen furniture, veneers, laser technology and high pressure laminates that bring an elegant seamless installation to any type of configuration. In terms of layout, the modern ones favor open plans and often enchant us with a kitchen with an artistically designed island. As an oasis of functional space for food preparation and relaxation. Invisible storage options are also favored, with their handle less cabinet that slide imperceptibly.

Eclectic style kitchens

With so many tempting options for cooking styles available, choosing can become difficult. But why stick with just one? The good news when choosing the look for your kitchen is that you are not limited to just one style. In fact, great results can be achieved by mixing motifs and models from a variety of sources. With eclectic style kitchens you can mix styles, colors and designs to create your own space. The result can be a peculiar, attractive blend that defines and shows your sense of style, as well as providing the ideal place for culinary adventures.

Scandinavian style kitchens

The kitchen Scandinavian style it varies in classic ways dating from the time of King Gustavo III, tracing a long way to recent Swedish modernism. However, one of the determining factors is the use of natural materials, in the constant search for a feeling of light and spaciousness. Scandinavian-style kitchens are dominated by the colors of the stark northern landscape – snow white, and the pastel colors of the seasons – mint, blue and gray. Add open shelves and other storage spaces and you will have a bright and airy place, as well as a sense of organization. The kitchen surfaces tend to be treated wood, so that the natural material remains visible. Scandinavian minimalism is based on the heritage of soft colors and adds varied contrasts. These contrasts can take the form of panels on colored doors or decorative tiles, and end up adding a warm touch to the stark white background. Other dramatic contrasting effects can be created using black kitchen furniture, tiles or counters.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_empty_space][vc_tweetmeme][vc_pinterest][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]Interior Designer in Dadri | Interior Designer in Dadri || Interior Designer in Dadri | Interior Designer in Dadri[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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