Interior design ideas for Porch in house | Gurgaon

Interior design ideas for Porch in house | Gurgaon

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Interior design ideas for Porch in house

The porch is a transition space between the interior and exterior of the house. It is an area that is mainly used for recreation, emerging as an extension of the social nucleus (living and dining room). The decoration of this space must, therefore, be thought with the same care given to the other rooms of the house. The materials, furniture and ornaments must be chosen according to the style of the house and guarantee its comfort and functionality. Some porches appear to complement the garden or a swimming pool, which may require investment in a landscaping project.

In this book of ideas, we will share with you 20 porch proposals to inspire you to remodel yours.

  1. The covered porch next to the house

Under a large roof we find this beautiful porch that can serve several uses since it is well protected. Spending pleasant moments contemplating the garden and having a place here for breakfast or any other meal is a privilege.

  1. Where the weather doesn’t matter

This porch can be completely closed by a folding door, which makes it possible to be used throughout the year, even when it rains and is cold. The space opens onto a large garden with a well-kept lawn.

  1. A porch around the house

With many options of use, this porch provides shade to the interior and serves as a transition between it and the exterior. The space is accessible from all rooms of the house.

  1. A sunny area with outdoor furniture

When choosing furniture for the outdoors, remember to prioritize resistant materials. Still, collect or cover them when not in use.

  1. With wooden floors and a gap

This porch is particularly special and interesting from an architectural point of view. The unevenness used to create a lounge area is the checkmate of this project.

  1. Wide and with multiple environments

With different sets of natural fiber furniture and some hammocks, this large porch offers enough space to accommodate a large family or receive friends.

  1. Wooden chalet and modern furniture outside

In this wooden chalet, we would expect to find an outdoor area with rustic furniture. On the contrary, the owners opted for a very modern set that contrasts with the style of the house.

  1. A terrace with lots of wood

With the warmth offered by wood, this space invites you to rest and relax. Complementing the wood are the sun loungers with colorful cushions and vases with pink flowers on the windowsills.

  1. A space for leisure

With different materials, among which is wood, this small patio guarantees the residents privacy.

  1. The importance of furniture

A porch with comfortable furniture to gather the whole family and friends. It is important that the furniture chosen is resistant and comfortable.

  1. Wood and white

White and wood form a combination with a timeless beauty that is especially common in rustic environments.

  1. Open to the garden of the house

This terrace with a rustic floor opens onto the garden of the house. The Acapulco pair of chairs round off the decor.

  1. A pleasant resting space

With a round table for breakfast, a hammock and bougainvillea, this is the perfect setting to enjoy nature and enjoy free time.

  1. When the rustic style prevails

A porch with a rustic style where the decoration is reduced to the essential and the plants offer color and life to the space.

  1. Pergola with climbing plants

This terrace is an informal and pleasant space and includes furniture that stands out for its rustic style and the pergola embraced by a climbing plant.

  1. Terrace overlooking the city

At a time when the dimensions of the apartments are increasingly reduced, the recovery of the roof space for terraces is a trend. In this case, the exposed concrete terrace with Acapulco chairs overlooks a breathtaking cosmopolitan landscape.

  1. with abundant vegetation

The checkered floor is part of the decoration of this beautiful terrace. The beds are distributed a little everywhere and accommodate plants of different sizes. The parasol provides shade in the hottest hours of the day.

  1. with a retractable cover

A retractable cover is, without a doubt, the most practical solution. You can open and close it according to your needs.

  1. A swimming pool: why not?

What better than a swimming pool to cool you off on long, sunny summer days? Spend a dream vacation without leaving home!

  1. A porch integrated in the garden

This cozy space is protected by leafy plants that provide privacy to the space while refreshing and beautifying it.

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Interior design ideas for Porch in house | Gurgaon | Interior design ideas for Porch in house | Gurgaon

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