Which colour is best for kitchen in Vastu?

In Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian architectural system that considers the flow of energy and harmony with the environment, certain colors are believed to bring positive energy to different areas of the home, including the kitchen. While individual preferences and the specific layout of the kitchen play a role, here are some Vastu-recommended colors for the kitchen:

  1. Yellow:
    • Yellow is considered an auspicious color in Vastu for the kitchen. It is associated with positivity, brightness, and warmth. Yellow is believed to enhance the digestive fire and create a lively atmosphere in the kitchen.
  2. White:
    • White is often recommended for kitchen walls in Vastu. It symbolizes purity and cleanliness. White reflects light, making the kitchen appear brighter and more inviting. However, it’s advisable to balance white with other colors to avoid excessive starkness.
  3. Green:
    • Green, especially light or mint green, is associated with growth, harmony, and freshness. Green is believed to have a calming effect and can create a pleasant environment in the kitchen.
  4. Orange:
    • Orange is considered a color that promotes energy and enthusiasm. It is associated with the element of fire and is believed to enhance appetite. Using orange as an accent color or in moderation is recommended.
  5. Red:
    • Red is associated with the fire element and is believed to stimulate energy and passion. However, it’s important to use red in moderation, as excessive use can create an overly stimulating environment.
  6. Pink:
    • Pink is a color associated with love and nurturing. It can create a soothing and harmonious atmosphere in the kitchen. Soft or pastel shades of pink are often recommended.

It’s important to note that the specific direction of the kitchen in a home can also influence color choices based on Vastu principles. Additionally, individual preferences and the overall color scheme of the home should be considered. The key is to create a balanced and harmonious space that aligns with Vastu principles while also reflecting personal style.

While Vastu principles offer guidance, it’s essential to approach them with an open mind and consider practical aspects of design, such as lighting, layout, and functionality. If in doubt, consulting with a Vastu expert or a professional interior designer familiar with Vastu principles can provide personalized guidance for your specific kitchen and home layout.

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